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Will Victor Stay? Sam Jaeger Talks What's In Store For The Rest Of Season 4
January 15, 2012

"Parenthood" fans' hearts have been breaking watching the storyline unfold with Victor (Xolo Mariduena) and his adoptive parents Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen).

"You definitely see that this adoption is tearing this couple apart," Jaeger told HuffPost TV via phone. "This week, things really come to a head."

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Parenthood, Season 4 Finale Scoop From Monica Potter
January 14, 2013

Parenthood‘s Monica Potter and Peter Krause (Kristina and Adam) are going on location just a week before the NBC drama’s January 22 season finale to shoot a last-minute scene that will bring closure to the Kristina cancer story. “At the very end, we’re on a beach,” Potter says. “But don’t worry — it’s not like [the 1988 tearjerker] Beaches.”

Lots of pictures here, thanks to

Parenthood Boss on Sarah's Choice, Julia's "Wrenching" Battle and Hope for Amber and Ryan
January 14, 2013

With just two episodes left in Parenthood's fourth season (Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC), Katims discussed the decision behind the shocking plot point, Sarah's (Lauren Graham) big decision between Mark (Jason Ritter) and Hank (Ray Romano), why there's hope for Amber (Mae Whitman) and Ryan (Matt Lauria) and previews one of his favorite scenes from the NBC drama's three-year run.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers...
January 3, 2013

Question: How about some Parenthood spoilers? I promise I will find you and protect you in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’ve been watching Walking Dead, so I know how to kill them. —Shannon
Ausiello: How about the anti-”Dair” brigade — promise to protect me from them, too? One could argue that they’re more lethal than zombies (and only slightly better looking). Deal? Cool. Should NBC’s weekly tearjerker be back for a fifth season — and come on, it will be — exec producer Jason Katims wants Ray Romano to be a part of it. “I would love for him to be around,” he tells us. “He is fantastic and his character is fantastic, so I would love that. It’s too early to know, because so many things have to happen: [NBC] has to say they want [a fifth season], plus Ray is not a series regular on the show so we don’t know what his availability and interest are going to be.” Katims’ top priority is to “figure out what the best story is and then from there figure out whether the actors are going to be available.”

Sneak Peek: Tensions Rise Between Julia and Victor! Will His Adoption Stick?
January 3, 2013

Are Parenthood‘s Joel and Julia about to find themselves without a second child… again?

The end of the NBC drama’s third season found the birth mother of the couple’s soon-to-be adoptive baby changing her mind, leaving them heartbroken — and with Victor, a new, much older son, courtesy of an eleventh hour adoption. Since then, however, the makeshift family has experienced countless growing pains, most notably the combative kid’s recent demand for a relationship with his “real mom.”

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Winter TV Spoiler-palooza!
January 1, 2013

COMING UP NEXT | "Resolution" is on the way for Kristina's cancer story, and while showrunner Jason Katims won't reveal her season-ending prognosis, he does promise much more levity ahead for the character. "Having had my wife go through breast cancer a couple years ago, you realize that life doesn't stop so that you can just go through this," he shares. "You have kids and stuff to deal with, and that's when you come to realize [those things are] a blessing." In Kristina and Adam's case, it will be a funny storyline about teaching Max the importance of hygiene, as well as fighting alongside him in support of his beloved school vending machine. And fret not, Jason Ritter fans, because we have not seen the last of Sarah's estranged fiancé Mark. Nor is Hank out of the picture. "That [triangle] will get picked up again in this last group of episodes," Katims assures. "It's not just over." You can also look forward to Ryan trying "to get Amber to trust him" again, as well as Jasmine's now-unemployed mom shacking up with her daughter and son-in-law. And filed under "Sad Things Ahead," you'll find a major complication when it comes to Joel and Julia permanently adopting Victor.

Sneak Peek: Kristina Debuts 'Moving' New Look, Victor's Adoption Takes a 'Tricky' Turn
December 31, 2012

NBC is kicking off 2013 with an all-new Parenthood — the first of Season 4's final four installments — and we have a handful of sneak peeks from the New Year’s Day episode (Tuesday, 10/9c).

