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7.22 - Bon Voyage (153) (May 15, 2007)

Title: Bon Voyage
Air Date: May 15, 2007
Written by: David S. Rosenthal
Directed by: Lee Shallet Chemel

STARS HOLLOW THROWS RORY A GRADUATION PARTY / CNN JOURNALIST CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE "Bon Voyage" Just as Rory lands her dream job as a political reporter, Luke enlists the help of everyone in Stars Hollow to throw her a graduation party. Emily and Richard attend the huge party, where Rory makes a speech thanking Lorelai and the whole town for giving her such a great start in life. Luke's thoughtfulness brings out an unexpected reaction from Lorelai. Finally, on the morning that Rory leaves Stars Hollow to start her career, Luke opens the diner before dawn to share a celebratory breakfast with the Gilmore girls. CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour makes a cameo appearance as a guest at the Dragonfly Inn. - Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum

"GILMORE GIRLS" - (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
"Bon Voyage" (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)
STARS HOLLOW THROWS RORY A GRADUATION PARTY / CNN JOURNALIST CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE - Just as Rory (Alexis Bledel) lands her dream job as a political reporter, Luke (Scott Patterson) enlists the help of everyone in Stars Hollow to throw her a graduation party. Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann) attend the huge party, where Rory makes a speech thanking Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and the whole town for giving her such a great start in life. Luke's thoughtfulness brings out an unexpected reaction from Lorelai (Lauren Graham). Finally, on the morning that Rory leaves Stars Hollow to start her career, Luke opens the diner before dawn to share a celebratory breakfast with the Gilmore girls. CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour makes a cameo appearance as a guest at the Dragonfly Inn. Melissa McCarthy, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Sean Gunn also star. Lee Shallat Chemel directed the episode written by David Rosenthal (#2T7772).

TV Guide

In the seventh-season finale, Rory gets a job as a political journalist; Luke organizes the whole town of Stars Hollow to throw a graduation party for Rory, who gives a speech expressing her gratitude for their support over the years; Luke's thoughtfulness provokes an unusual reaction from Lorelai; and Luke and Lorelai have breakfast with Rory on the morning she is to leave and begin her career. Journalist Christiane Amanpour has a cameo. - gossipcom@FanForum

Will this be the end of life in Stars Hollow, or will the Gilmores return for another season? It's still uncertain, but things will come full circle in the finale, where the townsfolk throw Rory a big graduation party. Some familiar faces will appear, others won't, and the beloved graduate comes face-to-face with her longtime idol. Also among the closing story lines, Luke and Lorelai will reach an understanding — but you'll have to tune in for the details. - Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum

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Gilmore Girls 8 pm/ET CW New
Television banter may never be this fast again! As the series ends its seven-year run, we say goodbye to one of TV's most endearing mother-daughter duos (and to society matron Emily Gilmore, whose portrayer, Kelly Bishop, was a pure joy to watch). Tonight's finale comes at an appropriate time, with Rory getting her dream job as a political journalist and preparing to leave home. And it looks as though Luke and Lorelai may get a second chance at romance. Journalist Christiane Amanpour has a cameo.


  • Ratings - variety.com - "On the scripted side, "Gilmore Girls," "One Tree Hill" and "Smallville" tied as the net's top show in its target 18-34 demo. While "Gilmore" steps down, the other two will return next fall." - gossipcom@TWoP

  • Ratings - Gilmore Girls was ranked 2nd for non reality shows on the CW for the season, and 6th over all. the series final ranked 66th for the week (4.86 Million 2.3/6), top non reality shows on the CW and 2nd overall - vrd@TWoP

  • Ratings (Sunday May 20th re-run) - "Gilmore Girls (Viewers: 1.46 million; A18-49: 0.6/ 2)" - pifeedback.com

  • Last 4 words - podcast - MA says he has stuff how ASP reacted to the disgraceful goodbye at the upfronts to GG and, I think, he has the last four words (he said he has also other stuff). I think he will air it in the vodcast. copop@FanForum

  • Cut Scene - from last night's episode "Lorelai at Sookie's house picking up the fanny pack, which is bright green. Lorelai notices the baking and Sookie covers by saying she's trying out new pie recipes, and she's evasive about where Jackson is. They talk about what Lorelai and Rory did that day, and it's disappointing that the roller coaster trip is off, but how exciting this job is for Rory, and what a great opportunity it is. Sookie suggestively comments how funny it is that Luke's trip gets canceled, then Lorelai's trip gets canceled. Lorelai acts nonchalant, refusing to bite" Nicolalala@FanForum

