‘Parenthood’ wraps up its second season in a way that would satisfy the series
April 19, 2011


Oh, Parenthood, we don’t quite know what to say. It is the morning of your second season finale, but you’re on the bubble, and quite a few signs point to this potentially being your series finale, too. And if that’s the case, we have a feeling we are going to walk away severely bummed, for lack of better or more professional term.

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twitter.com - Dang, @ERIKAjaneC aint this some shit! I can't park on my street? Ha! http://yfrog.com/gz9g4zej
posted at 6:57 PM Mar 25th

Posted was a picture of a notice about filming in the street and a car crash on Parenthood, best guess given sides we already have is Amber is likely involved in the accident.

Here is the text I was about to read from the photo

Parenthood Exclusive: Steven Weber to Romance Lauren Graham's Sarah?
March 21, 2011


It looks like burgeoning playwright Sarah Braverman is about to headline her very own fairytale romance.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Steven Weber is joining the cast of Parenthood as a potential love interest for Lauren Graham’s lovelorn single mom. Weber will play Jack Kraft, a charismatic artistic director of the Berkeley Theater Company who crosses paths with Sarah when her play is submitted to his New Voices reading series. The Wings actor will debut in the NBC drama’s April 19 season finale, and I hear there’s a chance he’ll return in the fall on a recurring basis.

Of course, that’s provided Parenthood is back next fall. (Fingers crossed.)

'Parenthood' and Asperger's: A Talk With the Show's Creator
March 20, 2011


Jason Katims reveals what’s next for Aspie Max, his wife’s surprising behind-the-scenes role, and who he’s cheering for on American Idol

Next week's episode is called "Taking the Leap." How does that pertain to Max's storyline?
For the rest of the season, Kristina and Adam are going to be deciding whether to mainstream Max again. They find out he's doing really well academically and isn't being challenged enough. He's also been doing much better behaviorally. The story is about whether Max is really ready and if it's right for him. It's also about how much his parents want it for him versus how much they want it for themselves. They're not necessarily on the same page about it.

read more here

Brittany Ishibashi in Season Final
March 19, 2011


Brittany Ishibashi who was previously in Rubber Band Ball will be back for the season final playing a woman in labour who Julia helps at the hospital. Recently Brittany has appeared in Desperate Housewives, House, Supernatural and Fairly Legal. The only question I have is will she be playing the same character as before (Sydney's teacher) since she already has a connection with Julia?

Ask the Addict: Spoilers
March 17, 2011


PARENTHOOD is so much more fun when Crosby is happy, any news on a potential reconciliation between Crosby and Jasmine? - Bailey
The TV Addict: When PARENTHOOD returns on March 29 after far too long a hiatus, fans will be happy to learn that an incident at school will bring Crosby and Jasmine closer together. Less happy, is the news of the medical variety that Joel and Julia will receive..

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
March 15, 2011


Question: Any Parenthood scoop? —Will
Ausiello: This is the dude Amber goes to the prom with. I hear he does something that really upsets her so he must be destroyed.

Dreyfuss in the Hood
March 15, 2011


Has 38-year-old Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) finally found her calling? It would appear so, when the play she recently penned generates interest from a theater producer played by Richard Dreyfuss. Read the scanned article here. Thanks to auntbee on fanforum.com

Mega Buzz:
March 8, 2011


What's coming up on Parenthood? — Casey
NATALIE: Lauren Graham is getting a new love interest! Producers are searching for a formidable foil for Sarah Braverman, to recur next season. He's a protégé of theater producer Gilliam (upcoming guest star Richard Dreyfuss), Zeek's old pal who knows people who could kick-start Sarah's playwriting career. Unfortunately for Sarah, he kind of hates Gilliam.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
March 8, 2011


On the scoop front, it looks like the show’s season finale will serve as a “coming out” party of sorts for Sarah the Dramatist. The play she wrote (under the direction of Mr. Richard Dreyfuss) has its opening night. The twist? The entire Braverman clan is in it! Turns out the characters are not so loosely based on her crazy-ass kin.

