Season 2 - DVD Box Set
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Released Date - December 7th 2004

Box Set Details

  • 22 episodes
  • Total length of 976 minutes
  • 6 disc
  • Original broadcast format full frame video (1.33:1)
  • English stereo audio (English, French, Spanish subtitles).

DVD Features
The second season contains about the same amount of extras as the first seasons box set. Some deleted scenes, a few special segments and an episode with on screen factiods.

  • The deleted scenes are for episodes 1, 6, 16 and 22. This time they are with each episode and not on the 6th DVD in one file, making them more accessible. They are great to see what we missed but I think whey would have been better if they were edited into the episodes, to give a better follow to them.
  • The International Success extra was a little disappointing in that it was more to do with the different languages the show has been translated into and not about how popular it has been in each country. It was also way to short and could have covered more about the shows success.
  • The "Film by Kirk" was fun and was the actual film used in the episode "Teach Me Tonight".
  • The Gilmore Goodies & Gossip was the same as the one for season one with factiods appearing on-screen during "A-Tisket, A-Tasket". While these seem good in theory they are note as good in practice. Most of the information is interesting but I would much preffer to has audio commentary but the stars, director or writer.
  • The last extra is the "Who Wants To Argue" which is a montage of the seasons greatest fights, it only lasts 71 seconds and is good but could have been much longer.
  • There is also a booklet which contains "Gilmore-Isms" from the show, it's an interesting reference guide.
My Review
Only 7 months after the release of season 1 on DVD we have the 2nd season.

Overall the box set is good but is far short of what is becoming expected from DVD extras on TV shows. It could have been much better with a few more extras like audio commentary or a studio tour of the backstage.
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