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PARENTHOOD's Series Finale Date, Title Revealed
December 19, 2014


PARENTHOOD series creator Jason Katims Tweeted today the date and title of the NBC series finale episode, along with a photo of the script (left). "Thank you to all the fans for 6 great seasons. Tune in to say goodbye to the Bravermans on 1/29.

Parenthood 100th Episode Photos Tease Big Reconciliation, Heartbreaking Tragedy
December 17, 2014


Parenthood‘s milestone 100th episode is right around the corner — Jan. 8, to be exact — and we’re dreading it, to be honest.

Judging by a batch of new photos that NBC has released from the installment (the show’s first of 2015), Braverman patriarch Zeek will suffer a major health setback. Most of the episode, it seems, will take place at the hospital, where the entire family (including Hank and Joel) gathers to hear the latest news.

Click here to see the photos but be warns they may contain spoilers.

Haddie Is Returning To “Parenthood” For The Series Finale
December 2, 2014


Haddie (Sarah Ramos) will return to Parenthood for the series finale, a rep for the show confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

The oldest child of Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) Braverman has been largely absent from the series since she left for college in the Season 4 premiere. Though Haddie did make appearances via video chat from Cornell and returned home in the midst of her mother’s battle with breast cancer, she hasn’t been a series regular for the past three seasons.

And to read the rest with some minor spoilers click here.

‘Parenthood’ filming scenes for final episodes in San Francisco next week
December 1, 2014


Filming of Parenthood‘s final season is winding down, but, before the Bravermans say goodbye forever, the cast and crew will be spending a few days shooting in San Francisco. Though Parenthood is set in the Berkeley, CA area, it is shot in Los Angeles. Now, a recent casting call is looking for ...”

And to read the rest with some minor spoilers click here.

'Parenthood' ending will be 'colossal,' star Sam Jaeger says
November 21, 2014


After Thursday night's mid-season finale, there are just four episodes of “Parenthood” left — ever. Viewers aren’t the only ones feeling blue. Sam Jaeger, who plays Joel Graham, talked with TODAY.com about the bittersweet end.

“It feels like the last semester of your senior year,” he said during a break from filming earlier this week. “I’m feeling a little wistful.”

While some members of the cast are emotional, others keep things light. “The funniest person on set is Dax [Shepard]. He’s always fun to sit back and watch,” Jaeger said, adding that Shepard, who plays Crosby Braverman, is “the most unique alpha male I’ve ever met. He’s made a career out of playing bumbling idiots — and the man is highly intelligent.”

Read the rest here.

Ally Ioannides Cast in Recurring Role on NBC’s ‘Parenthood’
November 18, 2014


Budding young actress Ally Ioannides has joined the cast of the NBC series “Parenthood” in a recurring role.

The 16-year-old Greek-American beauty has appeared in five episodes so far as Dylan Jones, who was introduced on the show as a new student at Chambers Academy. Onto her fourth school and telling people she has “ADHD and general behavioral issues,” Jones managed to steal the heart of fellow student Max Braverman (played by Max Burkholder).

During a chat with Greek Reporter, Ioannides told us that getting the role was “surreal.” “I still can’t believe I’m part of the cast,” she said. I found out I got the part at a friend’s house and I just started freaking out. I remember at one point [my friend] said, ‘Ally, you haven’t stopped smiling for, like, two hours.'”

Read the rest here.

'Parenthood': Watch Jason Ritter's Awkward Return (Exclusive Video)
November 17, 2014


Jason Ritter returns to NBC's Parenthood during Thursday's winter finale — and it's likely to be pretty awkward for everyone.

Hank (Ray Romano), Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Sandy (Betsy Brandt) settle in for Ruby's school play and sit down to quite surprise: Mark Cyr (Ritter) filling in for the drama teacher.

Diehard Braverman fans remember that Mark was last seen in season four after he broke off his engagement to Sarah. He made a brief return in season five when Amber (Mae Whitman) runs into Mark on the street and Sarah learns that he's engaged.

