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Fan Interview with Lauren Graham - April 28, 2006
It includes her personal opinions on the season 6 final and what happened.
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  • NEW - Matt Czuchry's future? - - "Apparently he knew the writing was on the wall. Just weeks ago, he shot a pilot for a series called "Gravity." The drama, in which he would star, focuses on the career of a first-year Los Angeles police officer." - captnerin@FanForum

  • NEW - Series End Review - "The Shamus is having a bad week. Tuesday night, he sat down to watch his favorite TV show, knowing there was only going to be one more episode. Yes, my name is Shamus and I'm a Gilmore Girls addict. (And so is Mrs. Shamus, who when informed of the show's imminent demise began a screed that filtered through every room in the house, railing against the chowderhead network types who keep idiot reality shows like America's Top Model on the air and then schedule all the good shows at the same time and how dare them cancel Gilmore Girls without talking to her and for all I know, she's still complaining.) But I digress...." more at - Shamus

  • NEW - Series End Review - "Gilmore Girls, which wraps up forever on May 15, worked because by all rights it shouldn't have. Its creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, is a San Fernando Valley Jewish girl who created a Connecticut WASP fantasy world so real, no one noticed William F. Buckley Jr. was missing from it. Furthermore, it was a drama played for laughs and speed, yet its greatest theme was dead serious: Love is its own reward, but it can leave some of the best humans unrewarded...." more at - Ken Tucker of EW

  • NEW - TVGuide Podcast - May 11, 2007 - David Sutcliffe (Chris) and Lauren have had diner and it was implied they have dated, Talks for season 8 broke down because LG and AB put too many conditions on the season meaning less camera time so the CW felt it would no longer be the "Glimore Girls" so they pulled out - transcript thanks to GGAva@FanForum

  • NEW - upfronts - why isn't Gilmore Girls listed as ended/cancelled? - Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Silver lining for Veronica Mars Fans - "The fan-favorite drama is nearing a fourth season renewal, thanks to a reworking of the formula featuring the titular petite private eye. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a presentation for the proposed revamped show was well received at the CW, giving a boost to the show's chances. Hope for a continued life came in the form of creator Rob Thomas' new concept as well as the cancellation of Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven which will leave the CW with a little wiggle room for the fall. - Mag13@FanForum

  • NEW - - "“Gilmore Girls” is — gulp — ending? I’m fully aware that I was among the voices calling for an end to “Gilmore Girls.” Yet I can’t believe the final episode is actually here. After negotiations to give the show an additional season broke down, fans recently learned that, as of Tuesday’s episode (appropriately titled “Bon Voyage”), that’s that. No more Gilmores, no more Stars Hollow. "

  • NEW - - "Some comments from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the quiet send off of GG and a few other shows - and why he thinks they are not making a big deal out of the endings - makes sense." - clmorrow@FanForum

  • NEW - vodcast - Gilmore Girls?! "He asked her about a possible GG movie written by ASP and answered as stated above. ( the X-Files movie was done really well, but because they were still kind of "in it." And she's not sure there is a point for GG (I think is what she was meaning) right now.) He also said that there is a nice scene with Lorelai /Emily during Rory's graduation party. Nothing much and some stupid animations to "grieve" GG.". - vaso@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - May 09, 2007 - To much to post here but a lot of comments about the series ending also a short interview from Matt Czuchry - thanks to Lancer1993@FanBolt

  • vodcast - Gilmore Girls' Demise Delays AR Ep 11! "More fallout from the 11th hour cancellation of Gilmore Girls: This week's Ausiello Report vodcast had to be scrapped and re-shot to address the late-breaking development (and work in a very special guest). As a result, Episode 1.11 — originally scheduled to go up today — will now go live tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience, but, well, desperate times call for desperate measures.".gjoni@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - May 02, 2007 - thanks to catkirk7@FanForum
    Question: This whole waiting for an official announcement about the fate of Gilmore Girls is giving me an anxiety disorder. Any new developments?— Michelle A.
    Ausiello: Not a one.