  • Ratings - TravisYanan "Gilmore Girls (series finale) - 4.857 million viewers - 3.1/5 HH - 2.3/6 A18-49 - 2.9/9 A18-34" gossipcom@TWoP

  • Ratings - variety.com "At CW, the series finale of "Gilmore Girls" (2.2/6 in 18-49, 4.8 million viewers overall) matched its season high in 18-49 and delivered the show's best 18-34 average (2.8/9) since January 2006, when it aired on the WB." - Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Ratings - "Gilmore Girls (series finale) - 4.755 million viewers - 3.0/5 HH - 2.2/6 A18-49 - 2.8/9 A18-34" - pifeedback.com

  • Review - Matt Roush TV Guide - Question: So what did you think of the Gilmore Girls finale? I was pleasantly surprised by it. As Ausiello pointed out, it had its schmaltzy moments, but who can blame them? I think after seven years of wiseass comebacks, Gilmore Girls deserved a few schmaltzy moments. The Rory and Lorelai scenes were oh-so touching. My heart melted when Lorelai heard "You have given me everything" from the daughter she gave her entire life to. This was definitely a satisfying ending, and after watching it I have no idea how they could've had a Season 8. Even if we didn't get enough Lorelai-Luke or Lorelai-Emily moments, at least we got the sense that they will be OK and that those relationships are on the mend. The beginning of Season 7 was very rough, but it definitely ended on a high note. Bravo, Gilmore Girls, and thank you for the good times. (And thank you, TVGuide.com, for the scoops and insights.)— John G.
    Matt Roush: I liked it, too. I felt good after it was over, and more than a little misty-eyed, as it allowed me to remember the better times instead of dwelling on the last few seasons of discontent. Even when I didn't love the show, I loved Stars Hollow and the multigenerational bonds between Lorelai, Rory and Emily. Like you, if they had carried the show forward beyond this episode, I would have been put out. This was the way to say goodbye: low-key, affectionate, without the earth-shaking. Was it the perfect finale? No. For that to have happened, Gilmore Girls would have had to bow out after the fifth or sixth season.

  • Review - TVGuide Podcast - May 18, 2007 - "MA was disappointed. he jokes that the writer from 7th heaven came in to write it. he said that it was rushed and every scene was a goodbye for every character. he said that them pulling up to the party and panning out, made him want to gag. and that amy would never write something like that. but he loved the last scene." - Recap thanks to captnerin@FanForum - also I got one last email in to them "I know this is probably too late but I loved the Gilmore Girls final, it was way better than I expected and the only complaint I have was with Luke and Lorelai literally coming back together in the last 5 minutes. It was nice but would it have killed David R. to have them talk or maybe even a dance at the party or just holding hands walking back to the party? But as I said for a series final it was not too bad." transcript thanks to GGAva@FanForum

  • Review - sepinwall.blogspot.com - "Sigh... It's all over. Spoilers for the "Gilmore Girls" series finale coming right up... David Rosenthal knew. He obviously knew this would be the end. In form, if not always in style (because nobody could write Amy Sherman-Palladino dialogue as well as Amy could), this is exactly what a "Gilmore Girls" series finale should have looked like."

  • Review - "I was prepared to be disappointed. I bet a lot of you were too. And I got nervous there in the beginning, after that hammy introduction of Rory to her hero Christiane Amanpour. Really? Would a journalist of her stature really be impressed by a stammering elf in a cute dolly tee and jogging pants? That's all it takes to get Christiane's business card? But that's it from me today. That's the last time I'll roll my eyes at season 7. Because, and I don't think I'm being overly sentimental here, last night really was a dandy." - EW.com

  • Review - "It’s really over. As hard as it is to write those words, I actually feel like I am able to let go. I had a lot of help, actually. It took a village. Every single person in wonderfully quirky Stars Hollow made it easier to say goodbye to Rory as she left her tiny town for wide-open America. And it was bittersweet." - Robin Honig's TVGuide

  • Review - "This may not have been the way Gilmore Girls was originally supposed to end, but, as it turned out, it was a pretty good way for it to go out." - tvsquad.com