Click here to watch the exclusive video.

PARENTHOOD’s Jason Katims, Erika Christensen, and Sam Jaeger on What’s Next for Joel and Julia
November 12, 2014


NBC held a 100th episode cake cutting celebration event in Los Angeles last week to celebrate PARENTHOOD’s major milestone. To kick things off, series creator and showrunner Jason Katims spoke about his journey with the show and what the family the show created — both the Bravermans and the behind-the-scenes group — meant to him. He wrapped things up thanking the “incredibly passionate and loyal” PARENTHOOD fans, without whom he felt the show would not still be here. But he also apologized to those same fans for one very key two-season story.

Read the rest here.

'Parenthood' Celebrates 100 Episodes!
November 10, 2014


It looked like your typical Braverman family gathering on the set of “Parenthood” on Friday as the gang circled around a giant cake in Adam and Kristina’s front yard, but this wasn’t just another scene for the hit NBC show.

Celebrating the milestone was emotional for Lauren Graham, who said, “The reason you have a ceremony with a giant green inedible cake… is to just mark the moment. So today feels emotional."

Read the rest here.

NBC Announces Fall Finale Dates for The Blacklist, Parenthood and More
November 7, 2014


Parenthood, meanwhile, will air its midseason finale on Nov. 20 and return in January for - sniff! - its final four episodes.

Monica Potter wants to save her TV series, 'Parenthood,' which is in its sixth and final season
October 29, 2014


Monica Potter is like most fans of NBC's "Parenthood" — she's in denial that the show is in its final season. "I actually was talking to Jason Katims, our producer, creator about this," Potter said in a recent interview. "I'm like, 'What about Netflix? What about Amazon? What about Hulu?' But I honestly think this is the last season."

Read more here.

Jason Ritter Is Returning To “Parenthood” For The Final Season
October 10, 2014


Before NBC’s Parenthood comes to a close, fans will see Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter) one last time. Ritter will appear in Episode 9 of the current sixth and final season, BuzzFeed News has exclusively learned.

“Jason is a part of the Parenthood family and we are so excited that he was able to come back for one more before we end the run,” the show’s creator Jason Katims told BuzzFeed News via email. Ritter was equally as thrilled. “I could not be more thrilled to come back!” Ritter wrote in an email. “I love the whole Parenthood family so much. Being there with all of them feels like being home.”

Read more here.

Parenthood's Upcoming Death: "We're All Afraid of It," Monica Potter Admits
October 2, 2014


"Kleenex will be happy! Invest now, get some stock for sure."

That was Monica Potter's answer when we asked her just how many boxes of tissues Parenthood fans are going to need to get through the final season.

After inviting us to their family dinners, fights and struggles for six seasons, the Braverman clan is readying for their final goodbye, and Potter told E! News it's been an emotional experience on the set of the NBC drama.

"It's sad. It is sinking in. I think a lot of us are reminiscing about the years we've spent together," she said. "We've seen each other through a lot of hard times and great times. We've had babies on the show and real life. There's been marriages and breakups and things, just like the Bravermans. We've all been there to hold each other's hand along the way. It's going to be a sad day when we wrap."

Read more here but be warned there may be some spoilers.


Lauren Graham's Twitter
August 5, 2014

Tyree Brown's Twitter
August 14, 2014

Lauren Graham's Twitter
August 5, 2014

'Parenthood' Brings Betsy Brandt Back for Final Season
August 1, 2014


Parenthood is setting up what could be an all-star love triangle for its final season. Breaking Bad alum Betsy Brandt has been tapped to reprise her role as Hank's (Ray Romano) ex-wife, Sandy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

After guest-starring in one episode, Brandt will have a recurring role on the sixth and final season of the Jason Katims family drama. Her character was last seen in season four's "Trouble in Candyland" episode when she leaves with her daughter with Hank for a new life in Minnesota.

