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'Parenthood' Preview: Max Calls Kristina the Unthinkable
December 29, 2011


NBC’s Parenthood returns from its winter hiatus on Tuesday with an episode that’s likely to bring tears to every parent’s eyes.

Click here to watch the Sneak Peek video clip (Spoilers)

Interview 'with' Liam and Quinn who play Nora Braverman
December 16, 2011


Liam and Quinn play the role of Nora Braverman on Parenthood. The boys have appeared in several episodes and love working with the cast of the show.

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Autism Talk TV - Ep. 18 - Interview with NBC's Parenthood Cast
December 15, 2011


Alex got the exclusive at the Autism Walk in LA. He interviews the cast of NBC's hit show Parenthood, starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, and Monica Potter.

Peter Krause to Direct an Episode of Parenthood
Decmeber 12, 2011


Peter Krause is stepping behind the camera to direct an upcoming episode of Parenthood, TVGuide.com has learned. Krause, 46, will helm the 15th episode of the season, entitled "Politics." This will mark Krause's TV directing debut.

Season 3 'Politics' episode details

Ask Matt:...
December 12, 2011


Question: Love reading your "Ask Matt" column every week and I've been meaning to send this one in for some time now. My wife and I both love Parenthood and the way they can keep the stories realistic and relatable without feeling too heavy. It's really one of the few dramas we enjoy. I remember when production started on this show, Maura Tierney was set to play Sarah but had to drop out due to her health concerns at the time (happy to know she has recovered and thought she was an excellent addition to last weeks Office episode) and she was replaced by the always enjoyable Lauren Graham. Did the writers change Sarah's character type or history much to fit the new actress? It's not that I don't think Maura Tierney could play the role, I just think it would've been played a bit differently between the two of them. — Jeff

Matt Roush: My memory is kind of cloudy regarding the original Parenthood pilot, which featured Maura Tierney before she had to bow out. But while the character didn't really change in specific terms of what Sarah and her kids were up to in the pilot, the tone lightened up considerably with Lauren Graham in the role, and that extended to the show as well, dialing back the angst a bit to bring more humor into the family drama. Tierney tends to be an edgier actor, so while I'm not saying Parenthood became better or worse with this pivotal cast change, it did feel different.

Parenthood: Married with children … and lots of crying
December 2, 2011


Los Angeles • Monica Potter’s eyes well up with tears. Even though she’s trying not to cry, she can’t help but get emotional. But she’s not in character. This is not a scene from the television drama Parenthood, although it’s beginning feel like one. After all, someone is crying and we’re seated in Adam and Christina Braverman’s living room, characters played by Potter and Peter Krause.

click here to read the full story - Please note the date are the end of the article is for Canada.

JasonRitter on tonight’s relationship tester for Mark & Sarah, his acting bucket list and his Mom!!
November 29, 2011


Just when you thought NBC’s drama Parenthood couldn’t get any better, Jason Ritter has been back on the show this season as Mark, the most patient boyfriend ever to Sarah (Lauren Graham). While Sarah was recently tending to her troubled ex (John Corbett) – and ended up sharing a smooch with him – Mark has been idling on the sidelines. How long will it take before he finds out about Sarah’s wayward lips? And, for an actor like Ritter who has played a little bit of everything, what else is on his acting bucket list? I grabbed some phone time with him recently to discuss all.

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12 Probing Questions for... Jason Ritter
November 29, 2011


Jason Ritter has been making a name for himself for years be it in film (Happy Endings, W) and television (The Event, Joan of Arcadia), but this season he’s been appearing as a love interest to Lauren Graham on NBC’s family drama Parenthood. In fact, Parenthood creator Jason Katims is developing a new TV drama with Ritter set to star.