Titled “Keep On Rowing,” the emotional hour finds many Bravermans facing life-changing situations — including a cancer-battling Kristina’s choice to shave her head before chemo can claim her locks.

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Jason Katims Weighs In on Sarah, Mark and Hank… and Jason Ritter's Return?
December 26, 2012

If you were among those who worried that Parenthood‘s Sarah might suffer whiplash, given the way she went from being Mark’s fiancée to falling into bed with her boss, showrunner Jason Katims wants to shed light the single mom’s seemingly abrupt change of heart...

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Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple
December 21, 2012

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

Ausiello has listed Julia & Joel plus Adam & Kristina, along with a number of other couples from other shows.

Mega Buzz:
December 18, 2012

I can't believe Crosby and Jasmine are going to try for another baby on Parenthood! How soon will Jasmine get pregnant? — Tracy
ADAM: Before they can start worrying about another kid, the newlyweds will have something else to worry about: Jasmine's mom! And if you though Crosby and Jasmine's arguments about religion and the N-word were intense, wait until Jasmine's mom asks for a loan to get through a rough patch and Jasmine invites her to stay with them! We guess there might be extra room if Crosby winds up in the doghouse.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
December 18, 2012

Question: I was devastated to see Amber and Ryan break up on Parenthood! Is Matt Lauria done on the show, or is there still hope? - Meghan
Ausiello: We have not seen the last of Ryan this season. Not by a long-shot.

Episode 4.15 Sides
November 29, 2012

The Braverman's support Julia and Joel in court for their adoption of Victor, members of the family have their say. Kristina has her last chemo treatment. Her friend Gwen (from earlier in the season) has relapsed. Jasmine and Crosby are still having problems with Renee. Drew gets into Berkeley. And Sarah has to choose between Mark and Hank.

Episode 4.14 Sides
November 25, 2012

Sarah and Mark have broken up, but are in talks to fix things. Mark confronts Hank at his studio, Sarah is there. Joel fires Ryan from his construction job. Kristina backs Max to get the vending machines back at the school and does some research to help him. Julia and Joel are in the final stages of adopting Victor. More conflict between Crosby & Jasmine and her mother. Amber and Ryan are also having a hard time.

Ask Ausiello:
November 13, 2012

Question: This season of Parenthood has been amazing so far. Any hope that more episodes will be ordered? Please say this could/will happen! —Joy
Ausiello: Sadly, it could not and will not happen. NBC has already announced that its passing the Tuesday-at-10 baton to Smash in early February, which puts Parenthood‘s Season 4 finale in late January. Now brace yourself — I’ve got some Defcon 1-level scoop for ya: One character is going to cheat on his/her significant other, and another character will learn she is pregnant. And the two stories may or may not be related.

Episode 4.13 Sides
November 13, 2012

Drew and Amy are back together but now she is pregnant! Victor accuses Julia of child abuse. Kristina and Adam have to talk to Max about sex. Renee turns down a new job.

Parenthood Christmas Spoiler
November 7, 2012

Ray Romano and Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) filming a movie in the Burbank Mall

Parenthood Hot Shots: Amber and Ryan Continue to Be Adorable Together – But There's a Problem
November 3, 2012

NBC’s Parenthood will (finally) resume Season 4 on Tuesday, Nov. 13, and when it does, Amber and Ryan’s love story will still be as sweet as ever. However, some of the Bravermans are already taking issue with the budding romance. (We’re looking at you, Zeek.)

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Episode 4.12 Sides
November 1, 2012

Kristina is now bald, undoubtedly a side affect of her chemo treatment. She feels like a freak when out shopping, people staring at her. But later in a bar with Adam a young man hits on her because of the Brunette wig she is now wearing. Meanwhile Renee is forced to stay with Dax and Jasmine when she runs into money problems.

update - new scene added to replace Kristina in the supermarket, this time she's wearing a scarf and is speaking to her butcher, who doesn't recogniser her at first.