Spoiler Chat:
March 7, 2010


PrincessAurorra: Parenthood?
Amber (Mae Whitman) doesn't get into any schools, and Sarah (Lauren Graham) actually gets a break as a playwright. It was the best of times for the lady Bravermans, it was the worst of times…

Episode 2.22 "Hard Times Come Again No More" Sides
March 8, 2011

Sarah's play goes into production, Zeek joins the cast playing himself in the play based on the Braverman family. Amber is in Hospital. Max surprised his parents and Julia helps a stranger in the maternity ward.

Episode 2.21 "Slipping Away" Sides
March 8, 2011

Sarah is working on her play and needs to work her charms to get it into production. Cory takes control of the promotion for the new shoes to Adam's dismay. Haddie admits to Kristina that she has slept with Alex.

Spoiler Room
February 25, 2011


Parenthood! Please. — Brandie
Get all glammed up, because we’re going to prom! Only the night proves to be a devastating one for Amber, who’s still dealing with some life-shattering news. (Well, it’s life-shattering to a graduating teenager, anyway.) Meanwhile, Haddie and Alex (whom her dad is not happy about seeing on his doorstep on prom night) have a serious chat about getting a hotel room. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Episode 2.20 "New Plan" Sides
February 24, 2011

Julia can't get pregnant or maybe has had an early miscarriage or something. It's revealed that Amber hasn't gotten into any college so is in a bad way when she goes to the prom with Haddie, Alex and another guy (Brandon). Adam is not happy about Alex taking Haddie and Sarah has to talk Amber into going. Haddie and Alex talk about getting a hotel room for the night. Crosby might be buying an old run-down house as a home for Jasmine, Jabbar and himself. Sarah is writing a play.

Ask Ausiello
February 22, 2011


Question: Please tell me they’re not writing Jasmine off Parenthood! I so want to see her with Crosby. Any scoop on their relationship? - Lisa
Ausiello: Crosby will realize that the key to winning back his fiancée lies inside that vision-of-the-future doodle she presented to him at their marriage prep session a few weeks back. (You know, the one with the dream house with bars on the windows and the half-dozen demon spawns running around the yard.) Well, he’ll bring that horrific picture to life in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their relationship. Now that’s love.

Parenthood Exclusive: Amber's New BF is Greek's Scott Michael Foster!
February 15, 2011


The actor is joining NBC’s Parenthood (Tuesdays at 10/9c) for a multi-episode arc as Gary, the new older man in Amber’s (Mae Whitman) life. The two meet when she gets a job at her Aunt Julia’s law firm, where he’s already working his slacker charms as valet captain.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Parenthood and More!

So far, Foster is booked for at least two episodes, the first of which is tentatively scheduled to air in late April. Meanwhile, Greek is counting down to its March 7 series finale on ABC Family.

The Amazing Andy: Michael Emerson Steals the Show on Tonight's Parenthood
February 15, 2010


While tonight's episode of Parenthood makes mention of the "Amazing Andy," it's the amazing Michael Emerson (Lost) who should be singled out for praise here.

read the rest here...

Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat
February 14, 2010


Joan: How's baby-making coming for Joel and Julia on Parenthood?
Timing is everything, and Julia (Erika Christensen) is carefully monitoring her ovulation. Unfortunately the perfect time to conceive might be at Max's big bug birthday bash. Uh-oh. What's an amorous couple on a tight schedule to do? Get down and dirty at a G-rated party of course!

Facebook: Knott's Berry Farm
February 9, 2011


This was the scene earlier today in the Boardwalk area. Boomerang will be featured in an episode of the Parenthood.

Jim O'Heir to Guest Star on Parenthood
February 9, 2011


Fan favorite Jim O'Heir ("Parks & Recreation") will make a visit to NBC stablemate "Parenthood" on March 1. In the episode, "Qualities and Difficulties," he'll play Pat Shanahan, a manager at Whiskey Mike's, the local watering hole where Sarah (Lauren Graham) tends bar -- who's asked by Sarah to make a request on her behalf.

Ask Ausiello Correction: I Was Wrong...
February 8, 2011


Question: Parenthood scoop? —Tara
Ausiello: Here are three words you don’t often read: I was wrong. It turns out Jasmine has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming storyline involving Richard Dreyfuss’ theater-producer character. The plot actually revolves around Sarah. “The two form an unlikely bond,” explains EP Jason Katims, “that helps Sarah rediscover her creativity and start a new chapter in her life.”

Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat
February 7, 2011


Mary: Will Parenthood's Kristina and Adam ever give in on the Alex issue?
We have no qualms admitting that we swoon over Alex (Michael B. Jordan) on a weekly basis. Luckily in the next episode, a surprising Braverman is the one to bridge the gap and end the Mexican standoff between Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and her parents. Cue slow-motion family bonding set to emotionally manipulative music.

Lauren Graham Interview
February 7, 2011


Interview with Lauren Graham where she talks about the shows direction for her charecter 'Sarah' and John Corbett playing "Seth'.

Episode 2.15 "Just Go Home" Sneak Peeks
February 5, 2011


3 short sneak peek videos for this episode.

Dirrect links (mp4) Clip1 - Clip2 - Clip3

February 4, 2011


Haddie’s still lusting after Alex (who isn’t going anywhere for a while) against her parents’ wishes; Crosby’s going to get involved with Max’ therapist Gaby (yes, that’s still happening) with huge consequences; Sarah’s ex, played by John Corbett, is coming in for a three-episode arc; and Jason Ritter is coming back for one episode (no doubt to stir things up with Sarah, as well). Yes, there’s a lot of complicated love going on in Parenthood. That is, unless your character’s name is Amber...

read the rest here...

Ask Ausiello Exclusive: Richard Dreyfuss Joins Parenthood
January 31, 2011


The star of The Goodbye Girl and Mr. Holland’s Opus will appear in this season’s final four episodes as Gilliam T. Blount, a once-great theater producer who also happens to be an old friend of Zeek’s (Craig T. Nelson). Blount is looking to stage a comeback, which makes me think Jasmine (Joy Bryant) will somehow be involved.

Episode 2.19 "Taking the Leap" Casting Call
January 27, 2011


Casting call for this episode.

Episode 2.19 "Taking the Leap" Sides
January 26, 2011

Zeek sets Sarah up on some meeting with a guy. Amber is working at Julia's office as a runner, but it ends badly when she joins a group of guys for happy hour. Max is doing better than expected in school also Julia and Joel are still trying for a baby. Crosby remember how he met Jasmine.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
January 18, 2011


Question: Any news on Parenthood‘s Haddie and Alex?! I hope Alex (Friday Night Lights‘ Michael B. Jordan) is with us for a long while, despite Hattie’s parents’ concerns! —Angie
Ausiello: I am loving those two together. And so is Parenthood boss Jason Katims, who tells me that the Hattie/Alex romance will “take us through pretty much the rest of the season. It’s big. What we started the past couple of weeks — with the two of them not being allowed to see each other — goes on for quite a while. And then after that there’s a story about them getting to the next level in their relationship.” I can’t be sure but I think he’s talking about — come in a little closer — SEX!!!!!!!!! (In other P’hood news, did you see this?)

'Lost's' Michael Emerson Guest Starring on NBC's 'Parenthood'
January 15, 2011


Lost actor Michael Emerson is set to guest star on NBC’s drama, Parenthood. The 56-year-old actor is best known for his role as Benjamin Linus, the manipulative, leader of the “others,” on Lost. Now Entertainment Weekly reports that he’ll play a bug specialist on Parenthood.

Christina (Monica Potter) and Adam Braverman (Peter Krause) have an autistic son named Max (Max Burkholder) who has Asperger’s syndrome and obsesses about bugs. He spews bug facts all day and gets absorbed in books about the insects he’s so intrigued by. So appropriately, Emerson will be “Amazing Andy” who is hired for Max’s birthday party from Amazing Andy’s Wonderful World of Bugs. Coincidentally, Andy also has Asperger’s so maybe this will be the episode where Max finds out more about what he’s dealing with.