  • Lorelai and Chris divorce - "I was told we'll hear when it's final. But that might not be until next season (if there is one)." - Saranoh@FanForum - "It doesn't mean they haven't started the divorce proceedings. It just means that they haven't been finalized yet." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - April 27, 2007 - They talked about the pants movie for a little while in relation to America and Alexis. They didn't like the ep much at all. But liked the last LL scene and Paris. In response a letter about season 8 (from me), MA said he doesn't think they will wait until upfronts, and that as soon as it's signed, they'll announce it. He doesn't know what the hold up is, but he says that he's still hearing that the 13 eps are happening. He mentioned that he hasn't heard anything to make him think it's not happening. There was a question about MA's comment about the LL kiss and how much tounge there will be. The person wanted an answer to MA's little comment. Mike said to check A/A this week. - Recap thanks to Katiegg108@FanForum - transcript thanks to GGAva@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello April 25, 2007 - thanks to withbatedbreath@FanForum
    Question: Thanks for keeping us updated on the nail-biting situation that is Gilmore Girls' possible eighth season. Please give us the latest update, even if it's that things are the same.— Heather M.
    Ausiello: The 13-episode deal should've been signed, sealed and delivered by now. Something's obviously holding up the works. Maybe Sally Struthers is playing hardball.

  • "I was told that they wouldn't break-up again. Not even if there's an 8th season..." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • The Luke and Lorelai kiss is more than just a peck, definitely a passionate kiss. Also season 8 is looking really really likely. - email

  • TVGuide Podcast - April 20, 2007 - They talked about the "possible" shortened season 8, and MA said that can be changed to "likely," rather than possible. He said everyone's talking about it like it's a done deal, but that, of course, nothing's on paper yet. Mike said that he wrote that it comes done to Lauren being the deciding factor because she'll base her decision on what AB does. If Alexis says she'll do, say, 8 episodes, Lauren will have to decide if that's enough for her to want to come back. He said that Matt's role in a season 8 seems pretty clear based on the spoilers. (But that was just his opinion). - Recap thanks to Katiegg108@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • "...she (Lauren Graham) has extensions in her hair for the rest of the season." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • "So my sources tell me that Ausiello is correct and that the show WILL be coming back for an 8th Season. There will be a pick up for 22 episodes, but Lauren and Alexis will have the right to opt out after 13 episodes (which, if they do opt out, means that most likely the CW would have the right to cut back its order from Warner Bros. because who wants a show without the girls?). Also, DR will be back as showrunner, despite the concensus being that he has not done a great job this year (big fat "duh" on that one)." - sportygirl@TWoP

  • Ask Ausiello April 18, 2007 - thanks to withbatedbreath@FanForum
    Question: I'm excited to hear about the possible shortened eighth season of Gilmore Girls. Got anything new to report on that front?— Heather
    Ausiello: At the show's wrap party Sunday night, everyone and their sister was talking about the short order as if it was a done deal. The only sticking point appears to be the number of episodes. I'm hearing 13, but I imagine the CW is trying to stretch that to at least 16. An official announcement is imminent.
    Question: Can I ask you an honest question? Do you want Gilmore Girls to go on? Or do you think that they should end it this season?— Colleen
    Ausiello: I'm torn. On the one hand, I think Rory's college graduation would be a perfect capper to these seven years. On the flip side, I'm not good with the goodbyes. Never have been, never will be. Now, if the show was in pitiful shape — along the lines of, say, the final season of Roseanne — maybe I'd be more eager to let it go. But I kinda sorta think our Girls have a little more life left in 'em. It could also be that I'm just on a high from last night's first-rate episode, which was easily the best of the season. Reminded me of the good ol' days.
    Question: Please! For the sake of my sanity, not to mention my grades, in which episode will Luke and Lorelai finally reunite on Gilmore Girls?— Sarah
    Ausiello: I can confirm there's a kiss coming up.

  • - " 13 eps for next season becoming a REALITY???" - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • Kristin eonline - Glo in Boston: Any scoop on Gilmore Girls? Any gossip on it coming back? Some say "yes," others say "no." You aren't going to like this (sorry, it's hard for me to report!) but I think you can add Damian Pelliccione into the "no" column. He has a small part on the show as Rory's friend Lance, and at the GLAAD Awards he said: "I have one or two more episodes and that's it; my character dies off—no, doesn't die really, just the show's dying. And you'll see a lot of switching between Rory and Lorelai's character toward the end—it's a big juxtaposition. I can't give too much away, but you really see Rory grow up and mature by the end of this season." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • Ausiello Report - " Negotiations to bring Gilmore Girls back for an eighth season took a veddy interesting turn on Friday. According to multiple sources embedded deep inside Stars Hollow, Lauren Graham — she on which all things hinge — is allegedly warming to the idea of returning for a shortened season, a la Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. Word of this condensed scenario was "the talk of the set" on Friday, one day before shooting on the show's current season was scheduled to wrap. My spy was quick to add, however, that nothing's official and it's very possible this whole thing could unravel before anything's signed. One thing seems clear though: this little nail-biter is speeding toward a climax." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • The Yale set is coming down (won't need it for season 8 anyway) but the DFI, Lorelai's house and the mansion are still up - copperboom@FanForum