Episode 4.11 Sides
October 23, 2012

It's a Christmas episode, Sarah and Hank are doing a Santa photo shoot with a Mall Santa, it means big money for Hank. There is a possible breakup between Ryan and Amber, she doesn't want to be his caretaker, like Sarah was to Seth. Kristina takes a turn for the was when her Cheom treatment sends her white blood count seriously low, resulting in septic shock and time in hospital. The episode ends with Zeek sneaking the Braverman clan into the hospital so they can all be together for Christmas.

Parenthood Taps Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt to Play Hank's Ex-Wife
October 22, 2012

Ex marks the spot for Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt, who has been cast as the former wife of Hank Rizzoli (Ray Romano) on Parenthood, has learned. Brandt, who plays Skyler's sister Marie on the AMC series, is slated to appear on one episode of the NBC family drama. An airdate for her episode has not been set.

Mae Whitman, Matt Lauria Strip Down On 'Parenthood' Set (PHOTOS)
October 17, 2012

Whitman is stripped down to a skirt and her bra while Lauria emerges from the water wearing only his underwear. From the looks of these photos, parenthood doesn't seem too far off for these two.

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update - more photos from this time in higher quality. It's still unknown which episode these will be in, might be episode 9 or 10 but this is just a guess at this time.

Ask Ausiello:
October 16, 2012

Question: I’m loving Ray Romano’s character Hank on Parenthood. It feels like they finally found a great match for Sarah. Any news on what will happen in the wake of their kiss? —Caia
Ausiello: In the short term, their smooch may be good news for Mark of all people. “I think it made her resolve a little stronger to try to keep her life on the track that she planned and hoped for, and finally looked like she was about to achieve,” muses Lauren Graham. And in the long-term? “We still don’t know what’s going to happen — nor does [series creator Jason Katims],” she maintains. “[He] kind of adjusts as things go along and picks up on the threads that are interesting to him, more than they maybe do on most shows…. So the line I’m trying to play is confusion, and it’s justifiably confusing what’s happening.”

Question: I love this season of Parenthood! It seemed like in the last episode Matt Lauria’s character Ryan had a special connection with Amber. Are we going to see more of that?!—Christine
Ausiello: Oh, yes. That special connection is about to morph into a full-blown romance. Lauria, meanwhile, tells us he’s on board for at least 10 episodes — an arc it sounds like he’d be happy to see extended ever further. “They gave me this amazing gift of playing this part that’s taken me to new depths as an artist and has made me a much more compassionate human being,” the Friday Night Lights vet raves. “I’m on board.”

10 Spoilers:
October 15, 2012

"Parenthood": We were thrilled to see Haddie return in last week's episode. In this week's, she's able to be there for Kristina through her lumpectomy, and the mother and daughter share some sweet moments. By the end of the episode, though, it's time for her to go back to Cornell. In fact, when Kristina gets some more bad news, Adam will choose not to share it with Haddie so Haddie can better enjoy her time at college.

Parenthood : Together
October 14, 2012

"Together" is the episode title for 4.07 and here is a short description.

Adam and Kristina face difficulties as she deals with her continuing treatment; Sarah and Zeek worry about Amber and Ryan's relationship; Julia focuses on building a bond with Victor.

Lost's 'Kate' Books Multi-Episode Arc – But There's a Catch!
October 12, 2012

And the catch is… we’re not referring to Evangeline Lilly! Emily Evan Rae, who portrayed a young Kate Austen on Lost, has landed a multi-episode arc on Parenthood, TVLine has learned. The actress will play a member of the student council who interacts with Max (Max Burkholder) beginning in this season’s ninth episode.

Fun fact: Rae’s sister, Savannah Paige Rae, recurs on the NBC drama as Joel and Julia’s daughter Sydney. In addition to Lost, Rae’s expanding resume includes stints on The Office and Private Practice.

Episode 4.10 Sides
October 10, 2012

Adam and Crosby are still having problems with their new neighbor Marlyse Dagon, when she has Glen Hansard's car towed from her spot. The brothers have to defend the Luncheonette at a council meeting, but things don't start well for them as she presents video evidence including Crosby peeing against a wall. In the end he saves the day. Amber is still seeing Ryan who now has a job working for Joel but things aren't going well. Things are also going bad between Sarah and Mark as he confronts her about Hank and walks out. After wards Hank and Sarah have a portrait job at a the Los Angeles Hotel, and end up with hangovers after getting drunk the night before.

