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Lauren Graham's Ready for Her Glee Closeup
December 22, 2010


When asked if any guest stars are coming up on Parenthood when it returns to NBC on Jan. 4, LG told us, "I don't know. I think we have such a big cast, and there's so much story left to tell with us. Glee can do that fun thing of bringing someone in to do a number. I'd like to be on Glee, singing and dancing, maybe we'll work it that way." Sounds like a plan to us. Ryan Murphy, make it so!

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John Corbett Joins Parenthood for Recurring Role
December 17, 2010


A recovering alcoholic and musician, Seth will return to the Braverman fold when he comes to town for a few concerts with his band. Nine months sober, he attempts to reconnect with his kids. The character was originally played by Darin Heames (Sons of Anarchy) in the pilot, but the NBC drama opted to recast the role.

Corbett, 49, is scheduled to appear in three episodes beginning with episode 13. Deadline first reported the casting.

Read the rest of the article here.

John Corbett Lands Arc on NBC's 'Parenthood'
December 17, 2010


Lauren Graham's estranged husband on Parenthood is undergoing an extreme makeover. United States of Tara co-star John Corbett has booked a multi-episode arc on NBC's sophomore drama as Seth, Sarah's recovering alcoholic-musician ex and the father to Amber and Drew.

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John Corbett Joins 'Parenthood' for Recurring Role
December 6, 2010


Pittsburgh, PA: Good afternoon. I understand that Parenthood will be taking a "scheduled" hiatus. I really enjoy this show and hope that this does not indicate that NBC has lost faith in it's ability to draw an audience. Any idea how it's been doing and whether or not it will be moving time slots to attract a bigger viewing audience ? Thanks and love the chats !
Robert Bianco: "Parenthood" is gone until March - which is an awfully long hiatus and one that is likely to be damaging at the very least. So yes, it does seem to indicate a possibly fatal loss of faith. But keep this in mind with all NBC shows: Assuming that the merger with Comcast goes through, NBC is about to get new ownership and new management. And no one knows at the moment what those folks think about any of the shows on NBC's schedule. It could be the new head of NBC loves "Parenthood," in which case, the show's odds of getting a second chance on a new schedule will improve greatly. I'm assuming I don't have to tell you the opposite will hold true as well - but I will and it will.

Seriously I hope they promote the shows return over the coming weeks as its scheduled to return January 4th, 2011.

Erika Christensen: The Esquire Elf 2010
December 1, 2010


Esquire's December issue has a hostess: Erika Christensen, whom you can see in various poses throughout the magazine's pages (and above). We spoke with the twenty-eight-year-old Seattle native (and star of NBC's Parenthood) about her holiday spirit — and how to stretch before giving a gift.

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NBC Shakes Up Midseason Schedule...
November 15, 2010


With its entertainment lineup largely underperforming this fall, NBC is making wholesale changes for midseason with moves on every night...

What it means is Parenthood will return in it's current time slot January 4th (Tuseday at 10pm) for 4 episodes, then be off for a month to return on Monday March 7th at 10pm after Then Event.

Read the rest of the article here.

Insider: Parenthood's Show Scene...
November 14, 2010


NBC’s “Parenthood” might be all about the family drama, but the folks behind the TV series know a thing or two about shoes, too. Fictional sneaker company T&S Footwear, which is loosely based on the Patagonia model, has been getting some major play in the show’s second season...

Read the rest of the article here.

'Parenthood' gets tougher
November 10, 2010


Adam’s tired of being pissed and stressed all the time. He’s had a full plate for months now, whether it involves firing seven employees, babysitting sister Sarah, dealing with Max and Haddie, and trying to make time for his wife, and he just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I’m actually surprised it took so long but I guess when your son is called a derogatory word, that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back, right?

Read the rest of the article here.

'Parenthood' show much needed improvement
November 10, 2010


Good news regarding NBC’s Parenthood on Tuesday: The drama finished with a tenth of a point of a time period lead in adults 18-49 (2.1 rating/6 share and 5 million viewers), its most competitive finish this season. The drama’s also been up for three consecutive weeks among total viewers. The show does especially well with DVRs (up 42 percent in adults 18-49). So you’re watching it, you’re really watching it!

Read the rest of the article here.

Acts of Love: Parenthood
November 9, 2010


The Los Angeles Chapter held “Acts of Love: Parenthood,” on November 4 that raised $100,000. Hosted at the Creative Artists Agency in Century City, California, the evening was a salute to Jason Katims. He is the executive producer of the NBC television show “Parenthood,” who received the 2010 Acts of Love Awareness award for incorporating an autism story line into the series.

Read the rest of the article here.

Max From NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ Talks Asperger’s
November 9, 2010


When NBC’s “Parenthood” premiered in March, viewers quickly learned that 8-year-old Max Braverman has Asperger’s syndrome. Since then, autism has emerged as a central part of nearly every episode of the drama, which focuses on the experiences of three generations of a California family.

Read the rest of the article here.

Acts of Love: Parenthood
November 4, 2010


'Acts of Love: Parenthood' is WordTheatre®’s original, one night only theatrical collage of stories by writers of fiction, memoir, humor and fact, brought to life by an extraordinary cast, with music performed by John Doe. This benefit performance is preceded by the presentation of Autism Speaks’ Media Awareness Award to Jason Katims, creator and producer of ‘Parenthood,’ as well as a silent auction including artworks curated by Bruce Helander.

Some pictures here and here of Lauren and the rest of the cast of Parenthood, and other sthat attended the event.

Also over on fanforum.com there is this first hand write up of some of what when on at the event this year.

‘Parenthood’ Exec Prod.: Despite Poor Ratings, NBC’s Behind The Show
November 4, 2010


As NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ continues to struggle with lackluster ratings, doom and gloomers – like our friends at knowelty.com – fear the Braverman family could be next in line for the prime-time chopping block.

But don’t panic yet. We went directly to Jason Katims – the show’s top boss – and he tells us: “The network is behind our show. They want our show to work, and I think they are willing to give it time.”

Read the rest of the article here, but be warned there are some spoilers.

NBC Pulls 'Parenthood' From December Schedule
November 2, 2010


NBC has announced some changes to its Tuesday lineup for the month of December and those changes will apparently knock the struggling drama Parenthood off the schedule through the holidays.

Read the article here.

NBC to Air Extended Episodes of "THE BIGGEST LOSER"
November 1, 2010


In December NBC will be running extended season finals of 'THE BIGGEST LOSER' taking over the Parenthood timeslot, as a result Parenthood will be airing it final episode before the winter break on November 23rd 2010.

Read the article here.

Five Shows That Are Doing Better Than You Think
October 26, 2010


5. Parenthood is not being shunned. On Tuesday nights at 10 p.m., people choose The Good Wife and Detroit 1-8-7 over the Bravermans, but they eventually get back to the TV clan. In the new DVR-adjusted rankings, Parenthood posted a good demo rating, and grew by a bigger percentage than any other series, drama or comedy.

Read the rest of the article here.

NBC: Chuck, The Event, Parenthood; Unlikely That All Will Escape The Cancellation Bear
October 26, 2010


Chuck, Parenthood and The Event are all still a ways out in front of the cancellation bear, but it’s unlikely that all three will escape him and make it to next season alive. Chuck ratings have been stable, but recently so were The Event’s (until last night!). Parenthood ratings continue to fall, and were below Chuck’s last week. Which will tire first? It won’t be the bear.

Parenthood Sees Highest Percentage Lift from DVR in Week 2
October 18, 2010


In the season’s second week, “Parenthood” added 45 percent to its 18-49 rating when going from the previously reported “live plus same day” rating to its “live plus seven day” figure (to a 2.87 rating from a 1.98). On a percentage basis, “Parenthood” was the #1 biggest gainer from L+SD to L+7 among primetime series during week two on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or CW.

ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC Opt for Repeats, Pre-Emptions on Election Night
October 14, 2010


CBS and FOX won't offer up any originals on said night while ABC and NBC will only air first-runs of their respective reality franchises "Dancing With the Stars" and "The Biggest Loser."

Said developments mean that "No Ordinary Family," "Detroit 187," "NCIS," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "The Good Wife," "Glee," "Raising Hope," "Running Wilde" and "Parenthood" will either be in repeats or pre-empted completely.

On 'Parenthood,' Lauren Graham Comes Into Her Own
October 12, 2010


During her stint on Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham became synonymous with her character, Lorelai -- a cool, witty, single mom to a 16-year-old girl. Then the show ended, and last year, Graham took a role on NBC's Parenthood -- as a cool, witty, single mom to a 16-year-old girl...

Read the rest of the interview here.

NBC Sees Big Gains in "Live Plus 7" for "Parenthood,"...
October 11, 2010


In the season's first week, "Parenthood" added 37 percent to its 18-49 rating when going from the previously reported "live plus same day" rating to its "live plus seven day" figure (to a 3.37 rating from a 2.46). On a percentage basis, "Parenthood" was the #2 biggest gainer from L+SD to L+7 among primetime series during premiere week on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox, behind only Fox's "Fringe."

How NBC Measures Chuck’s Ratings
October 9, 2010


NBC has allowed us access to their reports showing how the network measures their shows’ ratings. The system is called TAMi – Total Audience Measurement index. TAMi counts the number of “exposures” an episode has, including duplicate viewings, across multiple platforms – traditional broadcast television, DVR viewership within 7 days of broadcast, Internet streaming (via NBC.com, Hulu and NBC Direct), and Video On Demand. Chuck fans already knew NBC looked at more than the Nielsen ratings when analyzing a show’s worth, and now we can get a clearer picture of what all they take into account.


2.01 - 18,002,822 total exposures (TV/DVR – includes broadcast repeat: 17,058,000; online: 580,787; EST: 4,435; On Demand: 359,600)

2.02 – 9,545,386 total exposures (TV/DVR: 8,796,000; online: 429,747; EST: 3,298; On Demand: 316,341)

2.03 – 7,750,255 total exposures (TV/DVR: 7,188,000; online: 341,143; EST: 2,803; On Demand: 218,309)

Read the rest of the interview here.

The Young And The Restless’ Luke Kleintank On 'Parenthood'
October 8, 2010


The Young and the Restless newcomer Luke Kleintank (Noah Newman) has just tweeted to his fans that he’ll be making a few Primetime appearances. “I will be appearing on the NBC show “Parenthood” for the next two episodes,” Luke stated.

Fistful of Mercy debuts “Father’s Son” on Jimmy Fallon
October 7, 2010


It seems multi-instrumentalist Ben Harper has discovered the perfect process to break a new album. After years on the road promoting numerous solo releases and albums alongside the Innocent Criminals and Relentless 7, Haper has taken a slightly different approach for his new band, Fistful of Mercy. First, form a super group with the son of a legendary artist (Dhani Harrison), break two new tracks (“I’m a Lot Cooler Than You Think” and “In Vain or True”) on NBC’s heavily watched Parenthood, and then before heading out on an international tour, perform alongside other greats like Eddie Vedder, and now The Roots. The strategy is working, because the trio’s debut As I Call You Down peaked our interests...

Read the rest of the interview here, there is also a YouTube clip.

'Parenthood' Actress Joy Bryant
October 7, 2010


Coming from The Bronx and starting out as a model for Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria Secret, Joy Bryant knows what it takes to be a badass model that can act. From Antwone Fisher to Get Rich or Die Tryin', Joy has shown grace with the grit in these movies. For now though she is sticking to the small screen with NBC's "Parenthood."

Read the interview here for pictures.

Milford native Dax Shepard on 'Parenthood'
October 3, 2010


Things are going well for 35-year-old Dax Shepard, the Milford native who began his Hollywood ascent in 2003 on Ashton Kutcher's MTV hidden-camera TV series "Punk'd." The actor-writer-director appears weekly on the small screen on NBC's family-centric dramedy "Parenthood" as the fun-loving Crosby Braverman, a young man thrust into adulthood by way of a long-distance relationship and (surprise!) a 5-year-old son...

Read the rest of the interview here.

Wait for all the numbers before deciding on 'Parenthood'
September 29, 2010


A quick glance at the performance of "Parenthood" so far this season -- the show's second -- might keep some Peacock network executives up all night scratching their heads. After two episodes, its audience has dropped by 25% to 5.3 million viewers an episode, according to Nielsen. This week's show averaged just 4.8 million viewers. Those numbers are pretty close to what Fox's con man drama "Lone Star" averaged, and that show was just canceled...

Read the rest of the interview here.

Get Ready for a Gilmore Reunion!
September 29, 2010


Yes, it'll be a reunion of April and Lorelai when Vanessa guests on Parenthood as a love interest for Graham's character's son. And while we'd really love it if Rory (and Luke, and Sookie, and Lane ... ) could somehow sneak on set to make the whole Stars Hollow soiree official, it's enough to get us to tune in. Check it out -- next Tuesday!

Life Lessons - Parenthood star Craig T. Nelson shares family wisdom
September 23, 2010


Veteran actor Craig T. Nelson, best known as the star of the 1990s sitcom, Coach, is well-prepared to play patriarch Zeek Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood, which airs on Tuesday evenings. While Zeek has four kids and six grandkids all trying to navigate their complicated lives, Nelson, 66, can relate — with three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild of his own.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Michael B. Jordan Talks Friday Night Lights and Parenthood
September 16, 2010


Hollwood actor Dax Shepard seems to be enjoying his life in these recent times. His latest movie Freebie will be released soon and he’s also signed a deal to feature in Parenthood which airs on NBC plus he’s also set to tie the knot with his girlfriend Kristen Bell...

Read the rest of the interview here.

Michael B. Jordan Talks Friday Night Lights and Parenthood
September 15, 2010


Often called the Denzel Washington of his generation, Michael B. Jordan rose to prominence on the critically acclaimed NBC high school football drama Friday Night Lights. He recently joined the cast of NBC's dramatic comedy series Parenthood for its second season run. We recently caught up with Michael to chat with him about Friday Night Lights' upcoming finale season, just as he is preparing to shoot his first episodes of Parenthood...

Read the rest of the interview here, but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the coming season.

Season 2 cast photos
September 15, 2010


New cast photos on the pictures page.

Vanessa Marano to Guest Star
September 11, 2010


Assuming the update on IMDB is correct the former Gilmore Girls star will be appearing early this season on Parenthood.

More details in the spoilers page.

Scrapbook: Stylemakers' Memories
September 10, 2010


Short interview with Erika Christensen. How have you been spending your summer? "Seeking any reason to be outdoors..."

Read the rest of the interview here.

Five Minutes with Parenthood's Monica Potter and Erika Christensen
September 10, 2010


Monica Potter and Erika Christensen were up late last night shooting scenes for their show, Parenthood on NBC - but they were still chipper enough to complete a slough of interviews this morning. I chatted with them for a few minutes about next season, which begins on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 p.m...

Read the rest of the interview here, but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the coming season.

Parenthood’s Lauren Graham Is Not Afraid to Hump a Chair to Get a Movie Role
September 10, 2010


There are two very different Lauren Grahams. The one you’re probably most familiar with is the former star of Gilmore Girls, a TV show that ran for seven years on the WB network, about a quirky, fast-talking, pop culture savvy single mother (played by Graham) and her quirky, fast-talking, pop culture savvy teenage daughter. The show was beloved among audiences and critics who like their drama cute and extra-Waspy. This year, Graham joined the ensemble cast of yet another family-friendly TV show, the NBC drama Parenthood, where she once again plays a quirky (though not quite as fast-talking or pop culture savvy) single mom.

And then there’s the other Lauren Graham, the one we haven’t seen in awhile, who co-starred alongside Billy Bob Thornton in the 2003 dark comedy Bad Santa. That Lauren Graham wasn’t nearly as innocently adorable as her TV star counterpart, unless your idea of adorable involves having filthy public sex with a guy dressed like Santa Claus. The Bad Santa Lauren Graham was crass and white trashy and not shy about engaging in adult situations in front of minors. In other words, the complete antithesis of everything the Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood has come to represent.

Read the rest of the interview here, but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the coming season.

Lauren Graham Answers Hard Questions from Fans
September 9, 2010


"Lauren, my daughters and I had such fun... watching your mother/daughter adventures on Gilmore Girls. Do you dream of having a daughter of your own?" - Robin V., Calabasas, CA

LG: Sure. I love having kids in my life. And it's not at all the same, but I know a lot of teenagers - more than some moms I know - and I've been really, really lucky to have two amazing kids on my show who I love spending time with. Of course, Alexis [Bledel, who played her daughter on Gilmore Girls] will always be my first.

Lauren Graham Finds Relationship with Peter Krause 'So Easy'
September 9, 2010


Fifteen years ago, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause bonded over board games when the actress first moved to Los Angeles. Today, Graham 43, and her Parenthood co-star, 45, are diving into something a bit more serious: a relationship...

Read the rest of the interview here.

Ecollywood: Cast of 'Parenthood' goes green
September 8, 2010


NBC’s Parenthood is set in Sausalito, California, but the series, which returns for its second season Sept. 14, is filmed on the Universal Studios lot, where many steps are taken to conserve materials and resources. “Everyone on set carries around their own water bottles and all our food waste is being composted. We repurpose sets whenever possible,” says Steve Ducey of the show’s art department. “All NBC shows have a green rep who comes in and helps us achieve our green goals. We have a meeting every few months to talk about that.”

Read the rest of the interview here, but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the coming season.

Sarah Ramos Interview
September 7, 2010


Q. What are some of the recent projects that you've been working on?

A. For the most part it's been "Parenthood." I wanted to travel some during the summer and I got to go to China so I wasn't working that much but I did do an AFI short which was with my friend. Who knows what will happen with it, but it was fun to do, it was set in the Mid West at a buffet and we worked in the buffet.

Read the rest of the interview here, but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the coming season.

September 4, 2010


"You’ll get five chances to hear the awesome, Wilco-esque rock act Northstar Session in the coming days. “We just got back from a two-week northwest tour and are starting our next album this week, which should be out by late fall or early winter,” said Matthew Szlachetka. “We also just got filmed on the NBC show Parenthood playing our song ‘You Come Up Like A Rose.’ This should air on Sept. 28.”"

official band site - myspace.com/thenorthstarsession

Autism story line in 'Parenthood' based on real life
September 2, 2010


"That NBC's family drama "Parenthood" rings true - even in its most painful moments - should come as no surprise. Much of it is based on real life..."

Read more here

Lauren Graham's Healthy Approach to Parenthood
September 2, 2010


"When you're a single parent, you have to be mom and dad," says Graham. "So little stuff with my character, like her trying to find someone to toss a baseball with her son … I told the producers, 'No, she'd do it herself! She'd get out there and play catch because she has to. That's how it works.' And that found its way onto the show."

Read more here

Sarah Ramos in Nylon Magazine
September 2, 2010

Nylon Magazine Scan

In the short interview Sarah who plays Haddie on Parenthood talks about the show and Twitter.

“Parenthood” works to up the Berkeley content
September 1, 2010


Bob Patterson yesterday came across a second unit film crew from Parenthood doing some shooting on Telegraph Avenue. Many locals have criticized the NBC series both for filming in Southern California and for representing a decidedly faux Berkeley.

I wouldn’t count on a major change, but it’s nice that they’ll be interleaving some more footage of the real Berkeley in the coming second series.

PARENTHOOD Sound Track Site
August 23, 2010


The official web site for the sound track, have you say on what should be on the CD. Too bad we already have the list.

PARENTHOOD Season 1 Sound Track
August 17, 2010


Due out digitally on August 31st with the CD to follow a week later, October 5th, 2010.

Track Listing:
Forever Young - Bob Dylan
Darlin' Do Not Fear - Brett Dennen
Colors - Amos Lee
Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers
Put Your Records On - Corrine Bailey Rae
In My Dreams - The Eels
Change of Time - Josh Ritter
In These Arms - Swell Season
Let It Be Me - Ray LaMontagne

Today's TV Addict Top 5: Showrunner Jason Katims Previews PARENTHOOD Season 2
August 13, 2010


Five questions for Jason Katims to answer.

August 12, 2010


Mae talks about Parenthood and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in this revealing interview.

NBC changes its premiere dates
July 31, 2010


With the fall premiere week inching ever closer, NBC has decided to make some last-minute changes.

Parenthood will now start it's second season a week earlier on September 14th, 2010.

‘Parenthood’ to premier in Australia, August 10
July 30, 2010


The promos have been running, and now we have an Airdate for Parenthood. As expected, it will follow Packed to the Rafters at 9:30pm from Tuesday August 10th on Seven.

TCA: In the ‘hood of ‘Parenthood’
July 28, 2010


The new “Parenthood” is filmed on the Universal lot, which is where television critics’ tour, or TCA, visited Tuesday. It was the first day of summer tour, and we were actually touring - what are the odds? First stop, the rambling, rustic home of Zeek and Millie, patriarchs of the oddly compelling Braverman clan.

TCA: Pictures of the Cast
July 27, 2010


New 'Parenthood is...' Promo for Australia
July 27, 2010

Channel Seven Australia has airing a new promo for the show. "Parenthood is..." featuring channel Seven personalities.

Download the 8Mb AVI file here

'Parenthood' Promo for Seven
July 19, 2010


Channel Seven Australia has finally started airing promos for the show, going on past behaiour this could mean the show may air with-in a few weeks. The pilot first aired March 2nd in NBC in the US. This promo is the 'Why some Aminaly Eat Their Young' promo but with different music.

Also outside the US the show has a different theme song, 'When We Were Young' by Lucy Schwartz.

'Parenthood' Promotes Jasmine and Jabbar
July 16, 2010


Sources confirm to me exclusively that Joy Bryant and Tyree Brown — who play Dax Shepard’s onscreen girlfriend Jasmine and son Jabbar respectively — have been upgraded to full-fledged series regulars.

NBC announces fall premiere schedule
July 15, 2010


NBC’s fall season will begin Monday, September 20.

Tuesdays will be unchanged from the spring as ‘The Biggest Loser’ continues in the 8-10 slot followed by ‘Parenthood’.

Parenthood premieres on TV3
July 8, 2010


Based on Ron Howard's hit 1989 film and starring Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham and Six Feet Under's Peter Krause, the brand new comedy-drama Parenthood premieres it's first season on Thursday, July 8th at 8:30pm on 3.

According to series executive producer Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights), when Lauren Graham joined the cast of Parenthood, she brought something unexpected to the family drama.

"Lauren brings so much to the role," Katims explains to Buddy TV. "One of the things that she brings is an incredible humour."

Read more here

2010 Teen Choice Nominations
June 28, 2010


Teen Choice Awards have just release more nominations. Parenthood has 2, Lauren Graham for Choice TV: Parental Unit and Mae Whitman for Choice TV: Female Breakout Star. We hope they win!

NBC's slow-burner success
June 26, 2010


If anything positive came out of the "The Jay Leno Show" fiasco on NBC, it was "Parenthood."

Having to fill the 10 p.m. timeslots when "Leno" left primetime in early February, the Peacock skedded the smallscreen adaptation of the 1989 Ron Howard film on Tuesdays following its coverage of the Winter Olympics. After a decent ratings start and typical decline in subsequent weeks, it appeared to be the latest critically admired, albeit ratings-challenged skein.

But a funny thing happened over the next couple of months: At a time of year when daylight saving time and other spring distractions conspire to lower ratings for most shows, "Parenthood" edged up. And by April, it was consistently beating CBS' fellow rookie "The Good Wife" among adults under 50...

Read more here

Parenthood Season 2 Spoilers
June 18, 2010

I've decided to open a spoilers page on this website, so for anything that might be considered a spoiler for the second season go to the new page.


Ele's Livejournal - Parenthood Pilot Script
June 15, 2010


"I got the original Pilot script of Parenthood yesterday and since I know a few people would like to read the differences between the script and the version that aired on NBC I decided to write a little report. It mainly focuses on Sarah since this is the character I’m most interested in. I thought I would find out that they changed her character the most since Maura Tierney stepped out of the role and Lauren Graham got the part but other than a few minor scenes there were no additional or rewritten scenes. But they left some, in my opinion, important scenes out which would have helped to slow down the pilot and clear some things up."

Read Ele's full recap here

Maura Tierney returns to TV in ABC's 'Whole Truth'
June 11, 2010


In a weird twist Maura will replace another actor in the new ABC drama 'Whole Truth'. Last year Lauren Graham replaced Maura when she was forced out of the role of Sarah on Parenthood to undergo treatment for breast cancer, she is now in remission.

After weeks of negotiations, Maura Tierney has formally signed on to star in ABC’s new legal drama The Whole Truth, sources confirm. She replaces Joely Richardson, who quit the project earlier this month so she could spend more time with her family.

Parenthood - Package Art for Universal's 'Season 1' DVD Set
June 6, 2010


So the DVD of the first season will be release August 31st in the US and here is the first image of the cover art but as they say below it could be subject to change. Also no plans for BluRay at this time.

"Last week we brought you Universal's press release announcing their August 31st DVD release of Parenthood - Season 1. It has all the details about this 3-DVD set, but the package art wasn't available at the time. Now the studio has provided retailers with an early look at the box for this title, via a trade journal ad. We've cropped that image out of the picture for you, and have it below. Please note that it may not be final, and could be subject to change. [NOTE: in response to multiple reader inquiries, we'll say here that there are no current plans announced for a Blu-ray Disc version of this title.]"

Parenthood DVD release August 31th
May 24, 2010


Parenthood will be release on 3 DVDs (no word on BluRay yet) containing all 13 episodes and extras. Deleted and extended scenes, Featurette and commentary with the executive producer Jason Katims.

Parenthood cast leaving the NBC 2010 Upfronts
May 21, 2010


Here is a short clip of the Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger and Dax Shepard leaving the NBC upfronts in New York earlier this week. It was cropped from the original posted by kingpaparazzi.com.

Austiello interviewing Lauren Graham, Peter Krause and Dax Shepard before the Upfronts.

Mae Whitman, the Best Crier on Television
May 19, 2010


Based on the last two (really good) episodes of Parenthood, we're ready to make this thing official: Mae Whitman, congratulations, you are the best crier on TV. (Better even than all those professional criers on The Hills). As Parenthood's Amber Holt, the rebellious, but not stupidly rebellious, mistake-prone, old-souled teenager who just slept with her cousin's boyfriend — both because she likes him and because she is an incessant self-sabotager — you have been putting on a clinic in crying in impressive and heartbreaking ways. We should not be surprised: You have been crying on camera with realistic abandon since you were 9 years old.

More here including clips from Hulu.

Erika Christensen Ponders ‘Parenthood,’ Explores Her ‘Risqué’ Side
May 18, 2010


Erika Christensen honed her dramatic chops in ‘Traffic,’ stalked like a pro in ‘Swimfan,’ rocked alongside Susan Sarandon in ‘The Banger Sisters’ and portrayed an unrealistically gorgeous flight attendant in ‘Flightplan.’ Yet even with those roles and many more under her belt, NBC’s Parenthood‘ (Tuesdays at 10/9c) has managed to give her brand-new territory to explore: “Mom.” Fancast invited the actress to take us inside Julia Braverman-Graham’s world, preview what’s to come in these final two weeks, and also let us in on her “risqué” secret.

Read the full interview here

'Parenthood' with Erika Christensen
May 17, 2010


'Parenthood' star, Erika Christensen, sits down with Sara to discuss her fellow cast members and how becoming a "sophomore" is totally new.

Watch the video with Erika Christensen, warning there is a small spoiler from the final episode.

Q&A: Sam Jaeger from "Parenthood"
May 17, 2010


Mike: I'll start with an easy one, do you ever call Lauren Graham "Lorelai?" And would you possibly share her cell phone number?

Sam: No, and get in line. That was easy.

Read the rest of the Q&A here

Enjoying some family time with 'Parenthood' stars Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Dax Shepard
May 17, 2010

Enjoying some family time with 'Parenthood' stars Lauren graham, Peter Krause, and Dax Shepard

How do I love thee NBC’s Parenthood? Let me count the ways…

1. Lauren Graham.
2. Peter Krause.
3. Dax Shepard.
4. The following super-fun and surprisingly heartfelt video, shot this morning at NBC’s upfront and featuring reasons 1-3.

Watch the video with Lauren Graham, Peter Krause and Dax Shepard interviewed but Ausiello.

Scoop: My favorite 'Parenthood' couple (lightly0 spoil the season final!

It took a little prodding, but Parenthood‘s Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger — who play gender role-busting married couple Julia and Joel Graham so convincingly it’s downright spooky — finally coughed up a scoop about next week’s season finale. Technically speaking, it was Jaeger who gave me the scoop while Christensen stood by and, well, see for yourself…

Watch the video with Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger interviewed but Ausiello.

Former "Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham brings special qualities to her new role in "Parenthood."
May 11, 2010


"I was born in Hawaii but I was only there a couple of weeks. My mother was a missionary kid who grew up primarily in Japan. We went there when my dad went to Vietnam. My first word was heso, which means 'belly button.' "

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"Parenthood" stay-at-home dad is crush worthy
May 10, 2010


It's probably no surprise that a die-hard "Gilmore Girls" fan would fall into the syrupy ThirtySomething trap that is "Parenthood," considering Lauren Graham has exchanged her role as a single mom of a teenage daughter in favor of a single mom of a ... teenage daughter. Wait, that's not right. Oh yeah, there's a boy now too!

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Erika Christensen Looking Forward to Parenthood
May 04, 2010


While Erika Christensen has made a family of her own on set of Parenthood, the single actress reveals to OK! that the new hit show has only inspired her more to have children in the future.

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Craig T. Nelson perfect match for 'Parenthood'
May 03, 2010


"Modern Family" cast him first, before negotiations fell through. "Parenthood" stepped in; over the next two Tuesdays, his Zeek Braverman has pivotal episodes.

Both shows cast him as a macho-type father and grandfather. Nelson has lots of experience at that - and, for that matter, at being a great-grandfather.

His first great-grandson was born nine-plus months ago. "I don't get a chance to see him that much," says Nelson, 66. "They live a long way away."

That's what makes Zeek lucky: Three of his kids have always lived near him; as the series began, the fourth (Sarah, played by Lauren Graham) moved back into her parents' home with her teenagers.

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We Are Loving PARENTHOOD
April 29, 2010


Do we agree or disagree with this list?

1) Peter Krause, 2) GILMORE GIRLS 2.0, 3) 90210 Alum Alert!, 4) Dax Shepard, 5) The Opening Credits.

NBC's 'Parenthood' wins its timeslot
April 28, 2010


"Parenthood's" rating slipped one week after NBC renewed the first-year show, but it still managed to beat both its timeslot competitors last night.

"Parenthood" averaged a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating at 10 p.m., according to Nielsen overnights, down 17 percent from last week's 2.9.

But it was still ahead of its first-year competition in the hour, CBS's "The Good Wife" (2.2) and ABC's "V" (1.9), both of which sank to series lows. "V" was the only show that did not have an original lead-in, however, airing behind a "Lost" a repeat.

"Parenthood" has won the timeslot five of six weeks now, which evidently convinced NBC to renew the show.

Erika Christensen (’Parenthood’) interview
April 27, 2010


NBC is spending some of its valuable PR dollars flying the likes of Lauren Graham and Erika Christensen around the country to meet with reporters like me to spread the word on the show. And while Erika and I were talking at the very cool restaurant Urban Pl8, the publicist with us got the news: NBC had given “Parenthood” a pickup for a second season.

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Lauren Graham: The Girl (You Wish Lived) Next Door
April 27, 2010


The actor best known for her role as single mother Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls is tackling another role as a single mother on NBC’s Parenthood. But with a resume that spans from Seinfeld to major motion films to Broadway, this quick-witted, grounded and engaging woman is not to be underestimated.

Curled up on a leather couch wearing dark jeans and a blue and white striped boat-neck shirt, Lauren Graham chatted with the ease and humor of an old friend. She revealed that you don’t have to be a mother, or be raised by a mother, to play a convincing one on screen.

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Mike O'Malley on 'Glee' son Kurt and getting dumped by 'Parenthood's Lauren Graham
April 27, 2010


Mike O'Malley has had a very busy year. In fact, he's having a busy week -- on Tuesday, April 27, he appears on both FOX juggernaut "Glee" as Burt, Kurt's dad, and as Jim, Lauren Graham's mostly off-again love interest on NBC's "Parenthood."

..."Parenthood," O'Malley scoffs. "Every time I'm on that show, Lauren Graham breaks up with me. I hope to God she comes to her senses and realizes I am what she needs."

Also don't miss the video on the link

TV Ratings: Idol, Glee Win Again; Parenthood Gains; Lost Falls
April 21, 2010


NBC’s just renewed Parenthood likely took advantage of the Good Wife repeat competition once again to rise 16% vs. last week to a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. From 8-10pm The Biggest Loser’s 3.3 adults 18-49 rating was even with last week.

NBC picks up 'Parenthood' for next season
April 20, 2010


NBC is bringing its freshman drama "Parenthood" back for a second season.

The move is not a total surprise. After a somewhat erratic start, "Parenthood" has settled into its Tuesday 10 p.m. slot and is averaging almost 8 million viewers and a 3.2 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic. A ratings point in that demographic equals 1.3 million viewers.

NBC Picks Up New Mid-Season Drama 'PARENTHOOD' For 2010-11 Season

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - April 20, 2010 - NBC has renewed its new mid-season drama "Parenthood" (Tuesdays, 10-11 p.m. ET) for the 2010-11 season. The announcement was made today by Angela Bromstad, President, Primetime Entertainment, NBC and Universal Media Studios.

"We are so happy to welcome back this multi-layered and compelling series about an extended American family for another season," said Bromstad. "It's gratifying that 'Parenthood' continues to garner critical acclaim and is generating highly positive reaction from viewers, thanks to the fearless creativity of its producers and the extraordinary performances delivered by its ensemble cast."

Monica Potter On Overcoming Her Fears of Parenthood and Bluetooth Technology
April 20, 2010


It is pretty remarkable how well your cast jelled. There is just enough comfort and tension between characters, just like there would be in a real family. How long did it take for the cast to get to that point? Did the director make you do any kind of team building exercises beforehand?
We basically got together in Berkeley for a while, where we shot the pilot, and sort of went out to dinners and hung out and that was pretty neat. That was smart on [the producers’] behalf to do it like that. It was very smart, very cool. [pause] Oh shit, I just hit a dead end here. I am trying to get my kid — he is over at my friend’s house and I don’t know where I am. I am yakking away, and I am like literally in the corner of a ghetto. Awesome.

Read more on the above link.

“Parenthood” Shoot – Team Braverman
April 18, 2010


On April 15, when most people were scrambling to file their tax returns, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will hopefully make a profound difference for Autism Speaks and the autism community.

As many people know, the new NBC hit series “Parenthood” has a story line that involves a family coming to grips with their son’s recent diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. For any family that has gone through the experience of having a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, you quickly realize just how easy it is to relate to the Braverman family. The show has beautifully captured the range of emotions our families go through during this difficult time...

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Meet the 'Parent' - Monica Potter plays the role she knows best — mother
April 18, 2010


Potter says the cast has quickly become its own little family — a good thing as the series looks headed for a second-season pickup. “Peter and I are like brother and sister. We talk about stuff and we get along really well. Lauren Graham [who plays second sister and struggling single mom Sarah] is extremely special. She’s got her own nuances that she brings to the show and she’s just relaxed.

“And Craig T. Nelson is my favorite person I have ever met. He reminds me so much of my dad, who passed away a few years ago. He has all the same mannerisms. My three sisters agree, and it’s really kind of cool.”

UPDATED TV Ratings: Idol, Glee Drown Out The Competition
April 14, 2010


Fox’s spring return of Glee drowned out the competition with a series high 5.6 adults 18-49 rating on Tuesday night, as it and American Idol drowned out the competition.

NBC’s Biggest Loser made a nice move up 10% to a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating, while Parenthood slipped a tenth to a 2.5 rating. It definitely looks like a keeper for NBC.

Good News for Oakland's Film Office
April 11, 2010


This past week, Parenthood won the advertisers favorite demographic: 18-49 year olds. Although it got less viewers overall, winning this portion of the audience is a big deal. Overall, ratings for the show have been increasing and it has done particularly well with women. If these numbers continue to rise, rumors of a second season should turn into reality.

NBC's `Parenthood' slowly starts to make case for itself
April 7, 2010


As NBC executives start to figure out what shows deserve to come back next fall, its Tuesday night dramedy "Parenthood" is starting to quietly make a case for a second season.

The 10 p.m. program, which is NBC's second attempt to turn the hit Steve Martin movie into a TV series, beat "The Good Wife" in the coveted 18-49 demographic Tuesday. It was the first time since "Parenthood" premiered a month go that it beat a new episode of the CBS freshman drama head-to-head in that category. Last week, a new "Parenthood" beat a repeat of "The Good Wife."

'Parenthood' makes NBC proud
April 7, 2010


According to preliminary nationals from Nielsen, "Parenthood" (2.6 rating, 7 share in 18-49, 6.3 million viewers overall) edged "Good Wife" (2.4/7, 12.0 million) in the demo, albeit with barely half as many overall viewers as the CBS drama.

Lauren Graham interview Emmy Magazine
April 2, 2010


"Lauren is one of the funniest people I've ever met, but she takes her work really seriously. She is regorous about rehearsal and her approch to the job." Adam Shankman, director of the 2005 movie The Pacifier.

update - April 5, 2010


Lauren Graham is looking lovely on the cover of Emmy magazine’s Issue No. 2, on newsstands Tuesday, April 6!

Here’s what the 43-year-old Parenthood actress had to share:

On the end of Gilmore Girls: “People still say to me that they haven’t watched the final episode because they don’t want it to be over. You have to be proud of something that captures people’s imagination like that.”

On real life parenthood: “If I met someone who had children, that would be really exciting to me. But at the same time, my sister’s my family, my grandmother’s my family, my godson is my family. I have a really full life, and I’m really happy with what I have.”

On signing on for Parenthood: “You make a list of all the things you want, but what you really want is to fall in love with somebody. You want a good partnership with a writer who is a good storyteller and can write for you. After I read the pilot, I felt this show is something I could spend years on and feel challenged and represented.”

The pictures can be found here

Minka Kelly lights up NBC's 'Parenthood'
April 2, 2010


When the time came for Parenthood to introduce the character of Gaby Moss, an Asperger’s aid that Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause) hire to help out with their son, Max, the NBC drama’s boss, Jason Katims, immediately thought of his onetime Friday Night Lights ingénue Minka Kelly.

“On the one hand, she’s charming and easy-going,” says Katims, “but she’s also quietly forceful, which is something this role requires. It’s a tough position to come in and tell anybody, ‘Hey, you’re not doing a good job with your kid.’”

Katims sent Kelly the script and within 24 hours she wanted in. “It was fortuitous that she had an opening in her schedule to do it,” he says of her two-episode arc, which kicks off next Tuesday. “Should we get more seasons of the show and if she’s available, I would love to [bring her back]. We’re waiting to see on both fronts.”

Parenthood Down from Last Week
March 31, 2010


NBC’s Biggest Loser was down 7% from last week to a 2.8 rating, and Parenthood was also down 7% to a 2.5 rating. Parenthood faced new comertition from V this week to come in 3rd in the 10pm hour.

Parenthood Scores Just 2 Million Viewers in Re-run
March 28, 2010


Parenthood was up against a Dancing With the Stars re-run and NCAA Men’s Basketball at 8pm so came in 4th for the hour scoring just 0.5 (18-49 Rating) with just 2.06 million viewers.

Parenthood up a Whopping 17%
March 24, 2010


NBC seemed to be the biggest beneficiary of the CBS repeat night, as Biggest Loser was up 7% to a 3.0 rating and Parenthood was up a whopping 17% to a 2.7 rating.

Parenthood Increasing Viewer Numbers with DVR
March 22, 2010

Parenthood is increasing it's viewer ship via encore airings of the episodes and DVR viewers, for the pilot they were up 33% to come in 4th behind Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family that week.

NBC Officially 'Losing It' on June 1
March 17, 2010


The 'Biggest Loser' spin-off, starring Jillian Michaels, will premiere on June 1, and will take over Tuesday night's 10PM time slot after 'Parenthood' ends on May 25.

'Parenthood' falls again in its third week
March 17, 2010


"...Biggest Loser was down 10% to a season low 2.7 rating. Parenthood, which I was pretty sure could save itself, fell 12% to a new low with a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating."


In its third episode, the new NBC drama "Parenthood" fell a bit more last night, meaning it will be at least another week before NBC sees where it stabilizes.

"Parenthood" averaged a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating at 10 p.m. last night, according to Nielsen, down 12 percent from a 2.6 last week on a night where every single Big Four show was off from the previous week, likely owing in part to the daylight savings effect that has hurt ratings the past few nights.

"Parenthood" was off 26 percent from the series premiere two weeks ago, which averaged a 3.1 and won its timeslot.

Last night's episode finished 0.4 behind CBS's "The Good Wife," though well ahead of ABC's "FlashForward" recap show.

"Parenthood," which received generally good reviews from TV critics, may have been hurt by a weaker lead-in this week. "The Biggest Loser" slid 10 percent from last week's episode, from a 3.0 to a 2.7.

Still, "Parenthood" is pacing ahead of what former timeslot occupant "The Jay Leno Show" averaged earlier this year.

Reviewers Like their Second helping of Parenthood
March 11, 2010chicagonow.com

"...after watching the series' premiere last week, I felt I should reserve judgment until I'd viewed a second episode. I'm very glad that I did..."


"...Tuesday's episode of Parenthood, "Man Versus Possum," was much better than its slow-but-steady pilot. To put it simply, more stuff happened."

Ratings: 'Parenthood' slips
March 10, 2010


NBC’s Parenthood’s 16% slippage from its premiere isn’t unusual, but it didn’t start that high to begin with, and a 2.6 rating is hardly “saving the network” caliber. It likely wasn’t helped by a 6% fall in The Biggest Loser ratings to a 3.0 for adults 18-49.

Ratings: 'Parenthood' opens modestly
March 3, 2010


NBC's "Parenthood" opened to modest numbers Tuesday, winning its hour among young adults but not pulling off the triple Salchow the net may have hoped for coming out of the Olympics.

The averaged for the hour was 3.1 rating/9 share in adults 18-49 and 8.10 million viewers overall, it retained 94% of its demo lead-in, The Biggest Loser. The average isn't far the numbers other dramas get at 10 p.m. get days and thanks to PVRs, the over all numbers will be higher. It's also worth noting Parenthood rated well above the 1.9 that "Jay Leno Show" averaged with its final 10 Tuesday outings. Parenthood is an expensive show with top cast so costs are higher.

NBC's Parenthood Addresses Asperger's Syndrome
March 3, 2010


We've been anticipating the premiere of Parenthood, and it was well worth the wait! Though the first episode packed quite a punch covering everything from frozen sperm, biological clocks, and quasi-engagements to divorce and dating as a newly single parent, it was a scene about Asperger's syndrome that left me with a lump in my throat. Both the words "Asperger's" and "autism" have become so viral in recent years that many people have become almost immune to their impact.

Lauren on the Interview Trail
March 2, 2010


Lauren makes an apperance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after a long day of interviews. She has bee busy with interviews since 5am for the launch of Parenthood including myfoxla.com. Tonight in the US she is on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

update - Lauren Graham - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2nd March 2010 and the Craig Ferguson ones icludes the intro, very funny plus the main interview with Lauren Graham

Interview: Ron Howard, Jason Katims, and Lauren Graham from Parenthood
February 19, 2010


The Full Interview with Ron Howard, Jason Katims, and Lauren Graham from Parenthood. "We had the pleasure of talking with Ron Howard (executive producer), Jason Katims (executive producer), and Lauren Graham (series actress) from Parenthood about the development of the TV show from the Parenthood movie, the issues the show wants to tackle, and how their views on parenthood influenced the show."

Lauren Graham ('Parenthood')
February 16, 2010


Another write up of that interview with Lauren, with some different questions including this about the origional 1989 movie "I didn't feel daunted by the movie. I loved that movie and loved Diane Weist so much. The thing you must really do in television is bring yourself to everything you do - you can't try to be anybody else. You can feel the movie in it, but it doesn't feel like a copy in any way."

Lauren Graham's 'Parenthood' role is not just another Lorelai Gilmore!
February 11, 2010


Sarah is not Lorelai, In this interview Lauren talks about her new role on Parenthood and how she had more time now she is no longer the lead like in Gilmore Girls. "What also attracted Graham to the show was the fact that it allowed her some freedom with her schedule, as well as her take on the character..."

'Parenthood' is coming back as a TV show!
February 11, 2010


Who do you relate more to Sarah or Lorelai?
"I’m only going to say Sarah because that is what is on my plate now; this feels like kind of a natural next step in terms of Gilmore Girls world. As an actor and a person this feel more grown up and the range of what I get to do is more ten o’clock than 8 o’clock. It’s a great next chapter in terms of feeling a challenge and feels great."

Ron Howard Interview NBC’s PARENTHOOD
February 8, 2010


How is this series different from the original film version?
Ron: I think what Jason is doing with the show is depicting, in particular ways, today’s problems that we can relate to in ways that are either hilarious and absurd or dangerous, frightening and emotional. Read the rest here

NBC Clip
February 2010

nbc.com - New Parenthood clip from NCB featuring Lauren. YouTube copy.

January 30, 2010


Detailed review of the Parenthood pilot, "Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (from Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon) and Jason Katims (Friday Night Llights) are the men behind this show. Those names alone had me ready for a really good show (which is what I got!)...." click here for the rest of the review.

NBC Presents Post-Winter Olympics Primetime Schedule
January 14, 2010


In the wake of the Jay Leno controversy Parenthood will now premier March 2nd, a day later than originally planned.

Press Tour Scoop: Lauren Graham at home on 'Parenthood'
January 10, 2010


Press Tour Scoop: Lauren Graham at home on Parenthood “I felt like it could be a collaborative, positive experience and it has exceeded all of my expectations,” she enthused. “It’s just the most fun day at work.” Lauren Graham is back at press tour promoting a TV series and, suddenly, all is right with my world. And hers to. (Ausiello Reports) Three months since replacing Maura Tierney on NBC’s Parenthood, the ex-Gilmore Girls MVP raved about her new gig this afternoon during a Q&A with the cast. By all accounts, the feeling is mutual. Exec producer Jason Katims said the addition of Graham lightened the tone of the show significantly. “Lauren brings so much to the role,” he said, “and one of the things she brings is this incredible humor.”
Regarding Tierney’s health, Katims said the actress — who bowed out after being diagnosed with breast cancer — is “in treatment” and “doing really well.”

New Parenthood Promo
January 10, 2010

New Parenthood promo - YouTube - which aired during Chuck, January 10.

PARENTHOOD on NBC - First Episode Photos
January 2010


Finally we have a new cast photo from Parenthood and a picture from the set of Lauren with some of her new cast members thanks to variety.com.

Update - More photos from the Perenthood Pilot.

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