Missing Scenes on DVD
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List of the missing scene included on the DVD's
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Season 1
  • 1.08 - Love and War and Snow - transcript - Max and Lorelai coming in to Lorelai's house after their dinner, she shows him around.

  • 1.10 - Forgiveness and Stuff - transcript - Lorelai and Emily after Luke leave the hospital they go and get something to eat there is a nice FND joke.

  • 1.19 - Emily in Wonderland - transcript - Emily and Rory, Emily is putting on the jogging shoes in the CS with Rory, nice scene.

Season 2
  • 2.01 - Sadie, Sadie - transcript - before the opening teaser (IMO) Lorelai and Rory in the CS with all the daisies great line about a pair of “elephant” boxers that Max own, the trunk moves LOL they are making a list of the pros and cons of marrying him.

  • 2.06 - Presenting Lorelai Gilmore - transcript - Lorelai and Rory talk about the coming out thing, very short.

  • 2.16 - There's the Rub - transcript - Rory and Paris “slumber party” they talk about boys.

  • 2.22 - I Can't Get Started - transcript - Rory, Lorelai and Chris, just after the cast comes off and Rory plays putt-putt golf.

Season 3
  • 3.14 - Swan Song - transcript - Lorelai and Rory come down after packing for the trip to NYC with Alex, they meet him at the door.

  • 3.20 - Say Goodnight, Gracie - transcript - Rory, Emily and Richard have a movie night at the Gilmore house, with a projector and usher (typical elder Gilmore style).

  • 3.22a - Those Are Strings, Pinocchio - transcript - Walk through the Inn just before it closes with a Young Rory and Lorelai which they cut to and from, great scene but they could have used better matching actors, the “Lorelai” is like a head shorter that Lauren.

  • 3.22b - Those Are Strings, Pinocchio - transcript - Rory and class mates getting ready for the ceremony.

Season 4
  • 4.01 - Ballroom & Biscotti - transcript - Rory visits Lane at her home to give her a gift from the Europe trip, she meet Mrs Kim also.

  • 4.16 - The Reigning Lorelai - transcript - Lorelai and Sookie at the reception taking about the servers, then Jason shows up and they talk about the cover story for what happened at the funeral because he didn't want to go.

Season 5
  • None Included On This Seasons DVD.

Season 6
  • None Included On This Seasons DVD.

Season 7
  • 7.05 - The Great Stink - transcript - Luke, April and other townies are standing around this huge bonfire to get rid of the smell. Luke is distracted when he sees Lorelai, Chris and Rory drive past coming back from Friday night dinner. - Thanks to tazzded@FanForum for the video clip.

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