Season 1 Promo's
Aired Before the Pilot Premier

Here is the first NBC Promo with Lauren Graham in the part of Sarah.
YouTube - Lauren Graham in Parenthood - promo NBC

New promo on the NBC Promo with Dax Shepard.
YouTube - Parenthood Promo Dax Shepard

Here is a new NBC Promo with Lauren, looks like fun!
YouTube - New Parenthood Promo - Lauren Graham

Dax Shepard Extended Promo
YouTube - Parenthood Promo Dax Shepard No. 2

Promo aired during Chuck Jan 10
YouTube - Parenthood promo - Lauren Graham

Extended Promo (60 seconds) aired Jan 14
YouTube - Parenthood Promo (Jan 14, 2010)

What is Parenthood?
YouTube - Parenthood - new promo - What is Parenthood

Crapmobile Promo
YouTube - PH Promo Crapmobile.wmv

Yo-yo-yo Promo
YouTube - PH Promo Yo-Yo-Yo.wmv

Parenthood Promo - Unwanted Advice
YouTube - Parenthood Promo - Unwanted Advice

Parenthood Promo - Too Short
YouTube - Parenthood Promo - Too Short

Parenthood Promo - One Week To Go
YouTube - Parenthood Promo - One Week To Go

Combo Parenthood and The Biggest Loser Promo
YouTube - Parenthood & Biggest Looser Promo