  • Luke and Lorelai Kiss - retromusicsnob - The Mighty Lemondrops "Inside Out" - audio mp3 divShare

  • Final Scene - video - courtesy of Jet1945@FanForum

  • Recap - Thanks to caf123@FanForum

  • Recap - Thanks to marepbm@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello May 16, 2007
    Question: Michael, here's your last chance of answering a Gilmore Girls-related question. Take a moment to compose yourself, and then answer this: What did you think of the series finale?— Leila
    Ausiello: Like the Grey's spin-off, it read much better on paper. On screen, it felt rushed, overly shmaltzy and, ultimately, unfulfilling — and the whole thing kind of depresses me. I'll have more to say in this week's podcast.


  • washingtonpost.com - Kelly Bishop, Ed Herrmann and Liza Weil have some not so nice coments about the final ep and how things were handled. "I felt like the bottom dropped out," Bishop says. "I thought [the 13-episode season] was excellent because we could really wrap up the stories nice and neat and kind of give the audience a chance to say goodbye." The writing, says Edward Herrmann (who plays Richard Gilmore, Lorelai's father), then "tended to lose a little of its sharp edges." And there were plot twists that irked the faithful. Lorelai married Rory's biological father in a spur-of-the-moment wedding in France, a detour that has since been disposed of. Logan, Rory's debatable boyfriend, proposed in the middle of a formal graduation party at her grandparents' house -- a move that any Gilmore fan would consider cringeworthy. "It's unfortunate that, I think, a lot of those fans are going to think there isn't closure," says Liza Weil, who plays Rory's best friend, Paris, and who points out that the writers were hamstrung by the situation. "Hopefully, there won't be toilet paper in the trees of all the writers."

  • washingtonpost.com - Liza Weil (Paris) is not in the final.

  • Pilot First Scene - video - It is reported that the final scene will resemble this scene from the pilot, it's the first scene with Lorelai, Rory and Luke - courtesy Jet1945@FanBolt

  • Entertainment Weekly Magazine - "Lost 'Girls' After seven seasons, 'Gilmore Girls' signs off It's last call for coffee at Luke's Diner: On May 4, The CW announced that it's wrapping up the quip-smart Gilmore Girls with the May 15 finale. Though talks between the starring duo - Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel - and Warner Bros. Television. which produces the show, had be ongoing for months, all parties reportedly couldn't agree on issues such as scheduling. (A source says Bledel, for one, was "open to doing an abbreviated season" - possibly 13 episdes.) Creative concerns no doubt also played a role: In 2006, Gilmore suffered a blow when exec producer Amy Sherman-Palladino departed just as it moved from the WB to The CW, and total viewership has fallen by nearly 20% since last season. "The end of Gilmore is not shocking news," says a show insider. "In fact, [the May 15] episode was conceived as a series - not season finale, right from the start."" stephrox@FanForum

  • thestar.com - "If you're still in a marriage-minded mood Tuesday night (CW and Global at 8), there's bound to be somebody getting hitched in the final episode ever of Gilmore Girls – my money's on young Rory, though I gather that Lorelai and Luke are back together at last. Again, it's now pretty much a moot point. We are not going to be around Stars Hollow to watch a third-generation Gilmore Girl grow up and become addicted to caffeine (and what would they call her anyway, "Lai?")." Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Global Promo - "There was a Global promo for the last episode tonight during HOUSE. I don't remember if they mentioned it being the SERIES finale or not. There were a lot of clips smushed in the promo, half of which were old (aka, not from the upcoming episode...for example the L/L wave in 7.14). I can't recall much because I was only half paying attention (seriously DID NOT expect to see a GG promo). I do, however remember seeing a closer shot of the L/L kiss. Lorelai is putting her arms around Luke's shoulders/neck And she's kind of sucking his face" - recap thanks to - MickeyJr3000@FanForum - transcript and download thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - May 11, 2007 - The last episode works as a series or season final - transcript thanks to GGAva@FanForum

  • Summary - events in this episode courtesy of Mag13@FanForum

  • indystar.com - " Tuesday: "Gilmore Girls," 8 p.m., CW (WTTV ). Now that Rory has graduated from Yale, will she ever land a job? Will her mother/best friend Lorelai finally marry brooding diner owner Luke? Since this episode was filmed before the announcement that the show was ending, don't expect any tidy wrap-ups." Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Extended Promo - video - courtesy Jet1945@FanBolt