Californication's Pamela Adlon to Make Trouble for Adam and Crosby
October 3, 2012

Crosby and Adam are about to get the neighbor from hell on Parenthood. TVLine has learned exclusively that Californication‘s Pamela Adlon is joining NBC’s make-you-verklempt family drama as Marlana, an acerbic and rude woman who moves into the building next to the Braverman brothers’ music studio, The Luncheonette. After having dropped a fortune on her posh new pad, Marlana is furious about the noise coming from Crosby and Adam’s place of business and eventually files a complaint with the city. Adlon, who plays the drug-addled ex-wife of Evan Handler’s Charlie on the raunchy Showtime comedy but is perhaps best known for giving voice to Bobby Hill on King of the Hill, is set to appear in at least two episodes.

Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria Joins the Braverman Clan!
September 29, 2012

Matt Lauria makes his much-anticipated Parenthood debut next Tuesday (NBC, 10/9c), and we have your exclusive first look at the Friday Night Lights grad seamlessly finding his place among the Bravermans. The following shots — from his second episode, airing Oct. 9 — seem to reveal that the close-knit clan wastes little time welcoming Lauria’s Ryan into the fold. As TVLine first reported, the actor joins the beloved drama’s Season 4 as a soldier formerly stationed in Afghanistan who strikes up an unlikely friendship with fellow war vet Zeek (Craig T. Nelson).

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Episode 4.09 Sides
September 21st, 2012

Max is President (school or class) of Cedar Knoll Middle School and the power is going to his head when he wants to veto a school dance. His parents try and talk to him about it. Julia is making fresh pasta and wants to start a garden in their back yard, she might be getting bored having recently left her lawyer job. The Luncheonette has a new neighbor (Marlana) who doesn't like the "dang rock ‘n roll musicians", there smoking and using all her parking spots. She makes life harder for Crosby when she files an official complaint about the problems when interrupting a recording session. Crosby tries to fix things only to make them worse. Sarah tries to further help Hank and his relationship with his daughter. And Victor needs an English tutor to catch up in school, apparently he's reading at a second grade level.

Photos of Sam Jeager Directing Parenthood
September 20, 2012

Some pictures of Sam Jeager (Joel) directing an episode of Parenthood.

Parenthood Boss and Star Monica Potter Weigh In on "Punch in the Stomach" Discovery
September 18, 2012

A son with Asperger's, money troubles, an unexpected pregnancy. Like almost every member of the Braverman clan, Parenthood's Kristina (Monica Potter) has been put through the wringer. So when it came time to start work on Season 4 of the NBC family drama (Tuesdays at 10/9c), Potter had a gut instinct for what should come next.

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Ray Romano On Parenthood & His Budding TV Romance With Lauren Graham
September 11, 2012

“Everybody Loves Hank?” Maybe. Maybe not.

That’s the question fans will be wondering as they get to know Ray Romano’s new character, Hank Rizzoli, this season on “Parenthood.” Ray joins the cast of the NBC drama for at least 10 episodes playing a photographer who hires Lauren Graham’s character, Sarah, as his sidekick. Sarah is recently engaged to her younger beau Mark (played by Jason Ritter) but a love triangle is in the works.

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Episode 4.08 Sides
September 11, 2012

Victor calls Julia mom, I think this is a first. Oh and Sydney is not happy saying 'he's not my brother'. Jasmine and Crosby throw a party.

Parenthood Video: Ray Romano and Lauren Graham on Hank and Sarah’s "Interesting Chemistry"
September 10, 2012

Ray Romano, the stand-up comedian and star of the wildly popular family sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, has left the building. But Ray Romano, the co-creator, executive producer, writer and star of the drama Men of a Certain Age, is just getting started.

"That ended too soon," Romano tells of the TNT series, which got the axe after two critically acclaimed but woefully underrated seasons. "I still have the affinity towards that type of show and towards that type of performing and that's what they do great here on Parenthood."