The always-jovial Ritter, 31, took a break from his busy schedule to answer a few probing questions for us.

click here to see his answers

John Corbett wants you to hate him
November 23, 2011


John Corbett, who played “Sex and the City’s” Aidan Shaw on both the big and small screens, is tired of being the all-American nice guy. “I hope that audiences do get mad at me,” he says of his latest role. “I’m trying to be a bada-- cop now. I need some controversy.”

click here to read the full interview, but be warned there are spoilers

Parenthood's Joy Bryant: Jasmine Will Always Have Feelings For Crosby
November 21, 2011


Sure, he cheated on her (and lied about it), but Parenthood fans have been secretly rooting for Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) to get back together... until the arrival of Jasmine's new boyfriend, Dr. Joe (D.B. Woodside). "People either say, 'When are you two getting back together?!' or 'Stay with the doctor, girl. He's hot. He's a doctor,'" Bryant tells TVGuide.com with a laugh. "It goes both ways."

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Casting News - Frances Sternhagen
November 21, 2011


Frances Sternhagen has been cost for the show.

click here to read the full story but be warned of some minor spoilers

Casting News - Courtney Ford
November 18, 2011


Courtney Ford has been cast in a recuring role on the show.

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Your Guide to Fall Finales and Winter Returns
November 18, 2011


Parenthood | Fall Finale: Nov. 29 | Return Date: Jan. 3 | Season Finale: Feb. 28

NBC Announces 2012 Midseason Schedule
November 14, 2011


The Parenthood season 3 final is set for February 28 (2012) with it's shorter 18 episode run.

Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter Talk ‘Parenthood’
November 14, 2011


Fans of NBC's ensemble drama "Parenthood" have watched the romance heat up between Sarah Braverman (played by "Gilmore Girls" alum Lauren Graham) and her much younger boyfriend, Mark Cyr (played by Jason Ritter, "Joan of Arcadia"), this season.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Parenthood's New Girl Alexandra Daddario on Causing Drama For Adam, Improv on the Set
November 8, 2011


They've opened up shop and welcomed their first customer with Grammy winner Cee Lo Green. Now Adam and Crosby's burgeoning business is getting a receptionist on Parenthood. Enter, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario).

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Casting News - Jonathan Tucker
November 2, 2011


Jonathan Tucker has been cast in a recuring role on the show.

Parenthood: Can Sarah and Mark's Romance Survive Seth's Rehab Stint?
November 1, 2011


The on-again, off-again relationship between Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter) on Parenthood has weathered its share of challenges: their age difference, the fact that her daughter was his student. But the couple is about to weather their biggest test yet now that Sarah's ex-husband, Seth, is back in town and headed to rehab.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Parenthood's Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter Talk Romance, Punches and TV Show Reunions
November 1, 2011


@Parenthood‘s Sarah and Mark (played by Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter) seem like the perfect, happy couple, so naturally, the show’s writers plan to send them through a romantic obstacle course, of sorts. In tonight’s episode (airing on NBC at 10/9c), Mark will face a lot of Bravermans, but the biggest challenge comes from someone outside the family. TVLine caught up with Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter to talk about their characters’ romance, the challenges Sarah’s ex Seth (John Corbett) poses, and some extra treats for fans of Gilmore Girls and The Event.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

'Live' Interview with KARE11
November 1, 2011


GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.-- Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter joined us via satellite this morning to talk about their roles on the hit NBC dramedy, "Parenthood."

'Parenthood's' Monica Potter: Kristina's Postpartum Depression is Real
November 1, 2011


Parenthood's Monica Potter is making certain that the NBC series remains a realistic depiction of family drama. After her character, the loyal and almost saint-like Kristina Braverman, gave birth to baby Nora on the Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights) drama, she spoke with the showrunner about including postpartum depression scenes.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Parenthood's Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter Are Planning Their Potential Wedding Episode
November 1, 2011


Just when it looked like things might work out for Sarah Braverman on Parenthood, her troubled ex-husband reappeared worse off than ever. How is Seth’s return going to affect Sarah’s relationship with hunky English teacher Mark Cyr? I spoke to Lauren Graham (Sarah) and Jason Ritter (Mark) about any potential conflict, their (fictional) wedding episode, and turning on the waterworks.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