Seen & Heard: NBC TCA Party
January 14, 2011


Parenthood's Christensen tells us that her character will face more struggles in upcoming episodes. "Julia and Joel are trying again to have a second child, and you get to see more detail about that," she says. "They've been trying so now they're getting more strategic about it. And also it's a little scandalous. We're looking at all sides of it — the heartbreaking part of it and, 'Hey, it's practice!'" And Adam [Peter Krause], she says, will get a new boss. "He's many, many, many years his junior, which is kind of disconcerting."

Parenthood Exclusive: Jason Ritter Returns!
January 13, 2011


Jason Ritter isn’t going to let a little thing like an alien invasion stand in the way of a Parenthood comeback. The Event actor is set to reprise his role as love interest to Lauren Graham’s Sarah for one episode later this season.

more here...

Episode 2.18 "Qualities and Difficulties" Sides
January 14, 2010

Sarah want to become a manager of the bar she works. Things aren't going well for Crosby which leads to a fight on his house boat.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
January 4, 2011


Question: Will Crosby and Jasmine get married on Parenthood? —Jane
Ausiello: A month ago I would’ve said yes. But now that I know what’s going to happen between Crosby and Gaby, I’m not so certain.

Dish Of Salt: Max Ehrich Is Ready To ‘Shake It Up’
December 29, 2010


Max Ehrich is “surprised” to be named one of AccessHollywood.com’s “11 Stars to Watch in 2011.” Also, Max tells The Dish about his upcoming roles in Disney’s “Shake It Up” and NBC’s “Parenthood.”

Mega Buzz: Spoilers
December 21, 2010


What can you tell me about John Corbett's role on Parenthood? — Blaine
ADAM: Corbett replaces Darin Heames, who played Sarah's unreliable musician ex, Seth, in the pilot. After reuniting with his dad telephonically (thanks to Zeek) in the Thanksgiving episode, Drew starts secretly meeting up with Seth when he learns he's in town playing a few gigs. Sarah and Zeek are beyond furious when they find out, and perhaps with good reason: although Seth is nine months sober, his temper is still a big issue.

Spoiler Chat:
December 20, 2010


Ellen: I'd love some Parenthood scoop!
Peter Krause tells us that Adam's new young boss, who made a fortune off of a video game app and was fan of T&S Footwear, gives Adam a lollipop. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong! Krause says, "Unbeknownst to Adam the lollipop is medical lollipop, a prescription lollipop." No doubt hilarious Braverman hijinxs will ensue.

tvguide.com Spoilers
December 14, 2010


Anything cool coming up on Parenthood? — Elle
ADAM: I hear the show is looking for a big name to play a super-smart bug specialist hired for Max's birthday party. And he's bringing much more to the party than some creepy crawlers. Like Max, he has Asperger's syndrome, which will provide Adam and Kristina some key insights into their son's possible future.

EW.com Spoilers
December 10, 2010


Erin G.: Parenthood never gets any love, which is a shame. Anything on the second half of the season?
You know that second baby that Julia and Joel are trying to have? Well, if star Erika Christensen has her way, that plan will see many delays in the coming episodes. “I want them to push it off for a couple of years so Erika can get pregnant,” she laughed. “What happens if we do the baby bump and then I get pregnant later? What, they have three kids? I don’t know.”

Episode 2.16 "Amazing Andy & His Wonderful World of Bugs" Sides
December 8, 2010

During a kids party Kristina and Adam deal with an adult that also had Aspergers. A misunderstanding between Crosby and Jasmine leads to a fight. Seth and Drew spend some quality time at the batting cages bonding.

Episode 2.15 "Just Go Home" Sides
December 1, 2010

Crosby and Jasmine talk to a Reverend in preparation for their marriage. Drew and Amber go and see their father (Seth) play in his band.

Who’s the (New) Boss on Parenthood?
November 17, 2010


Michael Ausiello Scoop: Mark Zuckerberg is headed to NBC’s Parenthood… sort of, but not really. Allow me to explain: Anthony Carrigan - last seen in ABC’s presciently titled Christian Slater-led thriller, The Forgotten - is joining the sophomore drama as Adam’s (Peter Krause) new wunderkind-esque boss...

more here...

Spoiler Chat:
November 11, 2010


Michael Ausiello Scoop: PARENTHOOD recasting Sarah's (Lauren Graham) ex-hubby and the father to Amber and Drew. Darin Heames (SONS OF ANARCHY) played the role of Seth in the P'HOOD pilot. Character returning for multiple episodes.