Read the rest here

NBC 'Parenthood' Season 6 Spoilers: 'Huge New Challenge' Will Affect the Braverman Family
July 24, 2014


As to be expected, there will be lots of drama in the Braverman family when the next and final season of "Parenthood" returns to NBC this fall. In the emotionally gripping ending of Season 5, the Braverman's lost their family home and Ryan and Amber rekindled their old flame. In addition, Sarah and Hank finally got together, Haddie returned home from college with her lesbian girlfriend, and Julia and Joel began to show signs of reconciliation in their tumultuous marriage. However, just when fans thought they could take a sigh of relief, executive producer Jason Katims warned that things will take a drastic turn for the worst in the premiere of season six.

During the Television Critics Association Press Tour earlier this month, Katims revealed that the new season will present "a huge new challenge" that will affect all members Braverman clan and last throughout the remaining 12 episodes of the show, reports Bustle. "One of the things I wanted to do for the season was to find one larger story that influences everybody on the show," he said. He described the conflict as something that "we didn't see before," adding that although it won't affect the storylines going on during he season, it will be "something that tracks us throughout the year."

Adding to the speculation of what the new "challenge" may be, TVLine dropped a spoiler that could stir up trouble Julia and Joel's already quarrelsome marriage. The website reports that Julia's ex-boyfriend Chris will be introduced once the new season debuts on Sept. 25. Chris and Julia attended law school together, and apparently they will begin working together at her new job. Chris' presence alone could trigger backlash in their relationship.

Season six of "Parenthood" is slated to begin on September 25 on NBC.

Parenthood Boss Teases a 'Huge' Final Challenge for the Bravermans
July 13, 2014


Parenthood fans: You didn’t think you were going to get off scot- and Kleenex-free, did you?

Appearing as part of an NBC drama showrunners panel on Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour, Parenthood boss Jason Katims said that the family drama’s farewell run will uncork a “larger story that has a huge effect on everybody,” starting in the season opener and running through all 13 episodes.

Katims teased that the storyline will present “a huge challenge for this family, the kind we haven’t seen before.”

Katims later told TVLine that the storyline in question is one he’s batted around before, an idea that revolves around “one of those big life moments that the show tackles well. When we did Kristina’s cancer storyline, I thought it was one of our strongest stories that we did — and obviously some of the best performances — so we want to do a story that again is one of those biggies that the family has to deal with.”

Above and beyond the season-long arc, Katims promised “as many storylines going on as there always are,” including a likely full-season presence for Ray Romano’s Hank and hopefully a final-season encore for Jason Ritter’s Mark.

NBC Announces Fall 2014 Premiere Dates...
June 2, 2014


The 6th and final season of Parethood will premire September 25 on NBC, "the members of the Braverman family will begin saying their probably sad, probably loud goodbyes Parenthood returns for its sixth and final season."

The Final Season Of “Parenthood” Will Tackle The “Circle Of Life”
May 12, 2014


We can all breathe a sigh of of relief now that we know Parenthood is coming back for a sixth and final season. But with the show wrapping up its run, Season 6’s final 13 episodes are expected to tie up the storylines affecting the various members of Berkeley’s sprawling Braverman clan.

Parenthood has sent its viewers on the best kind of emotional roller coaster over the course of its last five seasons. From the diagnosis of a child on the autism spectrum and the breakdown of a marriage to a fierce battle with breast cancer, the show has never shied away from depicting difficult struggles, the sort that real people go through in their everyday lives. In fact, Parenthood has garnered the reputation of being the show that makes fans cry — either happy tears or sad ones — week after week, because the show remains so relatable and universal.

Read the rest here

NBC Renews 'Parenthood' for Sixth and Final Season
May 11, 2014


The family drama from Friday Night Lights boss Jason Katims will be back for a sixth season after coming to terms with its A-list cast for an abbreviated final season of 13 episodes. The official announcement was included in NBC's 2014-15 upfront schedule release, with Parenthood slated to kick off the season with a return to its Thursdays at 10 p.m. slot.