Interview: "Parenthood" Executive Producer Jason Katims
November 1, 2011


In this day where television series tend to lean towards worlds inhabited by zombies and vampires, being transported in time to the 1960s or new spins on classic fairy tales, a show like NBC’s Parenthood is a rare thing. The Jason Katims-developed series, however, is doing just fine holding its own in its third season by weaving stories about the grounded-in-reality relationships in the world of the Northern California-based Braverman clan. As Katims told me last week, despite not having the same issues to deal with as, say, The Walking Dead, there are still plenty of challenges in crafting a family drama in the 21st Century. During their chat, Katims talked about balancing comedy and drama, the crafting of a main character with asperger’s syndrome and allowing the actors to feel as free as possible during shooting as well as teased some of the storylines currently playing out on the addictive drama.

click here to read the full interview but be warned of some minor spoilers

TV's Most Talented Teens
October 31, 2011


In NBC’s Parenthood, the show’s teens - including Mae Whitman, Sarah Ramos, and Miles Heizer - often walk away with the most heartbreaking and emotional storylines. Jace Lacob sits down with the teens of Parenthood to discuss their characters, on-set camaraderie, and the haircut that launched a thousand tweets.

read the full interview here.

Ask Ausiello...
October 18, 2011


Question: I will pay you whatever you want if you tell me that Minka Kelly will return to Parenthood now that Charlie’s Angels is canceled! - Julian
Ausiello: Sadly, a return to P’hood isn’t in the cards for her. “I love Minka and thought she did an amazing job as Gaby,” exec producer Jason Katims tells me. “I would love to bring the character back, but since we’ve already broken the stories for this season, I think it’s unlikely that could happen.” Bummer. I liked Gaby. I like cold hard cash more though, so riddle me this Julian: How high were you prepared to go?( Just curious.)

Casting News - Rafi Gavron
October 11, 2011


Parenthood‘s baby-buying storyline is about to encounter another obstacle, courtesy of a Life Unexpected bad boy. Rafi Gavron - who played Lux’s boyfriend Bug on The CW’s criminally short-lived series - will appear during Season 3 of the heart-tugging NBC drama as Troy Quinn, the deadbeat but charming boyfriend of preggo coffee girl Zoe (Rosa Salazar), TVLine has learned exclusively. Following a development this week in Joel and Julia’s adoption arc, Troy agrees to meet with the couple himself. His episode is slated to air Nov. 22.

Big Ask with Peter Krauser
October 11, 2011


PARENTHOOD has been kind to Peter Krause. He has learnt lessons he can use with his son, plus there was the work perk of meeting his girlfriend, Lauren Graham (his on-screen sibling Sarah).

read the full story here but be warned there are minor spoilers.

Kristina Drinking at Baby Shower
October 9, 2011


The NOFAS have posted a video on YouTube questioning the choice of Kristina drinking while pregnant. During last weeks episode Kristina had one glass of champagne, Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder has similar results as Asperger syndrome, which her son Max has on the show.

Interview with Parenthood Showrunner and Emmy Winner Jason Katims
October 4, 2011


Now, Parenthood is three episodes into its new year and is one of the few bright spots on the always-struggling NBC’s Fall schedule in the ratings category. In this exclusive interview for The Faster Times, Katims talks Season 3 and spills a few secrets on what’s to come…

read the full story here but be warned there are minor spoilers.

NBC Extends 'Parenthood' Order
September 29, 2011

hollywoodreporter.com - NBC has picked up an additional two episodes for the current season of Parenthood. The extension would bring the episode order of the family drama, developed by Jason Katims, to around the 18-episode mark for the year. The most recent episode of Parenthood, a solid offering for NBC at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, delivered 5.6 million total viewers and posted a 2.2 rating among adults 18-49, up 5 percent from the previous week.

Casting News - Alexandra Daddario
September 21, 2011


Alexandra Daddario has been cast in a recuring role on the show.

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

TV Review: Comforting Family Drama of NBC’s ‘Parenthood’
September 13, 2011


There’s something comforting about a family like the Bravermans. It’s a blend of perspective and identification that allows us to look at the clan at the center of a family drama like “Parenthood”.

