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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory This has been mentioned several times and is now on DVD, There is also a new version coming soon, staring Johnny Deep.

The Gilmore Girls like their movies "Good, Bad and In-between"

  • The movies & TV list are sorted by season and episode, I will add to the lists when I have time.
  • Include in the list are any movies & TV shows shown during the episodes.
  • It includes movies & TV mentioned or lines from songs spoken/sung but the actors,Other things cell phone ring tones and clothing.
  • Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are complete but can always be updated for any missing songs.
  • Season 4 has missing song for a number of episode (I will re watch them to find the music).
  • Season 5 is being made and will be complete when I get the details or see the episodes.
If anyone knows the Unknown music that has been listed please email me so I can update the list.
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Some of the information found on these sites are out of date and only cover the early seasons or are mission a number of episodes, the list found is an attempt at the most comprehensive list available.


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