Read the rest here

'Parenthood' Rewind: See How Far the Braverman Family Has Come Since Season 1
April 21, 2014


Our Thursday nights won't be the same now that "Parenthood" and the Braverman family have concluded Season 5. Although the NBC drama is still on the bubble for another season, the past several episodes prove there are still plenty of stories to tell.

Read the rest here

'Parenthood' season 5 finale: Love abounds in a bittersweet farewell
April 19, 2014


“Parenthood” aired the emotionally intense season five finale on April 17 on NBC. Several key characters find love amidst a bittersweet farewell. At this point, a "Parenthood" season six renewal hangs in the balance. Therefore, it's impossible to tell if the stories told in this incredible episode will close the Braverman book for good. Hopefully not.

Read the rest here, but be warned there are spoilers if you haven't seen the season final.

Erika Christensen’s Journey From Teen Star To "Parenthood"
April 17, 2014


Erika Christensen began acting professionally at age 12, stole every scene in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic in 2000, and currently co-stars as Julia Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood, which draws — sobbingly, weepingly — to the close of its fifth season Thursday. Over brunch this week at a Los Feliz restaurant near her home, Christensen, now 31, talked about her varied career, her experiences as a young actor on the L.A. club scene, Scientology, and, yes, whether fans of the Julia and Joel (Sam Jaeger) relationship on Parenthood will get some good news after a season of looming infidelity and separation.

Read more here

Haddie gets a girlfriend on “Parenthood”
April 11, 2014


Guess what, Parenthood fans? We’re finally getting some gay and it’s not Amber! Haddie is bringing someone home, and it’s a woman. (Get it, Sarah Ramos!) And get this, her girlfriend is played by Tavi Gevinson of Rookie mag fame.

Parenthood's Haddie Returns -- With a Lesbian Lover!
April 11, 2014


A sprawling, progressive family unit in Berkeley, Calif. with no LGBT members might seem a little far-fetched. Luckily, the creative team behind NBC's Parenthood seems to have finally figured that out. Five years in.

In the promo for the season finale (and possibly series finale; Parenthood has yet to be renewed for a sixth season), Braverman daughter Haddie (Sarah Ramos) returns home from college. But she's not alone: She's brought home Lauren, a cute more-than-friend she's seen kissing later in the video.

"Tell them when you're ready," Lauren tells Haddie, and though she's talking about her family, we can't help but shout "Yes! We're ready!" We've been begging Parenthood for a gay character for a while -- we even listed it as the top show we couldn't believe didn't have any LGBT representation. But this news is better late than never, and we're excited to see the season wrap up on such a gay-friendly note.

Will Parenthood's Finale End on a Cliffhanger? Joy Bryant Explains
April 11, 2014


The fifth season finale of Parenthood is just around the corner! Joy Bryant visited our NYC studio this week to chat about what's to come on NBC series that airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. / 9 p.m. Central. Plus, Joy opened up about the fashion line she's created with her "hot" husband, Basic Terrain, and gave the inside scoop on her collaboration with American Express and the Tribeca Film Festival. On Allie: LK Bennett dress.

'Parenthood' star Max Burkholder sheds light on autism
April 11, 2014


Max Burkholder strives to be a normal teen while working on the NBC drama "Parenthood."

The 16-year-old actor attends school when he's not filming the show, which airs at 10 p.m. Thursdays, about the ups and downs of a large family living in Berkley, Calif. Burkholder's character, also named Max, isn't your typical teen. He has Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism. Burkholder says he was 10 or 11 years old when he got the part, and he didn't know about Asperger's.

Read the rest, then click here.