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

Parenthood Boss Jason Katims Talks Season 3: New Love, New Babies, New Heartbreak
September 13, 2011


NBC’s Parenthood kicks off its third season this Tuesday at 10/9c, and thankfully there’s no shortage of family drama

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

Designer Dad : On Location "Parenthood"
September 13, 2011


As a designer, I have always taken notice of homes in movies and on television. As a kid, I would sit with a sketchpad and draw the floor plans of the rooms that I liked. I even imagined what the rooms would be beyond what we were allowed to see on television.

read the full story here

Review: NBC's 'Parenthood' returns for season 3
September 12, 2011


There are dramas on television that are more ambitious technically or thematically than NBC's "Parenthood," but I honestly believe that producer Jason Katims has one of the trickiest jobs of any drama showrunner on network or cable.

read the full review here

Casting News
September 7, 2011


Skyler Day has been cast in a recuring role on the show.

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

Casting News
August 26, 2011


D.B. Woodside has been been cast for 5 episodes.

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

Casting News - Jason Ritter
August 26, 2011


Looks like Jason Ritter will have 13 episodes in season 3.

Be warned the above link contains the first episode description.

Casting News
August 18, 2011


Rosa Salazar, has been given a season long story arc...

read the full story here but be warned there are spoilers.

Greek's Scott Michael Foster Possible Parenthood Return
August 17, 2011


TVLine spoke with the actor about his latest comedic gig, the possibility of a Parenthood encore, and what he really thought about Greek‘s emotional series finale.

'Parenthood' Star Lauren Graham on What's Next for Sarah, Ritter's Return and More
August 15, 2011


Who doesn't remember the fast talking, witty Lorelai Gilmore? I know I can't go to any of my girlfriends' houses without seeing at least one season of Gilmore Girls in their DVD collection. I recently spoke to Lauren Graham about Jason Ritter's return to Parenthood, how great is to work on the series and a little about Gilmore Girls.

read the interview here but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the start of the 3rd season.

Peter Krause on 'Parenthood', the Cast and Reality TV
August 5, 2011


Peter Krause stars in the NBC family-centered drama, Parenthood. But long before that, I spent a good chunk of my adolescence watching him act as Nate Fisher on the HBO drama, Six Feet Under. To this day, I look to that series as life-changing as it examined life and death in ways that just weren't discussed on television. I couldn't help myself, so I went up to him at the NBC party and we discussed the impact of Six Feet Under, what he's watching on television these days, and just how much he loves his television casts: past and present.

read the interview here but be warned there are some minor spoilers for the start of the 3rd season.

Parenthood: Season 2 DVD Details
August 4, 2011


Extras include, deleted scenes, commentary from cast members on selected episodes and a behind the scenes special "From Page to Screen".

Is Parenthood set to have just 16 episode in it 3rd Season?
August 1, 2011


The following seams to say that...

'Well, you come from Showtime, and one of the things that cable discovered over the last decade was that you rotate: you do 13 episodes, then a new show comes in for another 13, etc. Shorter seasons, keep the quality up, originals year-round, and you don't have those weird breaks in March and April where you get one original episode in a 5-week period.'

" I think we'll gradually see more and more of that. It's obviously easier to do that with reality shows, for economic reasons. We already do that with "Biggest Loser." You can tailor those, because they're expandable or contractable. Harder to do with scripted shows, but we're trying a couple of versions of that this year. There's 16 "Parenthood"s, 15 "Smash"es, 13 "Awake"s because it's mid-season. There could be a scenario where "Parenthood" runs all 16 episodes almost sequentially, which is a benefit to "Parenthood." We saw as we ramped up through the finale in May, it grew, grew, grew. Then when "Parenthood" is done, we'll probably have 10 or 12 weeks of the season left where we could put a show like "Awake." But of course that's more costly. That's stretching one show throughout 35 weeks."

