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1.01 - Pilot

"Kick Drum Heart" The Avett Brothers
Opening Scene. - iTunes

"Forever Young" Bob Dylan
Baseball Game Fight between Adam and the Umpire. - iTunes

"Natural Disaster" Andrew Bird
Sarah looking for the Scissors through to picking up Amber at the Police Station. - iTunes

"Ten Shots, Ten Minutes" Suite 88
Plays in Damien's appartment whwn Sarah comes to take Amber. - iTunes

"Halo" Brent Kirkpatrick
Plays as Sarah, Julia, Kristina and Camille drink wine and talk after dinner. - iTunes

"Who Can Sail Without the Wind"
Traditional Swedish Song - Sung by the children. - iTunes

"Twinkle Little Star"
Julia starts singing this to Sydney. - iTunes

"The Monkey Shased the Weasel"
Joel sings to Sydney. - iTunes

Unknown Gospel Music
Sung in the Studio. - iTunes

"Forever Young Continued" Bob Dylan
Closing Baseball Scenes. - iTunes

1.02 - Man Versus Possum

"Once in a Lifetime" Talking Heads
Adam Chasing the Possum first time. - iTunes

"No Way Back" The New Fidelity
Amber walking to her class. - iTunes

"Another Bad Decision" Underwater City People
Playing in the shop while Sarah is on the phone to Julia. - iTunes

"Even Though" Norah Jones
When Crosby lights up the pot. - iTunes

"St. Judy's Comet" Paul Simon
Closing scene from Sarah in Principal Gomez Office. - iTunes

1.03 - The Deep End of the Pool

"Wilco (The Song)" Wilco
Plays when Jasmine drops off Jabbar for a visit with Crosby. - iTunes*

"Make You Crazy" Brett Dennen
Coffee Shop after Sarah and Jim break up. - iTunes

"The Whip" Locksley
Plays as Crosby and Jabbar play board games. - iTunes*

"Two Weeks" Grizzly Bear
Plays as Julia dives into the pool for the first time. - iTunes

"Shine On" The Kooks
Sarah and Drew's conversation at the car. - iTunes

"Second Lieutenant" Happy Hollows
Band playing in the sound studio. - iTunes

"In the End" Ida Maria
Plays as Adam talks to Haddie in her room. - iTunes

"Alice Marble Gray" Califone
Plays when jJulia comes home and Sydney shows her the video. - iTunes

"Swimming Song" Loudon Wainwright
Plays during the Final Pool Scene. - iTunes*

I'm unsure of this song.
"Do We Belong" Test Your Reflex
Crosby & Jabbar in Car. - iTunes

1.04 - Whassup
"In My Dreams" Eels
Plays as Adam helps Crosby baby proof his houseboat. - iTunes

"Animal - Mark Ronson remix" Miike Snow
Starts playing as Sarah and Zeek are talking, continues as Jasmine drops off Jabbar - iTunes

"Tambourine" Happy Hollows
Plays in the background as Haddie and Amber talk - iTunes

"Why Did We Fire The Gun?" Waldeck
Plays at the resturant as Joel and Julia enter - iTunes

"When You Learn To Sing" Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
Plays as Crosby and Julia talk after bringing Jabbar back from the Hospital, continues until the end of Haddie and Kristina taking. - iTunes

"Change Of Time" Josh Ritter
Plays as Adam and Kristina watch Haddie and Max, continues until the closing credits. - iTunes

"How Does It Feel" Jon Ehrlich
Does anyone know where to find this song? or when it is played during the episode? - it's not listed on iTunes or any other service.

1.05 - The Situation

"Darlin' Do Not Fear" Brett Dennen
Starts to play when Sarah is talking to the other parent and continues into the next scene in the supermarket. Also plays as Drew, Max and Adam throw the baseball around - iTunes

"Devil Never Sleeps" Iron and Wine
Plays as Drew, Max and Adam have batting practice in the park - iTunes

"Water Of Love" Dire Straits
Plays in the bar where Sarah works when Mark comes in for a drink - iTunes

"Foolin" Devendra Banhart
Plays in the final few scene, from the baseball game until the closing credits. - iTunes

1.06 - The Big 'O'

"Young Folks" Peter Bjorn John
Plays at the start of the first scene - iTunes

"By Your Side" My Robot Friend
Plays as Mark Cyr enters the Whiskey Mike's the first time - iTunes

"Hopscotch Willie" Stephen Malkmus
Plays at the kids birthday party - iTunes

"Today Has Been Ok" Emilia Torrini
Plays as Sarah and Mark kiss for the first time - iTunes

"I Buried a Bone" Blind Pilot
Plays at the end after Adam and Kristina have sex - iTunes

1.07 - What's Goin' On Down There

"Colors" Amos Lee
Plays while Sarah and Mark make-out in the park - iTunes

"Million Bucks" Maino
Plays in the bar as Adam and his business clients enter - iTunes

"Put Your Records On" Corinne Bailey Rae
Plays during the girl talk with Sarah, Julia and Kristina - iTunes

"Candlelit" Jont
Plays while Valerie and Crosby makeout - iTunes

"In These Arms" The Swell Season
Plays as Sarah reads from Mark Cyr's copy of The Sound and the Fury - iTunes

"A New Day" The Notations
Plays as Sarah and Adam have the early breakfast - iTunes

"How Many Times" Rocco Deluca
Plays from the scene where Amber is picked up by Damien until the final scene with Adam surfing - iTunes

"Get at That" 5 Alarm
Does anyone know where to find this song? or when it is played during the episode? - it's not listed on iTunes or any other service.