Read more and watch the video here.

Video - Cast of Parenthood talks to Ariane
September 10, 2012

Cast members Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant of NBC's Parenthood talk to Ariane about season four.

Video - Fall 2012 TV Preview: What Should You Watch?
September 10, 2012

A short video with Lauren and Ray, the last 30 seconds of the clip.

Episode 4.07 Sides
September 8, 2012

Sarah and Mark are officially living together. Drew wants back with Amy but she might be seeing an older college guy.

‘Parenthood’ Returns with New Drama for the Bravermans
September 4, 2012

aIt has been nine months since viewers last saw the Bravermans. When the new season of “Parenthood” premieres on September 11, almost as much time will have passed in their lives. “There’s a five month time gap because we try to stay pretty close to where we are in the calendar year,” showrunner Jason Katims tells

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‘Parenthood’: The family that changes together, stays together, returns to NBC
September 4, 2012

If you’re anything like us, last season’s finale of Parenthood had you worried. Not because you thought the show wouldn’t be renewed (it’s the smartest relationship/family drama on television) but because when Mark (Jason Ritter) asked Sarah (Lauren Graham) to marry him, the look on her face said she still wasn’t quite sure of her answer. Well, Parenthood is just about ready to make its new season return, and apparently, we’re not the only ones who worry about that relationship!

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10 Spoilers: ...
September 4, 2012

"Parenthood": When Crosby finds out that Adam and Kristina schedule sex -- it's in his calendar as "Funkytown" -- he scoffs at the idea... but Jasmine thinks a schedule could do Crosby some good. Meanwhile, Sarah has trouble getting her new boss, Hank (Ray Romano) to warm up to her, but he makes a surprisingly genuine connection with another member of the family.

Episode 4.06 Sides
August 24, 2012

It looks like the siblings now know about Kristina's cancer, they are in the hospital supporting Adam as Kristina has some kind of operation. There is also a scene with Drew and Mark, they might be at his apartment. Something about Drew being there and making the best of it, so they might have moved in with Mark? Max is still fighting for the vending machine still but now is also running for school president!

'Parenthood' returns
August 13, 2012

Returns: Sept. 11 (on Sept. 24, Parenthood moves to Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Global)

Ask Ausiello:
August 7, 2012

Question: Can you tell me how Parenthood‘s Sydney is going to react to the older brother that Julia and Joel are adopting? —Margaret
Ausiello: I can confirm that she will have a reaction — whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in between I don’t know. (Sam Jaeger, who plays Sam, has his own thoughts here.) Julia, meanwhile, will find that juggling two children plus a full-time job is a lot harder than juggling just one. “Julia has always worked on the theory that she can do it all and have it all at work and as a mom,” explains exec producer Jason Katims. “And that theory will be challenged in a way it hasn’t been before. This will make her question whether she really can do it all – a job as intense as the one she has and still be there for her children.”

Question: I was wondering if we’re potentially going to get more than 15 episodes this season of Parenthood? –Jake
Ausiello: Anything’s possible, but I think that Katims is plotting out the season as though there’ll be just 15. In the meantime, here’s some scoop: In one episode, Kristina and Adam have differing opinions about whether Max should run for class president, and Crosby and Jasmine have a difficult talk with Jabbar after he hears someone use a racial slur. How about a casting item to top things off? This season, we’ll not only meet Ray Romano’s Hank, we’ll also be introduced his 11-year-old daughter Ruby. Though the kiddo is a sullen handful when she shows up, she soon transforms into (whew!) someone much more likable.

American Idol's Paul McDonald Cast as Amber's New Crush Interest
August 3, 2012

Paul McDonald — whose gravelly voice and mega-watt smile carried him to an eighth place finish on Fox’s reality juggernaut — has booked a potentially recurring role on Parenthood, TVLine has learned exclusively. The singer-songrwiter will play a musician who uses Crosby and Adam’s recording space, The Luncheonette, and promptly catches the eye of the studio’s new assistant, Amber (Mae Whitman).