  • "Sorry didn't get a chance to go through the previous thread regarding that when they finish filming thing (so if it was cleared up I apologise in advance) - they finish the end of this week so their official filming hiatus starts next week. That's unless pickups are needed then they'll be back next week to film them." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • - "I just wanted to inform you guys on something I was reading at my local grocery store. It was in a USA Today newspaper explaining shows that were on the bubble, and which weren't going to make it. Gilmore Girls was mentioned, but not as any of those. Gilmore Girls is hung up because of the money, which means contracts are up in May and it will cost each of the stars more." - LLLovers@FanForum

  • "I was told that Lorelai really wouldn't have much of an impact on the R/L break-up(of course that's just someone's interpretation)." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • "My source told me that Lauren called up David Rosenthal several weeks ago and told him that she was not renewing her contract. But clearly the CW isn't taking "no" for an answer." - mozzarella@TWoP

  • "...I am sorry but My Friend isn't in the position to know more than the writers saw Lorelai and Christopher finally exploring a real adult relationship as a wonderful dramatic story. To them, the marriage between Lore and Dopey was inevitable and necessary because of where ASP ended season 6. They never considered any other course for the story because to them it was the only option." - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello April 11, 2007 - thanks to Jet1945@FanBolt
    Question: OMG, is the CW ever going to tell us if the Gilmore Girls is ending? What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going on over there?— Rebecca
    Ausiello: Turns out, there's no huge rush to make a decision. I'm told Episode 22 can serve as either a series or a season finale. So, theoretically, they can continue negotiating with Lauren and Alexis right up until the CW upfront on May 17. That said, I hear things are looking up.

  • Ausiello vodcast "All MA has to say it that LG requested the change so that the scene would be more emotional." - Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum - "Just that it involved more characters and was not L/L specific. Can't remember the exact wording. Would have to watch it again... ETA: Right he says it is not true that they were L/L scenes and to downplay the L/L romance. And it sounds like it was scenes.. plural. And it temporarily delayed production. Did lead to a more fulfilling episode. Who knows.." - Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum - Transcript thanks to caf123@FanForum

  • "DR and the other writers have known for awhile now whether or not a season 8 was going to occur." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "There's a sign that was made that says "Bon Voyage, Rory," I saw in the mansion sound stage. The "For Sale" sign on the mansion is a joke, according to the guide, not something related to the show. Um, both guides said they didn't know about a season 8 yet, but one got very depressing by the end of the tour, saying things like, "it'll be sad in a week when all these soundstages are gone forever," etc." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "I've been told by a WB tourguide that news of the fate of GG should be known no later than the end of this month. I asked if they could hold telling us til after the season is over? He said that they would market the ending of the series beforehand -- to bring in viewers." - SPA@FanForum

  • "I was told that the decision season eight or not was made weeks ago (I know it for five or six(?) weeks now and I don't know how long before the decision was made). Unfortunately I can't tell you WHAT the decision is, I only know that the negotiations and all that stopped a while ago and they rolled the dice." - AkaranafeatMeeko@FanForum

  • Scott Patterson signs on to Saw 4 - Gilmoregirl82@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - April 6, 2007 - Fans are still upset over the Rory and Logan break up, lot more emails this week, but Ausiello is not rushing to judgement over it. Also they have seen an advance copy of the final script and will talk more about the rumour that Lauren sent it back to David R. for a re-write in the next vodcast - Recap thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • "I was told that we'll know when the divorce is final, but take that with a grain of salt." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Was also told that Lauren is signed up for another year for GG. That's a certain. Everyone is waiting on Alexis. David says that Alexis does not want to return to the show, at all. Lauren, he believes, is applying pressure to Alexis, because since she is now recorded as a producer, this helps her production company emmensely for future projects. In order to insure this status, GG must continue another yearI asked if it was possible for a partial year -- 11 episodes, to tie up loose ends. He said yes, it's possible. It's also possible to have Rory to make cameo appearances as well. David also mentioned that they could do a 2-hr movie or a mini-series (2, 2-hr movies) to complete GG. All of these ideas, David assures me, has been approached to Alexis with little or no success. Lauren is the big gun now that WB is using to help persuade her otherwise." - lulu1960@TWoP