1.08 - Rubber Band Ball

"Baby Boomer" Monster of Folk
Plays at the end of the scene with Zeek and Adam having lunch and into the scene with Crosby and Adam. - iTunes

"Gimmie Some Salt" Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Plays as Zeek walks up to Damien's van - iTunes

"Hustle" Tuung
Plays in the store as Crosby and Jasmine are shoping for Jabbar's party - iTunes

"Sausalito" Conor Oberst
Plays as Adam and Zeek are driving along - iTunes

"100 Yard Dash" Raqhael Saadiq
Plays at the start of Jabbar's brithday party - iTunes

"Out Go The Lights" Spoon
Plays while Amber and Damien are talking on his van - iTunes

"Wait" Alexi Murdoch
Played during the final few scene, from Max in bed with his parents. - iTunes

1.09 - Perchance to Dream
"Hell" Tegan & Sara
Plays as Drew goes to his locker. - iTunes

"Slippin'" Quadron
Plays in the diner with Crosby and Adam talking. - iTunes

"It’s Tricky" Run DMC
Adam plays the song to dance to by himself and then with his wife ans sisters. - iTunes

"The Wheels on the Bus"
Crosby and Jasmine sing to Jabbar in the bathroom. - iTunes

"Oh, Look What The Sun Did!" Josh Rouse
Plays as Croasy and Jasmine lie in bed. - iTunes

"Solitaire" Wilco
Plays as Sarah and Amber are talking in the kitchen. - iTunes

"Freely" Devendra Banhart
Final song as Adam and Kristina are talking. - iTunes

1.10 - Namaste No More

"When the Night Feels My Song" Bedouin Soundclash
Crosby and Jasmine being surprise by Jabbar - iTunes

"Cyclone" Dub Pistols
Soccer team showing Julia their special skills - iTunes

"Supersonic" Pearl Jam
Soccer games - iTunes

"Come on Eileen" Dexy's Midnight Runners
First song played at the 80's party - iTunes

"Just Once" Quincy Jones and James Ingram
Second song played at the 80's party - iTunes

"Storm" Jose Gonzalez
End of the dinner with the parents - iTunes

"Live Forever" Drew Holcomb
Starts playing in the final scene with Sarah and Camille, until the credits. - iTunes

1.11 - Solace

If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"(This Is for the) Better Days" A Band of Bees
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine enter the Laundry - iTunes

"song" Artist
unknown song plays when Amber goes to the vending machine - iTunes

"Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)" Los Abandoned
Playing at the slumber party - iTunes

"Innocent Bones" Iron & Wine
Plays as Jasmine is preparing diner for Crosby and Jabbar - iTunes

"One by One" The Black Seeds
Moving the Piano down the stairs - iTunes

"Solace (A Mexican Serenade)" Artist
Played by Crosby on his piano - iTunes

"Sea Shells" Crucial
Does anyone know where to find this song? or when it is played during the episode? - it's not listed on iTunes or any other service.

1.12 - Team Braverman

"Try" Ben Sollee
Plays as Amber and Haddie are fighting on the track field. - iTunes

"Sweet Pea" Amos Lee
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine and in bed. - iTunes

"Vengeance Is Sleeping" Neko Case
Plays from when Haddie is talking to her friends at lunch through to Amber and Steve kissing. - iTunes

Unknown music
Playing at the dance audition with Jasmine. - iTunes

"Bird On A Wire" Leonard Cohen
Haddie plays it loudly in her room. - iTunes

1.13 - Lost and Found

"1600 Armadillos" The MiGs
Plays in the diner as the siblings eat and talk. - iTunes

"Gone Away" Lucy Schwartz
Plays as Sarah apologizes to Amber only to realizes she has run away. - iTunes

"Transparent" Awesome Color
Plays in Damien's aparent as Sarah and Adam look for Amber. - iTunes

"Ottawa Backfired Soon" His Clancyness
Plays in the car with Haddie and Kristina. - iTunes

"Let It Be Me" Ray LaMontagne
Plays as Amber and Haddie make up in the truck stop. - iTunes

"I'm Into Something Good" Herman's Hermits
Zeek plays it on a ukulele at the end of the episode - iTunes

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If anyone can help fill in the missing songs or descriptions please email me the details. |
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