Parenthood, Season 3 Filming
July 20, 2011


Parenthood will be filming tomorrow at a diner a few blocks away from me (first shoot of season 3, as far as I’m aware of); they filmed there several times during the first season, but only once last season...

read more here

Michael B. Jordan Returning
July 7, 2011


Michael B. Jordan, who plays the easy-going Alex opposite Sarah Ramos’ Haddie Braverman, has signed on to return to the NBC series in a recurring role for the drama’s upcoming third season.

read more here

Jason Ritter to Return in Season 3, Teaming Up With Jason Katims for Drama
July 7, 2011


Production on the third season of Parenthood, which has been a consistent ratings performer, begins Monday, July 18. The series, led by Krause, returns at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

read more here

Parenthood Boss Bringing Back Jason Ritter… And Giving Him His Own Show!
July 7, 2011


When finding out all the details of this story, I kept thinking, “It can’t get any better!” And then it just kept getting better. Not only is Parenthood bringing back one of my FAEs (Favorite Actors Ever), Jason Ritter, for multiple episodes, but NBC’s production arm, Universal Media Studios, has also signed him to a development deal to star in a new series from — wait for it! — Parenthood and Friday Night Lights boss Jason Katims!

read more here

The Hollywood Reporter
June 16, 2011


The cast take some time out durning the final day of shooting the second season on March 31st, 2011.

Special thanks to lauren-online.net for the scans.

Mae Whitman Bares Her Old Soul
June 15, 2011


Mae Whitman has had a stellar year to showcase her talents on the NBC series "Parenthood," on which she plays 17-year-old Amber Holt, a smart, feisty old soul navigating her way through a messy world that presented such struggles this past season as making amends with her absent father (John Corbett), resisting and succumbing to drug-using friends, finding her voice as a singer-songwriter, and not getting accepted into college despite giving it the old college try...

read more here

Deadline Emmy Magazine - Jason Katims Interview
June 14, 2011


In a recent interview Jason Katims (Executive Producer on Parenthood) talked about the show and it's chances for a Emmy. "I think so. As the show continued into its second season, I really noticed a change in the way critics and viewers were looking at the show. It has 15 series regular characters in it —probably twice as many as most shows— and it takes some time for the audience to get to know them and get comfortable with who they are and get to understand all the relationships. Once they have that, the enjoyment of the show really goes up so much. I also think if you look at our cast, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, they are worthy of being recognized. We’ll see how far we get this year."

Parenthood Season 2 DVD
June 13, 2011


Several weeks ago we showed off an early look at cover art for Parenthood - Season 2, a wonderful-looking shot based on the "bounce house" promo image which was used to advertise the episode broadcasts for that season. However, with all the recent news about tragic events involving bounce houses that weren't well-anchored and pulled loose, it probably is no surprise to see that Universal has changed the key graphic on this package. The studio has today delivered the finalized packaging for the 5-DVD set, which comes out on August 30th. As you can see, it's drastically different than what we've seen before...

Emmys: Lauren Graham: 'I Feel More Vulnerable as An Actor' (Q&A)
June 8, 2011


The Emmy hopeful compares her "Gilmore Girls" and "Parenthood" roles, and explains the risk of sharing a personal connection with a fellow cast member. "The worst thing is when you really connect to somebody personally and then onscreen it's just like, nothing is there."

Season 2 DVD cover
May 20, 2011


Parenthood - Possible Early Box Art for Season 2 Home Video No availability date yet, but Amazon is taking advance orders for the DVDs

'Parenthood' at the TV Academy
May 20th, 2011


On May 19th 2011 The Emmys Foundation held a "For Your Consideration" screening and panel of 'Parenthood' for academy members and fans. About half the cast was in attendance...

Video and pictures on the link.

NBC 2011 Upfronts
May 16, 2011


Pictures thanks to parenthood-media.org, click on the above link for more.

NBC's Fall 2011 schedule:
May 15, 2011


NBC has kept Parenthood at 10pm on Tuesday nights once again follow The Biggest Loser.