Episode 2.13 "Opening Night" Sides
November 11, 2010

Seth comes to town to perform several gigs. He mets up with Drew at a diner, then Sarah mets Seth in his hotel room later to talk.

Note some of these sides might be cut or changed before the episode airs, some comments above at assumptions using the available info we have read.

Spoiler Chat:
November 8, 2010


Brynn: Parenthood, please.
We'll continue to learn more about Haddie's new crush, community service kid Alex (Michael B. Jordan), particularly when the Braverman gal heads to his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

‘Parenthood’ Exec Prod.: Despite Poor Ratings, NBC’s Behind The Show
a few last Spoilers from Ausiello before he end his assosiation with EW.com
November 4, 2010


FORBIDDEN ROMANCE: Haddie begins a relationship with her new boss at the food bank [‘Friday Night Lights’ Michael B. Jordan] which leaves her parents at wits end. “The fact that he is black isn’t one of the reasons,” he shares. “He has an alcohol dependency…and that is sort of the thing that puts them over the line.

Conflict keeps building as Sarah continues to date, and grow closer to, Adam’s new boss [Billy Baldwin]. “That sort of explodes in the Thanksgiving episode,” Katims says. “The Haddie and Alex thing goes to the next level as well.”

Sarah’s ex-husband returns. “We haven’t met him yet (in fact the role hasn’t been cast),” Katims says. “But he will have a multi-episode arc later in the season.”

WEDDING GLITCHES: Crosby and Jasmine face a major hurdle on the way to the altar. “Everything will get thrown into question,” Katims says. “It is a storyline that will probably continue ‘til the end of the season.”

Episode 2.12 "Meet the New Boss" Sides
October 30, 2010

T&S Footware has a new boss Cory. Amber might be playing the guitar but doesn't think she is any good until Zeek intervenes. Haddie helps her mother and is sweet.

update - Cory is a young kid (man) who made 10 million dollars from an iPhone app/game and is now interested in reviving T&S Footware and making it 'hip' again. Crosby is having trouble controling the groupe of kids he's incharge of at Jabbar's school. Haddie brings Alex to dinner with her parents, it appears he could have had trouble with alcohol but is now in AA and sober.

Note some of these sides might be cut or changed before the episode airs, some comments above at assumptions using the available info we have read.

Episode 2.11 "TBA" Sides
October 30, 2010

Julia and Sarah plan a girls night out on the town after she (Sarah) swears off men and dating. Drew gets into Basketball and makes some friends, but will this lead to trouble. Joel lies to Sydney over the death of a pet bird.

Before I go...
a few last Spoilers from Ausiello before he end his assosiation with EW.com
October 29, 2010


SPOILER: Look for Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Gaby's (Minka Kelly) relationship on Parenthood to evolve to the point where it puts him at odds with brother Adam.

SPOILER: Parenthood's Adam/Sarah/Gordon "triangle" comes to a head at the Braverman's Thanksgiving celebration. Per a source, things get ugly during the family's traditional touch football game.

Spoiler Chat:
October 18, 2010


Georgia: Anything exciting in Tuesday's Halloween-themed Parenthood?
We love it when the Bravermans band together to support their own, and this episode of Parenthood is no exception. Max decides to try trick-or-treating for the first time, but the scariest house on Elm Street may prove to be a breaking point. And if all that Halloween candy wasn't sweet enough someone pops a (big) question.

Spoilers for Amber and Sarah
October 6, 2010


Question: Is Miles Heizer’s character on Parenthood gay? —Colleen
Ausiello: My gut says yes, but exec producer Jason Katims says no. I’m going to side with Katims on this one.