Crucifictorious lives as 'Parenthood'/'Friday Night Lights' crossover begins
February 13, 2014


Lance has returned to our lives, boys and girls, as the first part of "Friday Night at the Luncheonette," the digital crossover between "Parenthood" and "Friday Night Lights," was released this morning. One of several NBC web series designed to give fans a taste of shows that have been bumped for the Olympics (I wrote about all of them earlier this week), "Friday Night at the Luncheonette" connects the casts — and universes — of two different shows produced by Jason Katims. While keeping an eye on her cousin Max at the Luncheonette, Amber lets in a friend of a friend who happens to be everyone's favorite "FNL" serial killer, Landry Clarke and the members of his Christian speed metal band Crucifictorious.

Read the rest of the store here.

NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ Goes Digital To Keep Fans Engaged During Games
February 10, 2014


“Parenthood’s” digitial series is titled “Friday Night at the Luncheonette.” Amber (Mae Whitman) is tasked with keeping an eye on her cousin Max (Max Burkholder), while also working after hours at the Luncheonette. When the band Crucifictorious shows up, Amber desperately tries to keep things under control while Max documents events with his phone. Guest stars Jesse Plemons and Derek Phillips reprise their “Friday Night Lights” roles of Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins, respectively. The four-part digital series debuts Thursday, Feb. 13. The “Parenthood” webisodes were written by Julia Cox (part 1), Monica Mitchell (part 2), Aaron Brownstein & Simon Ganz (part 3) and Adam Karp (part 4). Parts 1 and 2 were directed by Eric Tignini and parts 3 and 4 directed by Scott Schaeffer.

It's unclear if the series will be viewable outside the US.

Why Our Children Should Be Off Limits to the Paparazzi
January 30, 2014


Written by Dax Shepard

A few days ago my wife and I wrote tweets urging folks to boycott publications that buy photos of celebrities' children without the consent of their parents (paparazzi generated pics). We got a myriad of responses, ranging from heartfelt solidarity to vitriolic rage. The overwhelming majority was very supportive, and for that we are thankful. There were a few common threads that ran through the hateful responses, and I hope to address those here. First, however, I'd like to explain what led us to tweet in the first place.

Want to read the rest, then click here.

Actress REN HANAMI Educates All on NBC’s Celebrated Drama “PARENTHOOD”
January 20, 2014


Actress Ren Hanami debates an important subject on an all-new episode of the acclaimed NBC drama series, “PARENTHOOD,” scheduled to air on January 23, 2014.

Read the rest of the story here, be warned it contains some spoilers.

NBC’s ‘Parenthood,’ ‘About a Boy’ Crossover to Be One-and-Done Each … This Season at Least
January 19, 2014


Dax Shepard and David Walton will bridge the gap between the shared Jason Katims universes This week, David Walton’s upcoming “About a Boy” character, Will, joined NBC’s “Parenthood” world in-character to bridge the gap between the shared San Francisco universes of the two Jason Katims executive-produced shows.

In turn, Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) will be making an appearance on an upcoming NBC “About a Boy” episode, Katims said at Sunday’s Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Katims told TheWrap that the crossover will be limited to one episode each this season, though that could perhaps increase in subsequent seasons, should they exist for either show. “That’s one-and-one, right now,” Katims told TheWrap. “We’ll see how that goes and then go from there.”

“It turns out Will also has his own poker game so Dax Shepard will be making an appearance as Crosby Braverman on ‘About A Boy,’” Katims explained to reporters as part of the plot explanation. Also, both characters work in the music business, making it more than just a geographical natural fit. “About a Boy” is an adaptation of Nick Hornsby’s 1998 novel of the same name. In 2002, it was adapted into a Hugh Grant movie.

The NBC sitcom premieres on Feb. 21 during the Olympics. It will follow “The Voice” in its regular timeslot.

Deleted Scenes

Parenthood - A First Driving Lesson (Deleted Scene) - YouTube
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Parenthood - Max's Graduation (Deleted Scene) - YouTube
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