Monica Potter raises autism awareness on 'Parenthood'
May 15, 2011


Monica Potter readily admitted she "had no idea it would have such an impact" when she took on the role of a mother with an autistic child on "Parenthood." So many people approach her to thank her for helping to bring this issue to light, including one fan who left her a note while she was shopping for groceries; she carries that with her always...

Click here to read the rest of the story

NBC renews 'Parenthood,' 'Harry's Law'
May 12, 2011


NBC solidly performing family dramedy Parenthood is going to raise a third season.

Tweets from the cast

ERIKAjaneC Erika Christensen

maebirdwing mae whitman
ladies and gentleman, I have just received word- yes! it's official! parenthood has been picked up for season three!

daxshepard1 dax shepard
Parenthood Season 3 is happening! Yahoo!

Operation Smile Grin Gala 2011
May 7, 2011


On the weekend Lauren Graham served as the honorary host the 4th Annual Grin Gala in Washington, D.C. She was joined by her father, Larry and step mother.

The Grin Gala is designed to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery for children around the world who suffer from cleft lips and cleft palates.

more photos of the event - rachaelfosterphoto.com

NEW - pamelaspunch.com - Saturday was a glamorous night for me. I had the great opportunity to attend the Operation Smile’s Annual Grin Gala at the US Chamber of Commerce. The gala was to benefit Operation Smile, which is an international children’s medical charity dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery for children around the world who suffer from cleft lips and cleft palates.

more photos just follow the link

NBC ships campaign DVDs to Emmy voters
May 6, 2011


Universal Media Services has sent its Emmy DVD campaign mailer to the 14,000 members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. "Parenthood" – "Do Not Sleep with Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist"

Click here to read the rest of the interview

The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences "4th Annual Television Academy Honors"
May 5, 2011

Pictures from the event imdb.com - imnotobsessed.com

Video from the red carpet accesshollywood.com

Behind the Scenes with the Parenthood Women
May 5, 2011


Elle goes behind the scenes of their women in television shoot with the women from Parenthood

Upcoming: Operation Smile’s Grin Gala
May 3, 2011


Got plans Saturday night?

The Grin Gala, now in its fourth year, is a benefit for Operation Smile. It is described as “an evening of cocktails, dancing and silent auction.” Lauren Graham, is this year’s honorary host.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Jennifer Arrow from E! Online
May 3, 2011


NBC schedules Parenthood event for Thursday after their Monday upfronts; good news for a season three?

2011 Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism Speaks
April 23, 2011


The Parenthood cast took part in this years event, unfortunately Lauren and Peter were out of town but much of the lead cast did participate. Monica Potter, Sarah Ramos, Max Burkholder, Tyree Brown, Miles Heizer, Jason Ritter and Tom Amandes were among those who took part in Team Braverman.

facebook.com has some pictures of the event.

Experts Reflect on ‘Parenthood’ Finale
April 20, 2011


Intense emotional experiences are difficult for people with autism/Asperger’s. This is very true when the emotional experience involves other people and is not related directly to the needs or desires of the person with autism/Asperger’s. In this episode, Max is unable to relate to the feelings Sarah is experiencing when Amber is in the hospital...

Click here to read the rest of the interview

'Parenthood': Jason Katims, Peter Krause and Monica Potter Reflect on Season 2
April 20, 2011


NBC's Parenthood closed the book on its sophomore season on Tuesday, with Peter Krause's Adam and Monica Potter's Kristina battling problems real-life families can relate to: job loss, a pregnancy and financial issues. (Not to mention the Braverman clan going through the aftermath of a car accident.)

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Parenthood Boss On Season 3 Prospects: 'I'm Cautiously Optimistic'
April 19, 2011


“I’m cautiously optimistic,” exec producer Jason Katims tells TVLine. “We’ve made the episodes as good as we possible could. There’s nothing we can do except hope for the best.”

Click here to read the rest of the interview

For 'Parenthood,' it's better than it looks
April 19, 2011


Judging solely by the ratings, NBC's "Parenthood" looks like a bubble show with a 50-50 chance of returning.