Casting details Spoilers for "Put Yourself Out There"
October 6, 2010


Female - All Ethnicities - 35 to 40
CARLY BOLAND. In her late 30s, she's a good-looking, confident, extremely driven woman, Gordon's old friend from their college days. An early eBay investor, Carly has made several fortunes in her time, and is always working on her next big deal. A mover and shaker in the UC system, she agrees to meet with Amber to discuss her college prospects -- and the two hit it off famously. Later, Adam is shocked to learn what Carly's planned acquisition actually is...RECURRING GUEST STAR (4) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

Female - All Ethnicities - 30 to 39
ANDIE SCHAFFER. In her 30s, this down-to-earth, casually dressed woman is the mother of an Asberger's child, a girl who attends school with Max. Outgoing but refreshingly candid, she's initially irritated when Kristina confronts her about the fact that her daughter does not like Max and did not invite him to her birthday party. She's further annoyed by Kristina's tenacity -- but when she sees how vulnerable Kristina really is, she takes pity and agrees to a "trial" playdate between their kids...GUEST STAR (19) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

Female - All Ethnicities - 10 to 11
EMILY. 10-11. Andie's daughter, this little girl attends school with Max. Also an "Aspy" (Asberger's child), she frankly does not like Max and refuses to invite him to her birthday party. She explains to Kristina that Max always insists on playing games until he wins -- and she doesn't want him highjacking..

Spoilers for Amber and Sarah
October 5, 2010


I love every scene with Amber and Sarah on Parenthood. Are there any juicy ones coming up? — Tara
MICKEY: Yep. When Amber gets really high SAT scores, Sarah decides her next sweetly misguided mothering scheme will be to get her daughter into a good college. She introduces her little underachiever to Carly, an old friend of Gordon's and a Berkeley alum, and Amber has more in common with the financial dynamo than expected. Sarah is naturally jealous. But Sarah should suspect Carly's motives; a well-worded recommendation isn't her only objective.

Episode 2.09 "Put Yourself Out There" Sides
October 5, 2010

Matthew Boscacci makes a return appearance in Camille's life (the guy she had a thing with in season 1). Joel gets Crosby more in Jabbar's new school. Max is not invited to a class mates birthday party, Kristina doesn't like this until she learns the reason. Amber has a practice interview for Berkeley College at Sarah work place.

Craig T. Nelson Pals with ‘Parenthood’ Grandkids Off-Camera
September 11, 2010


"Tough economic times will be hitting Craig T. Nelson hard this fall – on big and small screen. He plays the CEO in John Wells’ forthcoming “Company Men” corporate downsizing drama, with Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner and Chris Cooper also in the cast. And on “Parenthood,” he reveals, things will be going from bad to real bad for his family patriarch character, Zeek Braverman, who’s been having money trouble."

Episode 2.08 "If This Boat is a Rockin" Sides
September 25, 2010

Adam hits a guy when he calls Max a retarded, after a supermarket confrontation. The shoe clicker doesn't go down well with a focus group, one third of the T&S staff have been laid off (from the previous episode). Haddie helps Alex as she volunteers to move a family into a new house.

Episode 2.07 "Seven Names" Sides
September 16, 2010

It appears that Adam has a difficult time at work when he has to lay off seven employees. With Julia and Joel have to juggle taking care of Sydney after school. Haddie and Camille volunteer their time at a community center and Crosby looks after Jabbar when he has a play date with a friend.

Vanessa Marano to Guest Star
September 11, 2010


Assuming the update on IMDB is correct the former Gilmore Girls star will be appearing early this season on parenthood. Vanessa will be playing the part of Holly, Drew's study partner in episode 4 "Date Night", but for Drew things don't go as he hopes as Holly just wants to be friends.

Sneak Peeks – Parenthood 2.01 “I Hear You, I See You”
September 8, 2010


NBC’s Parenthood returns for its second season on September 14 at 10:00 p.m. and NBC has released 7 sneak peeks from the upcoming premiere episode."

Keck's Exclusives: Stars Tease Their Favorite Upcoming Scenes
September 2, 2010


Lauren Graham (Sarah, Parenthood): "I have a date scene coming up with Billy Baldwin's slick character. He chooses me to work a booth at a convention so we have a romantic work date."

Twitter - Preston Mui
September 1, 2010


I normally don't put Twitter comments on here but this one stood out.