  • Extended Promo - description - The CW just aired a longer promo during Smallville. It had everything we saw Tuesday night plus a shot of E/R, some more of Rory's speech and Lorelai getting teary listening, and after Sookie said "This was all Luke, he must have stayed up all night doing this" (paraphrased), Lorelai says "I'll be right back" and it's implied that she immediately goes looking for Luke and runs into him and that's when they kiss. I think that's everything, but if it shows again and I forgot something, I'll let you know - juststandingstill@FanForum

  • About the Director's Cut Clip "Yes it is the teaser." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • Director's Cut clip - cwtv.com/video - clip Lorelai and Rory talking roll-a-coasters "Rory and Lorelai at the CS. Rory is getting her 73 resumes stamped. They are talking about their trip and all the rollercoasters they are gonna go on. Rory pulls out the rocket and they talk about how her sadness comes in waves. Lorelai mentions that it will get better and Rory asks Lorelai if it got better with Luke. She says that she's over him and Rory tells her that she thinks he is not over her. Lorelai says that everytime she does something, he doesn't do anything. (ie the song) She says that she wants a man that feels, that shows her how he feels or something along those lines. She says they are better off as friends. Oh yeah she slips in the part about how they are having the reenactment party because Rory had no idea. Then they talk about more rollercoasters and not screaming." - recap thanks to gilmore_maniac - youtube thanks to Pimbolina - download thanks to Cappuccino - transcript thanks to lancer1993@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - May 09, 2007 - To much to post here but a lot of comments about the series ending also a short interview from Matt Czuchry - thanks to Lancer1993@FanBolt

  • Promos - video - courtesy Jet1945@FanBolt - audio courtesy Jet1945@FanBolt

  • "It said after 7 years, it's time to say goodbye. "Series finale" flashed across the screen. It showed Rory and Lorelai pulling up to the party and everyone cheering. Then it showed Sookie and Lorelai. Lorelai was tearing up and Sookie told her that this was all Luke, and that he must have stayed up all night setting up. Then it showed LL walking towards eachother and then kissing." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "After Lorelai kisses Luke, he reciprocates as well." - email

  • Comment left by fan "I don't know what script Mike read, but what I've been told by people who read the finale is that it will NOT be a satisfying SERIES finale. As a season finale it was good, but you won't be happy as it's swan song. It's definitely anti-climatic." - Ausiello tvguide.com

  • Ask Report " The good news? The May 15 finale was meant to serve as either a series or season finale. And having just read the script, I can assure you that it is an extremely satisfying conclusion to the series. As I previously teased, it brings Gilmore full circle." - " The show's cast and crew — who were informed of the decision earlier today —are apparently in shock. "Everyone was pretty blindsided by this and still processing it at the moment," reports a Gilmore insider. "Talks must have broken down very, very recently because it came as one hell of a surprise."" Katiegg108@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello May 2, 2007 - thanks to Gemini8525@FanForum
    Question: In response to your answer to last week's question about Luke and Lorelai's big kiss in the Gilmore Girls finale…. Yes, I would love to know how much tongue there is.— Fabala
    Ausiello: Do you have no shame? For chrissakes, there are children reading this column! I mean seriously.
    Question: You may have been joking about "how much tongue" there will be in the Luke-Lorelai kiss, but I want to know!— Casey
    Ausiello: Enough about the tongue!
    Question: Can you tell us how much tongue is in there? Please. — Clara Lima
    Ausiello: In where? Please be more specific next time.
    Question: So how much tongue is there going to be?— Sarah
    Ausiello: I was wondering when someone was going to get up the nerve to ask me about that. I actually don't know how much tongue there is, but according to a spywitness, the kiss is "relatively long" — at least by L/L's meager standards. Great question, Sarah!

  • thefutoncritic.com - CW will repeat 7th Heaven on Sunday also - SassyPaws@FanForum

  • "...the reason they're encoring it in the timeslot is because 7th Heaven ends the week before, so the slot is vacant for the final Sunday of Sweeps." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • thefutoncritic.com - Sunday, May 20 Encore Presentation of the SEASON FINALE (8:00-9:00 p.m.).