But with a new management team at NBC, installed by new owner Comcast, and the network trying to dig itself out of the basement, shows won't be judged solely on their ratings.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Interviews: Miles Heizer
April 18, 2011


16-year-old Miles Heizer plays the introverted, mature-minded Drew Holt on the NBC Tuesday-night drama Parenthood. Although Drew's sister, Amber (played by Mae Whitman), is a novice singer-songwriter with a giant-sized Tegan and Sara poster on her wall, Under the Radar learned, while looking into the show's occasional Tegan and Sara references, that Heizer is passionate about music and a fan of numerous indie-rock bands, with Beach House currently reigning supreme among them in his estimation.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Parenthood stars' real-life romance
April 11, 2011


Parenthood stars Lauren Graham and Peter Krause discuss their real-life romance and reveal what it's like to play siblings on screen.

Their friendship began more than 16 years ago when he carried some furniture up a set of stairs for her. Now, Hollywood actors Lauren Graham, 44, and Peter Krause, 45, who've been firm friends for a "long, long time", are happy to talk about their romance after finding love on the set of dramedy Parenthood.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Ask the EP: Inspiration and Influences
March 29, 2011


Three questions with Jason Katims, creator and executive producer of Parenthood.

Joy Bryant talks about her experience on her TV series
March 29, 2011


Video of Joy Bryant on the KTLA morning show talking about Parenthood and her career.

PARENTHOOD and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Michael B. Jordan Interview
March 29, 2011


From the time he was Wallace on The Wire, Michael B. Jordan has captured viewers’ attention with his talent and charisma and he currently lights up the screen playing two complex, dynamic characters on powerful NBC dramas. On FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, he’s Vince the talented but troubled star quarterback who struggles to make the right choices. On PARENTHOOD, he’s the earnest Alex, who has dealt with his own share of problems and is building a better life for himself while sweetly romancing Haddie...

Click here to read the rest of the interview

A new 'Parenthood' returns tonight: Is Crosby really that bad, as a father, as a man?
March 29, 2011


Parenthood returns with a new episode tonight, and among the show’s many wonderfully emotional, intricate subplots, the Crosby-is-a-bad-dude one fascinates me, and perhaps you...

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Joy Bryant found acting after worldwide modeling career, craft like snowboarding
March 29, 2011


Bronx-born Joy Bryant learned to be a better actress at an unlikely place - a ski slope. The model-turned-actress has found letting go on a snowboard has helped in the studio at NBC's "Parenthood," too.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

John Corbett Previews Tara's New Season
March 28, 2011


TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of dads, will we see your Parenthood character return?
Corbett: I talked to the producers about coming back next season and they're OK with it. I had more fun working on that show than I've had since Northern Exposure. They are all really good improvisational actors, so to jump in and try to keep up was exciting and a lot of fun.

The rest of the interview is about United States of Tara, you can read it on the link above.

Like its characters, TV's 'Parenthood' struggles
March 28, 2011


UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Inside a cavernous soundstage sits a small bedroom. Cameras surround actors Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, who play a single mother and her witty daughter on Parenthood, NBC's modern-day ode to thirtysomething-style family dramas dipped in comedy.

Click here to read more

Monica Potter on Real and TV Parenthood
March 25, 2011


Do you feel like you are parenting your TV children?
Yeah. Sarah, who plays my TV daughter Haddie, is 19-years-old, but she does occasionally ask for advice. They call me Momica.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

Questions for and About Max
March 22, 2011


Thank you so much for your overwhelming response - your questions are full of such positive feedback, and insightful inquiries. (Of course they probably only show me the nice ones.) On behalf of myself and the entire cast and crew of Parenthood, we so appreciate and value your support and enthusiasm.