Episode 4.05 Sides
August 3, 2012

Mark and Sarah start jogging. Victor has his first little league game. Julia is having a hard time at work, and end up quiting here job. Max spends some time with Amber and Adam takes time off from work.

Parenthood - Episode 4.05 - 'There's Something I Need To Tell You...' short synopsis
August 1, 2012

Adam and Crosby quarrel over money; Julia makes a mistake at her law firm; Victor plays in his first Little League game

Parenthood - Episode 4.04 - 'The Talk' short synopsis
July 31, 2012

Kristina and Adam are at odds over whether to let Max run for class president. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine must have "the talk" when Jabbar hears the "n" word.

Parenthood Recruits from Friday Night Lights Again, Casts Matt Lauria as [Spoiler]
July 31, 2012

Lauria, whose post-FNL roles have included Fox’s cop drama Chicago Code and an arc on CSI, will play a returning soldier from Afghanistan who bonds with fellow war vet Zeek (Craig T. Nelson). Coincidentally, Lauria’s FNL character, Luke, enlisted in the army in the show’s series finale. This brings to six the number of FNL actors Katims has brought on to Parenthood. In addition to Lauria, Minka Kelly, Michael B. Jordan, Derek Phillips, Angela Rawna and Jeff Rosick have also appeared on the show.

Ask Ausiello:
July 31, 2012

Question: Any Drew-related Parenthood scoop? Will he still be with Amy? —Kim
Ausiello: Yes, but their relationship is doomed. The high school sweethearts break up early in the season and Drew, naturally, is “heartbroken,” says exec producer Jason Katims, adding, “As sweet as it was to see him have his first romance, I’m actually more excited to see him heartbroken and trying to get over it.” Making matters more angsty for the awkward teen, “Sarah may decide at some point in the season to move in with Mark,” Katims shares. “Drew hasn’t really bonded with Mark, so it would put him in a very uncomfortable position to be living in a small apartment with his mom and her guy, who is also a teacher at his school.”

Episode 4.04 Sides
July 31, 2012

Hank has an eleven year old daughter "Ruby", which he is having trouble connecting with. Sarah helps and in turn Ruby becomes closer to her father, Sarah and Hank also share a moment. Joel takes Victor to baseball field, which he does not enjoy. Zeek volunteers at a VA center for the army. Jabbar learns a lesson, as does Max.

Matt's Inside Line:
July 26, 2012

Parenthood | Remember how Season 3 ended, way, way back in February, with Julia and Joel welcoming to their home, no, not Zoe’s newborn but the 9-year-old son of a freshly incarcerated woman? Yeah, that’s likely to shake up their household, and in unanticipated ways. “I have no doubt it’s going to cause a rift with our daughter,” Sam Jaeger ventures – if only because Sydney was expecting to be a doting big sister. “I think the drama’s going to come a bit from having two kids the same age.” Plus, the new arrival may not be as accepting of his new stead as some benign baby would be, and that in turn could put his new ‘rents on guard. “Joel has always been a constant, but I would imagine if I had a 9-year-old son that wasn’t ready to be my son, that’d be a difficult situation to navigate,” Jaeger offers. “This kid has got to be pretty defiant.”

Parenthood - Episode 4.03 - Everything Is Not Okay - Short Synopsis
July 25, 2012

Kristina needs a lumpectomy, and is afraid of her own fears; Max obsesses about a vending machine that's been removed from his school; Zeek's family wonders if it's time for him to stop driving.

Parenthood - Episode 4.02 - Left Field - Short Synopsis
July 25, 2012

Max pressures his parents to buy a dog, Amy breaks up with Drew and Kristina gets bad news from her doctor.

Parenthood - Episode 4.01 - Family Portrait - Short Synopsis
July 25, 2012

The Braverman family readies themselves for their annual family portrait. In the meantime, Sarah lands a job, Mark lobbies for his place in the family, and Haddie prepares to leave for college.