"Just booked a co-star role on Parenthood!!!! Hello, my name is Tony"

TV Guide Spoiler - Mega Buzz
August 24, 2010


I haven't heard much about Parenthood's new season. Can you help? - Rachel
ADAM: I smell a new love interest for Mae Whitman's Amber: her SAT tutor. The only problem is that he's more interested in a friend of hers — oh, and drugs. Will that stop Amber? The character is set to recur, so it sounds like it won't.

Episode 2.06 "Orange Alert" Sides
August 24, 2010

Jabbar starts at his new kindergarten, Adam and Kristina take a walk to check out the neighbors Halloween morning, in preperation to take Max 'trick or treating' in the evening, with Julia, Joel, Sydney, Camille and Zeek. Amber is having problems with new friend Kelsey when they got to a frat house party, she is also being tutored by Howard. Sarah comes to the rescue to help get a drunk Kelsey out of their swiming pool.

Episode 2.05 "The Booth Job" Sides
August 20, 2010

Zeek and Camille are in therapy, they are encuraged to do something together so Zeek takes them dancing. Sarah & Gordon work together in a booth and their attraction is clear. Kristina goes to a support group for parents of kids with Aspergers, later Adam joins her and convses his fears. Crosby and Jasmine are trying to get Jabbar into the one remaining spot at Sydney's elementary school, Joel takes Crosby on a tour of the school. Amber helps Sarah to learn about the buyers for the shoe both, so she can make a good impression on them and Grodon. Sydney is not sleeping well.

Friday Night Lights Star to Appear on Parenthood
August 13, 2010


As the new character of Vince, Michael B. Jordan was incredible on season four of Friday Night Lights.

Viewers of Parenthood will soon find this out for themselves, as the young actor guest stars on at least two episodes of the NBC drama this fall.

Jordan will play a character that gets involved romantically with Haddie Braverman. Sources tell William Keck of TV Guide Magazine that the actor may be invited back for a longer run if fans enjoy this storyline.

'Parenthood' Exclusive: 'True Blood' hottie Kevin Alejandro to feast on Sarah
August 10, 2010


Michael Ausiello writes...

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Kevin Alejandro - a.k.a. Lafayette’s current squeeze, Jesus, on True Blood - is joining the NBC drama for a multi-episode arc as a possible love interest for Graham’s Sarah. Alejandro will have to duke it out with Billy Baldwin, who, as I reported last month, is also coming on board as a suitor for Sarah.


In other Parenthood casting news, Zosia Mamet (United States of Tara‘s Courtney) has been tapped to play the recurring role of Kelsey, Amber’s moneyed new BFF. “She comes from an upper-crust kind of background,” exec producer Jason Katims recently explained. “It becomes complicated for Sarah because Amber’s suddenly being taken into this world that’s out of her grasp.”

Episode 2.04 "Date Night" Sides
August 7, 2010

Sarah and Mike have their first date but it ends up being a double date with Adam and Kristina when they turn up at the same restaurant. Drew gets a lab partner, Holly who he has a crush on, he is hurt when she doesn't feel the same way about him. Joel is a hit at 'hobby day' with Sydney when he gets the kids to make things out of wood. Crosby is getting closer to Jabbar's grandparents and Haddie is involved in the school elections.

'Parenthood' Video: Are Julia and Joel [spoiler alert]?!
July 31, 2010


Michael Ausiello writes...

At last night’s NBC press tour bash, my favorite Parenthood couple, Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger, confirmed reports that season 2 will find Julia and Joel contemplating [spoiler alert]. Jaeger also spilled the beans about his emotionally-charged confrontation with [spoiler alert] on the [spoiler alert] in the premiere. The spoilerific two-part interview is after the jump!

Billy Baldwin to romance Lauren Graham
July 27, 2010


Michael Ausiello writes...

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Billy Baldwin is nearing a deal to join the cast as Adam’s (Peter Krause) boss and a love interest for Graham’s Sarah. NBC declined to comment, but an insider tells me that Baldwin—who recurred on Gossip Girl last season as Serena’s MIA dad—would appear in multiple episodes of the sophomore drama.


"The idea is that Adam's character is the beleaguered one who has to take care of the day-to-day stuff while the boss gets to be the visionary and then go on his yacht. So he's the one having all the fun while Adam's the one making everything work. That contrast will be really fun to play as a comedic team."