  • "The 'For Sale' sign was there when I went on tour. It wasn't a realtor's sign, it was a small cheap paper/card sign, about 9x12 inches, that someone had taped to the house next to the front porch. It certainly wasn't something Emily would have tolerated if her mansion was for sale. It looked more like a joke than part of the set dressings." - copperboom@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "visitor, MacKenzie, emailed us some spoilers after going on a WB VIP set tour. "We saw that Lorelai's doll house, that she so loved that we saw in an episode many many moons ago that Richard brought her, was all smashed up is if it had been thrown or something hit it when we toured the set of Richard and Emily's house! Also, Richard and Emiy's house had a "For Sale" sign posted on the front of their house by the front door!" - Spikette@FanForum - Personally, I think the film crew just left the sign there. Wealthy people don't do the whole "for sale" thing. My husband used to live in Greenwich, CT and he said that would NEVER happen. If they were selling, it would be a private sale. - Spikette@FanForum

  • "BTW I am just as confident as I was before about a season 8. I (and My Friend at GG) still feel that it is 4 to 1 in favor for another season." - SassyPaws@TWoP

  • "Go Go "Gilmore Girls": Graham and Bledel to Leave Stars Hollow...." more at gjoni@FanForum

  • "it's not something he does or did . It's something he tells her. and it might be the simpliest thing ever, like I'm sorry it got messed up, I wanted us to get married, I'm sorry you doubted that. Whatever it is it makes her realised he still loved her when she cheated on her, and may give her hope that he still does after all" -
    dirty twin@FanForum

  • "...I have been promised by My Friend at GG that Luke's rants will be returning soon!!" - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Mar 30, 2007 - Ausiello was there - LOTS of emails from angry Rory and Logan fans over the proposal and NO story line, MA doesn't know if Matt will be in the final episode - Recap thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Spoiler update - General There was a plan for a spin off show with a focus on Luke and Lorelai with baby. But Lauren made it clear she and Alexis would not do a show without the other. It is about 50/50 for the show to return at this time. Luke and Lorelai The are planning an Everwood type ending, as I said before if we don’t get season 8 then they will be together more. If season 8 happens then they will be together but not to the same extent. (IMO this is to play it out longer in the next season.) Whatever happens the news will be good for Luke and Lorelai. Rory and Logan Sorry but not so good news for them. From a different source than the other day it was confirmed that they break up because of the proposal and the NO from Rory. No word on the season final for Logan. This info was from about a week ago and things can still change. email

  • FYI no Ausiello on the TV Guide podcast this week and no Ask Ausiello for a week, he's off to Mexico for a few days - wej5541@FanForum

  • Spoilerfix ( "...Krysten Ritter (Lucy) will be on GG again before the end of the season. No additional info." Spikette@FanForum

  • "A very good friend of mine manages a "frock shop" from which GG has sourced some of its wardrobe over the past few years. They have been approached about supplying clothing over the next 6-9 months. I think that offers a wee bit of hope re: Season Eight. Yes?" - FormerlyAmish@TWoP

  • Ask Ausiello March 28, 2007 - thanks to withbatedbreath@FanForum
    Question: Just saw your Gilmore Girls scoop on the vodcast — say it ain't so!— Allison
    Ausiello: It's so. Sorry. I'd offer to give you a hug, but I have intimacy issues. If it makes you feel any better, the stuff leading up to the five-letter word that starts with "S" and ends with "T" sounds really good, in a bittersweet way.
    Question: Last Thursday, I sat through another eye-gouging episode of October Road. I gave the show another chance, but it just got worse. Please reward me by giving me Gilmore Girls juice about Luke and Lorelai.— Lulubell
    Ausiello: Wait a sec: You want me to reward you for giving a second chance to a show that I explicitly (and repeatedly) warned you sucked more than the worst episode of Models Inc.? Fair enough. Now, about that request for Luke and Lorelai juice, I've got good news and bad news. Let's take care of the bad news first: Due to a last-minute change of plans, Lauren Graham is no longer singing ABBA's "Fernando" in the May 1 episode. Now for the good news: She's singing Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" instead. And now for the even better news: She sings it to someone specific — and it's not Rory. Ready. Set. Squeal!
    Question: In last week's Ask Ausiello you said that Lorelai was going to go with Christopher to Rory's graduation and that they were dating again. This was just a joke, right?— Calleigh
    Ausiello: For crike's sake, yes! And it was funny, damn it!