Mega Buzz:
July 24, 2012

I'm excited to see Ray Romano on Parenthood, but I don't want Sarah and Mark to break up! What kind of connection will Sarah have with this new guy? — Stephanie
ADAM: There will be sparks from the beginning between Sarah and Romano's character, Hank, but not the good kind. Sarah will get herself fired from Hank's photography studio in the season premiere when he finds out that she not only lied about her complete lack of experience, but also accidentally erased a photo shoot. Oops! She gets a second chance, but the two will continue to clash, thanks to Sarah's emotional reactions to their shoots (funerals, weddings) and Hank's complete lack of emotions whatsoever. Sounds like a real catch!

Ask Ausiello:
July 24, 2012

Question: Please tell me Ray Romano isn’t going to come between my favorite Parenthood couple, Sarah and Mark. —Amber
Ausiello: Well, he’s definitely going to cause a little friction. “Ray’s character is the opposite of Mark,” reveals exec producer Jason Katims. “Hank is acerbic and has a cynical attitude about life, and he develops a connection with Sarah. In a weird way, he’s kind of more right for her than somebody like Mark. He’s in a more similar stage of life as she is, so we wanted to watch as that dynamic develops — and not in a way that’s very soapy. We wanted to make it feel as real as possible. As she’s moving forward with Mark, an unanticipated connection begins to form with Hank.” Bonus scoop: Sarah and Hank meet when she gets a job working at his small commercial photography studio.

Episode 4.03 Sides
July 24, 2012

Kristina has cancer, no one in the family knows except Adam, Max is learning to do things he doesn't want to is a part of life. Sarah is still working with Hank as his photography assistant, she tries to talk him into taking a last minute job photographing a wedding. Zeek is arrested while driving with his grand kids, Max, Sydney, Jabbar and Victor.

10 Spoilers:
July 22, 2012

"Parenthood": The Braverman world will be rocked this season by every family's worst nightmare: cancer. Kristina and Adam will look to a renowned oncologist for guidance, but find him less than comforting. Meanwhile, Zeke has an unfortunate run-in with the law and Max begins to fixate on a seemingly trivial change in his routine at school.

Jason Ritter Talks "Crazy" Emmy Nomination and Plotting Revenge on Ray Romano
July 20, 2012

Parenthood fans got a nice, shiny, unexpected present this morning when the 2012 Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced: Ritter, whose flawless portrayal of Lauren Graham's love interest Mark has made him a fan favorite, was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama. Hol. Ler.

So why was Jason stricken with panic when the calls started coming in at 6 a.m.? What can he spill about the future of his onscreen relationship with Sarah (Graham)? And why is he plotting Amanda Clarke-style "Revenge" on Ray Romano? Read on...

Does it feel weird to be the only one representing Parenthood?
It totally is weird because any time I step onto that set, I feel like from Craig T. Nelson on down to every single child actor on the set, these are all heavy-hitters and I'm just stepping into their world. I wish they had all been nominated, too. And also especially because I feel like all I'm ever really doing on the show is reacting to Lauren Graham and how incredible she is. I just feel like I'm only ever as good as whoever I'm acting with and however good the writing is. It doesn't really feel like it's mine.

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Ask Ausiello:
July 17, 2012

Question: I’d happily take a Parenthood spoiler off your hands. —Mike
Ausiello: Zeek’s going to get a new buddy early in the season. “He’s a returning soldier from Afghanistan who Zeek meets, and they connect,” showrunner Jason Katims tells me of the new and uncast role. “We’ve always wanted to find a story where we can delve into a little of Zeek’s military history.”

Dax Shepard on Directing Love Kristen Bell, New Scenes With Parenthood 'Best Bud' Mae Whitman
July 15, 2012

Dax Shepard is a busy man. Not only did he write, co-direct, and star in the new film Hit and Run (due Aug. 24) alongside fiancée Kristen Bell, but he’s set to start shooting Season 4 of NBC’s Parenthood this Monday. Plus, he found time to stop by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite to dish both projects and crack a number of jokes both wacky and inappropriate.

Click here for the 6 minuter video

Sarah Ramos reduced to guest-starring role as Haddie heads to college
July 10, 2012

The "Parenthood" Season 3 finale left a lot up in the air when it came to Haddie's (Sarah Ramos) college aspirations, particularly because her dad, Adam (Peter Krause), passed up an opportunity that could have helped pay her tuition.

