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NBC's midseason schedule announced
December 14, 2009


Parenthood set to premier March 1st at 9pm on NBC.

Television Without Pity
November 26, 2009


The first TV ads for Lauren's new show Parenthood has just aired in the US, no clip yet but here is a decsription thanks to bellamn16 over on TWOP.
"NBC JUST aired a Lauren Graham-centered preview of Parenthood, and let me say right now that this mother is NOT Lorelai Gilmore!
It starts with Sarah's daughter claiming that she's moving in with her boyfriend while the print on the screen says "Parenthood is...why some animals eat their young." Then, her daughter claims mom's bark is worse than her bite, at which point Sarah pounces across the room at her daughter and drags her out of the building.
Even in the short snippet, it's obvious that this role is vastly different than GG.
The daughter is played by Mae Whitman. I'm sure everybody will recognize her. She's been in a ton of things, including When a Man Loves a Woman when she was, like, 5."

update - we have a YouTube clip!

'Parenthood's' about overcoming setbacks
November 6, 2009


More than half of the pilot will be reshot, by helmer Thomas Schlamme, in Los Angeles this month (the original pilot was lensed on location in Northern California). After a short break for Thanksgiving, the cast will reassemble to continue production on the initial batch of episodes. Graham made the decision to not watch the original pilot in an effort to help make the role her own. Katims thinks she made a wise choice. “Certainly, I don’t want her to be in the position of being compared to something else,” Katims says. “It seemed the most fair way to approach it for Lauren.”

Lauren Graham Talks Parenthood
November 3, 2009


Lauren Graham Talks Parenthood "Lauren Graham returns to TV in January, replacing Maura Tierney as single mother Sarah Braverman on NBC’s mid-season show, Parenthood. In an exclusive interview, Graham tells TV Guide Magazine what convinced her to join another TV series after the success of Gilmore Girls and what it’s been like finding a script after playing the iconic single mother, Lorelai Gilmore."

Exclusive: 'Gilmore' girl Lauren Graham on her big TV comeback
by Michael Ausiello
October 16, 2009


Short interview with Lauren about her new role on Parenthood. When asked why she signed on to do the new series, "It’s the best thing I’ve read. It’s was really that simple."

'Parenthood' exclusive: Helen Hunt out! Lauren Graham in!
October 6, 2009


This just in: Helen Hunt is apparently no longer in the running to replace Maura Tierney in Parenthood. According to an insider, talks between the actress and NBC fell apart and the role of single mom Sarah has now been offered to (wait for it) Lauren Graham! I’m told the Gilmore Girls MVP recently met with Parenthood boss Jason Katims (dream team alert!) to discuss the plum part.

UPDATE Friday, Oct. 9: It’s official! A source inside Graham’s camp confirms that her deal to join Parenthood has just closed! Woo-hoo!


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