  • NEW - Luke and Lorelai will be romantically involved before season/series end but just how much depends on season 8, but we will know where they stand. - anonymous email

  • Studio Tour - Season 8 not looking good, should know either way by the end of March - alcarterra@TWoP

  • New Air dates "April 17, 7.18 - April 24, 7.19 - May 1, 7.20 - May 8, 7.21 - May 15, 7.22" - curlyhead@FanForum

  • "No one really knows what is going on in the negotiations except the parties involved and even they may only know part of the story. I have heard from My Friend today and basically said that we should be patient until mid-May. The word on the set is this is a game of chicken between the girls and the studio." - Sassy@TwoP

  • "Why aren't you sure about that? I know that it's hard to trust showrunners, but L/C are broken up. For good." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Question: I would be surprise if they know the series ending and end it with L/C and L/L is just friends and a romance between is just history. "Would it make you feel better if I were to guarantee you that that won't happen?" - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Video interview with Edward Herrmann - Some bits about his feelings for and 8th season and his opinion of the characters ont he show - thanks to gjoni@FanForum - transcript thanks to Katiegg108@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Mar 16, 2007 - emails send in complaing about the show ending and not enough time on Luke and Lorelai this season, it doesn't look like the show will return for season 8 - Recap thanks to Cappuccino@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Ausiello Report TV Guide - Rory meets her idol "Christiane Amanpour" May 8 (episode 7.22 and likely the series final) "Talks to bring the show back for an eighth season have stalled, and, according to several sources, there's little hope for a turnaround." - gjoni@FanForum

  • - "SAM I AM (ABC) - "Gilmore Girls" co-star Melissa McCarthy has been cast in the comedy pilot, about a woman with amnesia (Christina Applegate) who has to rediscover her life. She'll play a former friend of Applegate's character who reappears in her life. While not specified, McCarthy's involvement is likely in second position to her duties on "Girls."" caf123@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello March 14, 2007 - thanks to Gemini8525@FanForum
    Question: If your "BFF Goes MIA" blind item is not Lauren Graham, then please, for the love of all that is Lorelai, tell the world!— Shelley

    Ausiello: Let me end the suspense right now: The answer to the "Is it or isn't it Lauren?!" question can be found in the latest installment of my Ausiello Report vodcast, which should be up and running at Ausiello Central in just a few short hours! BTW, it's Lauren's birthday on Friday! Anyone wanna go in on a fruit basket with me?
    Question: Do you have any new Gilmore Girls scoop?— Cory
    Ausiello: Matt Czuchry's pilot has been put on hold.

  • Logan may or may not be "gone" depending if you believe the tour guide - Mots15@FanForum

  • "We do hear good things about the negotiations for the girls. No details but the winds have indeed shifted. Fingers crossed." - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • "SP is now finalizing a deal with Warner Bros. TV to return for an 8th season. An 8th season, overall, looks more and more likely." - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Mar 09, 2007 - "Question about Scott and Matt's pilots, if we get season 8 then that takes priority. Ausiello says that the fight is Luke and Lorelai. Jokes about Luke and Rory being god parents together.". - Recap thanks to wej5541@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • "Also, I asked a different person for confirmation of the S8 news we had gotten the day before on tour. This person said that they hadn't heard anything official yet, but that he had spoken with Matt Czuchry (yes, this is where I giggled and went all fangirly that the person I talked to had even talked to Matt) a few days ago, and that he said that everyone "was in", they were just waiting on the TWO girls." - SarahLovesLogan@FanForum

  • "Regarding any announcement of a season 8, My Friend at GG has told me to "...hang tight and there will be news soon one way or the other." The definition of "soon" is subject to interpretation." - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • "I asked my "source" yesterday and I was also told that it is planned to make Rory and Logan break up." - AkaranafeatMeeko@FanForum

  • "We did a tour this afternoon, and got some WONDERFUL news! SPOILER: GG is returning for an 8th season, and we were told that the WB and the CW are both "very, very excited abut it". Sounds to us like that means all the cast will return." - SarahLovesLogan@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello March 7, 2007 - Katiegg108@FanForum
    Question: There is a "spoiler" floating around that Rory and Logan will break up for good on Gilmore Girls before the season ends. Is there any truth to this?— Emma
    Ausiello: I think I know how this rumor got started. Matt Czuchry is attached to a fall pilot, and folks are assuming that that means he's leaving Gilmore Girls. Not so. The pilot, Gravity, is in "second position," which is a fancy way of saying he can appear in it if and only if Gilmore Girls doesn't return for an eighth season. (No news on that front, BTW.)

  • Carrie in Wailuku, Hawaii: Have you heard anything about Supernatural's chances for a third season? Kristin Sadly, it's not looking good. Ditto for Gilmore Girls. And The Class.

  • - What this all means, of course, is that The CW is looking at a preliminary fall 2007 schedule with potential changes on five of its six nights. (Friday Night Smackdown! is the one exception.) But since the idea this season was to introduce viewers to the network via existing product, the goal in 2007-08 must be to introduce a schedule populated with five to seven new series. - Mag13@FanForum

  • "I have been told that Rory and Logan break up for good before the season ends." - AbbyRae@FanForum - confirmation by Fojbe@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Mar 02, 2007 - "Plenty of time for Luke and Lorelai to be in a good place whether it's a season or series final this year, odds pretty good that it will be coming back next season, MA has a gut feeling and everyone wants it back, no news on Luke's blue cap." - Recap thanks to Katiegg108@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Great8Mandate "I received a reply just a little while ago and the gist of things was very positive. My personal favorite line of the response was "Hello Heidi -- We are very aware of the Great8Mandate here at The CW and we appreciate everything you're doing in support of the show." I have to say, that feels pretty good. In reference to season 8, my contact said, "Rest assured we are definitely working on it." A season 8 decision will be made public no later than May 17th (as that's when the network announces its fall schedule at the upfront in New York). However, if the show gets an early pickup it's likely that we can expect an announcement before then." - SassyPaws@TWoP

  • - Will there be an eigth season? For years the show's focus was on "diner guy" Luke's unrequited love for Lorelai. While fans rejoiced when they finally got together, things sort of fell apart without that continued focus - and now that Lorelai has broken up with Christopher yet again, will the show ever get that focus back? Probably not. For one thing, they're nearly out of time. - vaso@FanForum

  • Great8Mandate - received an email from the CW and they said they are definitely aware of the cause, working on an 8th season, and an announcement would be made no later than May 17th (the network Up Fronts). - Mots15@FanForum

  • - interview with Matt Czuchry - "He's (David Rosenthal) done a great job with the story lines the way this last part of the season is gonna go is a big transition from the first part of the season that I think fans will really enjoy and just working with him personally he's been incredibly kind to me and supportive and it's been great." "...the business deal falling through. That’s kinda going to be the last push of these episodes as far as what that does to Logan and what that does to the relationship between Rory and Logan and Mitchum as well." "There is going to be some really big changes in Logan and in the way he’s going to approach his life over the course of these last episodes." - iamsher@FanForum

  • " from what I understand, L/L will have interaction before 7.18. Again, not sure when or how significant, but they will." - domenica marie@TWoP - posted here by vaso@FanForum

  • nickersh2o "Any news on the Luke/Loreli reunion?" Reply "It's coming" -

  • "...confirmed Logan and Rory are DEFINITELY breaking up this season." - tigerlily333@TWoP

  • metro interview with Matt Czuchry - "I could see it going one more season with the knowledge that it would be the close of the whole series." - lancer1993@FanForum

  • interview with Matt Czuchry - including his feeling on the possibility of season 8 and Lauren and Alexis - gilmorebrazil@FanForum

  • -"The word: The CW’s “Gilmore Girls” may soon become “Gilmore Girl,” with just half of the pop culture-spouting mother-daughter duo sticking around for an eighth season. Or that's the latest rumor buzzing about on the web." - lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Fan interview with Scott Patterson at lunch, it's light on the spoilers but still a nice read - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - thanks to Sassy@TWoP

  • "There was never going to be an actual epiphany. I was told that from the beginning. MA is a tool. When Emily talked about how Richard was her life, THAT was the beginning of Lorelai's "awakening." And also later on when she called Chris again." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • I don't think we were ever going to get a verbal smackdown from her. As far as I know, Chris was always going to be the "victim." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • CW poster with Lorelai, luke and Chris "Mariage isn't the best place to hide" - Callalily@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Feb 7, 2007 - "More family drama is headed Logan's way as Papa Huntzberger rears his meddling head again. Rory plays the supportive girlfriend, just as he played the supportive boyfriend during Richard's health crisis last night. And that's it, really. No marriage proposal or anything like that." - Amellaboo@FanForum

  • “The first half of the season was a little rocky,” admitted Dawn Ostroff, president of Entertainment at The CW, to the Television Critics Association. “The second half of the season [which started Jan. 23] is much stronger. Viewers will be pleasantly surprised.” - 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • Studio Tour pictures - lorelaisgirl@FanForum - and hand drawn maps

  • Review - TVGuide Podcast - Feb 02, 2007 - They didn't like episode 7.12 and it felt forced, the producer credit is a way to get Lauren to talk about season 8 - Recap thanks to caf123@FanForum - transcript thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • Studio Tour Recap from the last few days - lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Buddy.TV - "As we've been saying in chat for a while: Lorelai and Luke WILL get back together. When? Unknown. And if there is another season, it is unknown if they will last as the actor playing Luke is still being difficult with signing on for another year." - Mag13@FanForum

  • - CW, T-Mobile Launch Gilmore Girls Web Contest, Hiatus Mar 6? - Mag13@FanForum

  • Lauren Graham "Producer" - - "Graham made no secret of her desire to see her Gilmore role expand. 'I would like to be a producer on the show, but that's not anything [Warner Bros.] is gonna let me do,' she said at the time. 'I think, at this point, any request [might lead to a] 'Well, if you want something then we want an eighth season' kind of thing." - Mag13@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Jan 31, 2007 - "...the engagement/pregnancy plot has been scaled back. "They will not be that far along in a relationship [by May]," my spy revealed. "There will be progress, but she won't be pregnant or engaged in the season or series finale — as of now."" - lancer1993@FanForum

  • Chris moves out by 7:15...Babette sees the moving van. - elle26@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Rory receives a call from the New York times about a job.... Gigi's crap was still in the living room of the CS.... everybody wanted another season except Alexis who still wasn't sure, but without her there probably won't be one." - ingw@FanFourm - and "flat screen was mounted between the fireplace and the stairs" - ingw@FanFourm - also "it didn't really look like she was moving stuff" - ingw@FanFourm - "remembering chin chin" sign outside the CS - ingw@FanForum - "The guide said it was a hot set though, so I'm assuming it was all ready for filming tomorrow.." - ingw@FanForum

  • Ausiello Report - Lauren Graham to get Production credit for episode 7.12 (then the rest of the season) Scott Paterson maybe be a wild card - caf123@FanForum

  • "Jackson did not have his vasectomy in season five. He did not go through with it and failed to tell Sookie." - TV Guide - owtpalready@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Rory and Lorelai walking through the town square, dress ing long coats, Connecticut spring, Rory on the phone, happy squeal at the end, Male director" Should be doing episode 16 until about Feb 5 - Lorelaisgirl@FanFourm

  • "Cameron Bender Booked a Recurring Guest Star on GILMORE GIRLS" - - Cappuccino@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 26, 2007 - "DM: But it’s interesting; is there a scenario for if Lauren Graham is not around? Or… MA: No. If Lauren Graham doesn’t come back, then there’s no show. DM: And the scenario if Alexis doesn’t come back you reported, is that Luke and Lorelai would have a baby." - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "...Luke's boat is no longer in Lorelai's garage. The garage was pretty much empty.... Happy to say it was moved to be worked on, so hopefully we will see it in an episode soon. And the chuppah was moved over to the side of the yard where it is supposed to be." - copperboom@FanForum - also "...they were filming today on the Yale soundstage. Alexis and Matt were both there, though of course we couldn't go in.
    One new set on that stage is a new apartment for Logan, according to our guide."
    - copperboom@FanForum - and "The chuppah looked bad still, worn and poor Gilbert still has a broken leg." copperboom@FanForum