Click here to read the questions

10 Reasons You Need to Watch ‘Parenthood’
March 13, 2011


“Parenthood” is a show that flies under the radar. There are no dead bodies, medical crises or supernatural incidents. It’s that rarest of television shows, a family drama that deals with actual real life family problems. In other words, the Braverman family is struggling with raising kids and paying bills, not worrying about how they are going to spend the millions of dollars they received from selling the water rights to some land - no offense, “Brothers & Sisters.” They are a true modern family complete with a stay at home dad, a child with Asperger’s syndrome, and multiple helicopter parents. Here are ten reasons why you should be watching...

Ask Ausiello
March 8, 2011

tvline.com (Warning this link contains spoilers)

Question: I love Parenthood, just wondering if you know if it will be picked up for a third season. —Stephanie
Ausiello: Per TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard, it’s holding steady at a “safe bet.” My suggestion: Vote ’til your fingers fall off when the show takes on The Defenders next week in TVLine’s “Renew Our Show” Bracket Tournament. These are uncertain times, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Acts of Love Promo
March 1, 2011


A short promo of the November event is now online.

wordtheatre.com - "Acts of Love: Parenthood' was WordTheatre®’s original, one night only theatrical collage of stories by writers of fiction, memoir, humor and fact, brought to life by an extraordinary cast, with music performed by John Doe. This benefit performance was preceded by the presentation of Autism Speaks’ Media Awareness Award to Jason Katims, creator and producer of ‘Parenthood,’ as well as a silent auction including artworks curated by Bruce Helander."

Ecollywood: Odds and ends
February 2, 2011


"It's so integrated now into how I live that it's just second nature," Lauren Graham says about being eco-aware. She still drives an old SUV, figuring for now that it's better to hold onto it than buy something new, even if it's a hybrid. She's excited about an upcoming "Parenthood" storyline that will involve her ex, played by John Corbett ("United States of Tara") and will introduce a new set of conflicts for her character Sarah. "He's been amazing and it's such an interesting character because we talk about him having a drug problem and leaving the kids but he's deeply charming and a musician - he's going to perform on the show," says Graham. Corbett's three episodes begin airing Feb. 8.

February 1, 2011


PARENTHOOD star Sam Jaeger talks with GiveMeMyRemote.com's Marisa Roffman about his show being underrated, the baby drama and filming all those crazy family scenes.

Craig T Nelson 'turned down Modern Family'
January 27, 2011


"Craig T. Nelson has revealed that he turned down a role in Modern Family. Earlier this year, it emerged that the show's producers originally imagined Nelson as the family's patriarch Jay. Ed O'Neill eventually signed up for the part. Nelson has now confirmed that he was offered the role but refused it because the show did not offer him enough money."

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers
January 25, 2011


Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being extremely unsure and 10 being almost obnoxiously confident — how sure are you that Parenthood will be back for a third season? —Kellen
Ausiello: I’m at about an 8, aka cautiously very confident and optimistic. I hear new NBC prez Bob Greenblatt is a huge fan of the show and desperately wants it to succeed, which pretty much makes him my new best friend.

NBC Postpones Return of "Law & Order: Los Angeles," "Marriage Ref"
January 18, 2011


In a major programing switch NBC will now leave Parenthood on Tuesday night for the rest of the season. It had been scheduled to have a month break and return on Mondays following The Event in March. It's unknown whether they will be any breaks after next week January 25th for the US State of the Union.

NBC announced that it will continue with new episodes of "Parenthood" on Tuesdays (10-11 p.m. ET) for the remainder of the season. "Law & Order: Los Angeles," which was previously scheduled to resume in that day and time beginning February 8, will return on a day to be determined.

2011 NBC Universal Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star Party
January 13, 2011


The Parenthood cast attended the TCA Press Tour!

Loads more pictures at parenthood-addicted.com

Ask Ausiello
January 11, 2011


Question: Tell me something about Parenthood I don’t know. - Jopan
Mae Whitman can act, sing and write music! The little ditty the actress performed on tonight’s episode was penned by her as well. Girl has mad skillz!

E! News
January 4, 2011


Lauren Graham and some of her cast mates appearded on an E! News segment on the 4th and talked about the show. Also some behind the scenes shots of future episodes were shown. YouTube video is here.

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