Season 3 - DVD Box Set
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Release Date - May 3rd 2005

Box Set Details

  • 22 episodes
  • Total length of 976 minutes
  • 6 disc
  • Original broadcast format full frame video (1.33:1)
  • English stereo audio (English, French, Spanish subtitles).

DVD Features

  • Deleted Scenes (for three episodes)
  • Documentary: "All Grown Up" - the cast and crew share stories of their childhood experiences, including personal family photos.
  • Featurette: "Who Wants to Fall in Love?" - a montage of season three's greatest "love moments"
  • "Our Favorite '80s" - Cast and crew show off their favorite '80s dance moves
My Review
Another 5 months and the 3rd season is here.

Overall the box set is good and the extras are fun to watch, but I found it a little disapointing the amount of extras, it totals less than 25 minutes. The extra sceens are great to see also.
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