  • - " Well, according to my sources—who are highly placed within the Gilmore family—the plan of a Roryless eighth season has been firmly rejected for one very good reason: Lauren Graham is sticking by her onscreen daughter (you gotta love that) and has made it clear that she will not continue the show without Alexis on board." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • - Sin City 2 may keep Alexis away from Gilmore Girls "David Rosenthal appears to have convinced Graham to sign on for one more season-but Bledel's reluctance" - Mag13@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Jan 24, 2007 - "Season might end with Luke & Lorelai married and expecting a baby - Alexis might be the hold out for season 8, which could lead to "Plan B" and more of a focus on Luke, Lorelai and the baby with the occasional sweeps appearance of Rory. - Sookie might have another baby, because of Melissa McCarthy's pregnancy. - Matt Czuchry thinks Rory and Logan should eventually (yikes!) go their separate ways" - withbatedbreath@FanForum

  • Pictures - Studio tour - Chuppah is back in Lorelai's yard, boat is in the shed and construction on the sound stages - pictures - lilmelodie@FanForum

  • "She will be single after breaking up with Chris. She'll not reunite immediately with Luke." - little_earthquake@FanForum - "I can confirm that's a Spoiler." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • About the break-up/Divorce with Lorelai "I don't know when Chris agrees. It's not the same conversation or the same episode for that matter." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • Ausiello from TVGuide at the CW Winter Press Tour - "Just asked Dawn how confident she is that Lauren and Alexis will agree to another season of Gilmore Girls. "We are talking to them," is all she would say." Tuber99@FanBolt

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 19, 2007 - "I know, but people love Gilmore Girls and this is from a listener named Amy who says that Michael of course mentioned something about a funny death; said the person who dies is like Paul Anka, someone no one will care about, and the death will be funny. Ergo, Amy is predicting that the death will be April." - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Ausiello from TVGuide at the CW Winter Press Tour - Ostroff says "the first half of the season was a little rocky. [Dave Rosenthal] was painted into a storyline corner [from last season]. i think the second half of the season will be a lot stronger." - caf123@FanForum

  • Kristin from E!Online is at the CW Winter Press Tour - "Ostroff replies, "Gilmore Girls is a show we're really proud of. It consistently comes in second in 18-34. And we are definitely talking to them." - lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • This is unconfirmed tidpit and should be treated as such "I have heard there may not be a normal spring hiatus. Things will be determined after the ratings for the next episode." - curlyhead@FanForum - "The schedule will be determined based on the ratings because of the sweeps month and all. I'm just saying that there may not be the usual spring hiatus like we have had in the past on the WB." - curlyhead@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 11, 2007 - "MA does not know what Christopher's reaction to Sookie bringing Luke's coffee is." - "Christopher is not aware of Richard's health crisis; what matters is that he is not there when Lorelai needs him." - "a lot of letters about Rory's SL and the lack of Rory spoilers - as far as he knows, she will graduate, MA is sure Chris will be at graduation. The crush-TA was mentioned" - "MA had no spoilers about R/L but fanboy MA thinks it would be silly for them to get married." - massimin@TWoP - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Episode promo on YouTube - few new clips, Transcript here - Canopus@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Jan 10, 2007 - "Lorelai is going to go out of her way to help Luke in his custody battle for April." - "PA doesn't die, but you're close" - "Sookie brings her some coffee from the diner, and they talk about whether that's weird for Lorelai." - MickeyJr3000@FanForum

  • "tomorrow some surprising news from Lauren about the possible future of Gilmore Girls on the CW" - - transcript thanks to lilmelodie@FanForum - update - part two of the interview - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • "The L/C break-up/divorce/whatever has nothing to do with how Lorelai feels about Luke." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • "don't be so sure that Lorelai will get off scot free this time." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • "Lorelai ends her marriage to Chris still convinced Luke doesn't love her." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • "I can confirm that it was planned from the beginning on" - little_earthquake@FanForum

  • I wanted to confirm (because I was just told) that Loreali indeed initiates the End of Our National Nightmare. Otherwise known as her marriage to Christopher. It's not a mutual decision. - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • "..for all intent and purposes, in Lorelai's heart and mind, it's over in 713" - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • "It was never an AHA! moment, more like a culmination of what she's been beginning to understand during the last few episodes, or actually since she came home from France. In 713 she finally admits it to herself." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 05, 2007 - "Luke was the one who was there when she needed him" - "The funny death it's not kirk or PA... but it's close. NO one will care, but it will be funny." - "Lorelai going into the diner again. He said it'll be a big moment, but I can't tell if that's his personal opinion or a fact" - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Jan 03, 2007 - "Question: Is the death you were referring to on Gilmore Girls going to be Kirk? - Precinct16 - Ausiello: No." - Gemini8525@FanForum

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