Don't worry, Haddie fans -- the good news is, she's going to college. The bad news is that means that Ramos won't be around Berkeley as much next season. Zap2it has confirmed that Ramos' role in Season 4 will be reduced to a guest-starring level as Haddie pursues her East Coast dreams.

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Sarah's Love Triangle, Julia's Juggling Act and Amber's Big Romance
July 10, 2012

Parenthood already has one of the biggest casts on network TV, but it's ensemble just keeps growing. Last season added Adam and Kristina's baby daughter, Nora, and saw the return of Sarah's ex, Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter). For Season 4, which premieres on Sept. 11 at 10/9c, the NBC drama has added a few more fresh faces. There's Victor, Julia and Joel's adopted son and, of course, Emmy winner Ray Romano, who will play yet another love interest for the eldest Braverman daughter. "I've been talking to Ray a bunch about his character and he's really excited about doing it," executive producer Jason Katims tells "He's a fan."

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Ask Ausiello:
July 10, 2012

Question: Please send me any spoilers you have about Parenthood. —Margaret
Ausiello: The Braverman family will be down one member next season — sort of. With Haddie heading off to college, Sarah Ramos will no longer be a series regular. But she will be around, maintains exec producer Jason Katims. “I’m approaching it in a similar way as I did in Friday Night Lights,” he says. “When people graduated, we figured out a way to keep them around but also to make it realistic. She will be on the show this season, but she won’t be in every episode.”

Amber has a new job, but is her new guy bad news?
July 10, 2012

"Parenthood" will be back on NBC 4 in Queens for a fourth season, premiering on Tuesday, September 11, at 10 p.m. This is a show that was on the bubble, but fortunately, there will be more coming up about the Bravermans. E! Online revealed Tuesday that there's plenty coming up for Amber in the new season, and there's good news and bad news.

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Episode 4.02 Sides
July 10, 2012

It looks like Max is getting a new puppy, maybe something to do with Guacamole disappearing in the first episode, Jasmin/Crosby having some dinner plans with friends outside the family.

Season 4 Premiere Title
July 9, 2012

The first episode for the new season will be titled "Family Portrait".

Episode 4.01 Sides
July 3, 2012

Sarah has a new job with a photographer (Hank) but it doesn't get off to a good start when she accidently deletes and entire photo shoot. Later he finds out she lied to get the job. Amber is working at the Luncheonette as the new receptionist. She sleeps with a band member and later finds out he has a girlfriend, Adam is livid when he finds out. Renee encourages Crosby and Jasmine have to talk to Jabbar about religion. Max's lizard Guacamole is missing, he suspects Victor (Julia and Joel's newly adopted 9 year old boy. Haddie is about to leave home for school.

The Spoiler Room
June 22, 2012

Jason Katims never intended for the season finale of Parenthood to feel like a series finale. (For the record, he thinks it was the wedding that gave that impression.) So we asked Katims to preview some of the great stuff coming up for the characters. And since you’ve already read about what Sarah and Mark will be facing (darn you, Ray Romano!), here’s a look at some of the others:

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
June 12th, 2012

Question: I just started watching Parenthood. I cannot believe I’ve been missing out on this show! Any scoop on the new season? —Caitlin
Ausiello: Amber will trade politics for music when she takes a job at the Luncheonette, which will accomplish two things: It’ll give Mae Whitman a lot more screentime with TV uncle Dax Shepard, and it will allow Whitman to incorporate her real-life singing ability into the show. A win-win!

Spoiler Chat:
June 7th, 2012

Kelli: What's coming up for Sarah on Parenthood? I heard Jason Ritter might not be returning? Please say it isn't so!
Praise Jason Katims! Jason Ritter is returning to Parenthood in season four as fan favorite Mark, so we're guessing Sarah said "yes" to spending the rest of her life with the adorable teacher. Go on, we'll give you a moment to squeal. Ready to continue? OK, there is a bit of bad news to go along with the good: Ritter will still be billed as a recurring guest star, not a series regular.