Baldwin is expected to appear in at least eight or nine episodes in the first half of the season.

update - More Spoilers from Ausiello


* Adam, Sarah and Gordon: Adam will be getting some new coworkers, as well as an expanded workplace set, next season. One of those new employees? His own sister, Sarah! “I’m sure she’s going to make a lot of mistakes and annoy her brother,” said Lauren Graham. Further complicating matters will be Adam’s boss, Gordon (the newly cast Billy Baldwin), who will begin to date Sarah. Graham described Baldwin’s character as an “appealing yet dangerous” playboy with a heart.

* Sarah and Amber: As previously reported, Amber will be getting a new, upper-crust BFF, which brings out Sarah’s jealous side. “We’re doing a storyline where Amber’s always at her friend’s house and Sarah’s trying to figure out a really cool thing to take the kids to,” Katims teased. But this new friend won’t be as perfect as she sounds. “There’s the question of whether this girl might wind up having some stuff going on that starts to challenge the friendship.”

* Julia and Joel: A second child? They’ll consider it!

* Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabbar: “What we want to explore in the second season is the challenges of a long distance relationship,” Katims said of the trio. “Is it going to work out for this family?”

* Haddie, Amber, and Steve: Steve won’t be back with Amber when the show returns. Haddie, meanwhile, will get a new love interest from the other side of the tracks.

* Zeke and Camille: The heads of the Braverman clan will be working on saving their marriage, which starts comedically in marriage counseling.

* The ex-factor: There are no plans to bring back Sarah’s ex-boyfriends Jason Ritter and Mike O’Malley, who are busy with The Event and Glee, respectively, but the door remains open to them.

Episode 2.03 "I'm Cooler Than You Think" Sides
July 26, 2010

Sarah becomes friends with Mike in the stock room as she tries to prove she is still cool by getting Amber and he new friend Kelsey into an exclusive gig. Julia and Joel might be trying for another child.

Episode 2.02 "No Good Deeds" Sides
July 07, 2010

Sarah has lunch with her new boss Gordon, at work and they get along very good. Crosby decides it's time to rent an apartment, moving out of his house boat home. Julia gets her wires crossed when arranging a play date for her daughter Sydney.

New Love Interest for Sarah
July 01, 2010


Question: Please answer my burning question: Will Jason Ritter be returning to Parenthood in season 2? —Cowsxgoxmooxtoo
Ausiello: Ask me again in September when the ratings come in for Ritter’s new NBC drama The Event. In the meantime, remember my item last week about Parenthood producers casting the role of Adam’s (Peter Krause) boss? Well, I neglected to tell you that the new guy will also be a love interest for Sarah (Lauren Graham).

update - The name of Adam's boss (and Sarah's new love interest) is Gordon, we meet him in the first episode. Also Sarah will now be working at T&S Footware with Adam after coming up with a new shoe idea to help the company.

Episode 2.01 "Thanks" Sides
June 26, 2010

Sarah asks Amber to help bring Drew out of his shell in her usual self loathing way. Joel helps Zeek fix the leaky roof on the guest house which Sarah is using. Adam takes credit for someone else idea at work and Crosby and Gaby take Max out for the day but he becomes upset when the bumper cars are closed to the public for a private party.

Minor Casting Spoiler
June 23, 2010


Question: I know you’re a huge fan of Parenthood. Care to share some scoop on it? - Callie
Ausiello: We’ll meet Adam’s boss in season 2. The recurring role is being cast as we speak.

Parenthood Scoop for Next Season
June 16, 2010


Question: Parenthood scoop for next season…please? - Jennifer
Ausiello: Exec producer Jason Katims is cooking up another juicy mother-daughter story line for Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman. “Amber’s going to make a new friend and she comes from an upper-crust kind of background,” Katims explains. “It becomes complicated for Sarah because Amber’s suddenly being taken into this world that’s out of her grasp.”

Very Minor Spoiler - Leaky Ceiling for Sarah
June 2, 2010


Very minor spoiler for Season 2: Lauren Graham's character will have to deal with a leaky ceiling in an episode Katims said. #Parenthood about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter