Season 4 - DVD Box Set
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Release Date - September 27th 2005

Box Set Details

  • 22 episodes
  • Total length of 976 minutes
  • 6 disc
  • Original broadcast format full frame video (1.33:1) Not Wide Screen, Damn it!
  • English stereo audio (English, French, Spanish subtitles).

DVD Features

  • Who Wants To Get Together - a montage of the season's best hook-ups
  • Goodies & Gossip - Fun Factios appear on screen throughout the Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist episode
  • Stars Hollow Interactive Triva Game
  • Deleted Scenes Scenes
  • Gilmore-isms Booklet (we assume it'll be with this set, since the previous ones have had it)
My Review

Less than 4 months after the 3rd season we will have the 4th season, due to be released just after the 6th season goes to air in the US.

Overall the box set looks good and the extras maybe interesting to watch. But what I found more than a little disappointing apart from the lack of extras, is that they plan to release it in full screen only. Not the original wide screen which it aired in the US on HDTV. Also the sound is stereo while many of the current prime-time network shows now are broadcast in 5.1 on HDTV, which is included when they come to DVD.

While the stories are the most important part or the show with ASP telling some great stories each episode. The presentation of the show is also very important and for people willing to spend $60 US on a season of any show they should get the best presentation available for there money. This includes the option of wide screen and 5.1. I only hope they change there plans as for now I will be thinking twice before buying this one. And for the 5th season I hope they do release that in wide screen and 5.1.
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