  • TVGuide Podcast - April 27, 2007 - In response a letter about season 8 (from me), MA said he doesn't think they will wait until upfronts, and that as soon as it's signed, they'll announce it. He doesn't know what the hold up is, but he says that he's still hearing that the 13 eps are happening. He mentioned that he hasn't heard anything to make him think it's not happening. There was a question about MA's comment about the LL kiss and how much tounge there will be. The person wanted an answer to MA's little comment. Mike said to check A/A this week. - Recap thanks to Katiegg108@FanForum - transcript thanks to GGAva@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello April 25, 2007 - thanks to withbatedbreath@FanForum
    Question: Can you please tell us in what episode and in what situation Luke and Lorelai will kiss after a year apart?— Audrey
    Ausiello: God, you guys are an impatient bunch.
    (Spoiler alert) It happens in the season finale shortly after Luke single-handedly prevents Rory's graduation party from becoming a total washout. Do you also want to know how much tongue there is?

  • courant.com/roger_catlin - " Once a contestant is deemed skanky enough to win "The Pussycat Dolls Present: Search fora New Doll" this week, "Veronica Mars" returns for its final new episodes of the season next week. It airs May 1 and May 8, making way for a two hour "Gilmore Girls" finale May 15 and returns for its own two hour season finale May 22. - Mag13@FanForum - note they are most likely wrong with this info.

  • mediaweek.com - "No season-ending show is complete without a break-up (or two). On Gilmore Girls, Rory (Alexis Bledel) will graduate from Harvard, dump Logan and move to Iowa for a job with an online magazine." - clmorrow@FanForum

  • Studio Stills thanks to Fraz and The CW - courtesy Jet1945@FanBolt

  • thetvaddict.com - "Fearing it will rain on Rory’s graduation party in Stars Hollow, Lorelai enlists Luke’s help to organize the town in creating a tent out of tarps, shower curtains and other miscellaneous spare plasticin..." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "I was told that DR doesn't want to make Lorelai look like a bed hopper(please no snarky comments about "Partings"), and that's why we won't get an L/L sex scene this season. I was told that we'll definitely get one(or some) in season 8(if there is one), though." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Estee TV.Guide " My mole on the set says we'll definitely know that L/L are together at the end, and that there is "more than a handshake" but no love/bed/sleeping together scene. Mole says it is like the end of Season 4 (when they had the kiss at the inn) but cry me a river, they have gone through so much. In other words, if we do NOT get S8, we will be forever left with a Seinfeldish ending--knowing that Lorelai's one and only marriage was to Prince Dopey, and that Luke and Lorelai are kind of at the end of where they were in Season 4." - damselfly@FanForum

  • "I was told by my source that Rory doesn't get the Reston Internship" - genki@FanForum

  • "Rory has one last meal at the diner, and the final scene of the S7 finale mirrors the final scene of the pilot." - Nicolalala@FanForum

  • "Lorelai cancels a week before the party because there is no time with all that has to be done to get Rory off to Iowa. The townies are bummed since they not only missed graduation but will miss Rory's party too." - Looney6@TWoP

  • Ask Ausiello April 18, 2007 - thanks to withbatedbreath@FanForum
    Question: Do you know anything about the season/series finale of Gilmore Girls?— Jeremy
    Ausiello: I know that the townsfolk throw Rory a massive graduation party since most of them couldn't get tix to the real ceremony. I also know that the final scene features three characters and, per one source, "brings the show full circle."

  • "Lorelai and Rory plan a summer trip together but have to cancel when Rory gets a new job, and Luke's boat trip with April is also canceled." - Nicolalala@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - LoopeyGiggles - Thanks for the tour report LoopyGiggles! Did the sign literally say "somebody + somebody = love"? Or did it have two names but you just couldn't make them out? And did the room look like a storage room or had they filmed a scene in there with the wedding dresses do you think? "We can't remember the names. Jay and somebody I think. It wasn't a storage room. Definitely looked like it was set up for filming a scene. The dresses looked like they were hung up on display and there was one that looked like Mrs Kim's, all old fashioned and funky. The rest were normal. One table had a centerpiece and some other decorations on it - maybe glitter or little wedding bands, that kind of stuff. Something sparkly. And some paper streamers were hung up too. Some things I forgot: where the mansion was we walked through an art department and there was a paper mache bull's head sitting there. The guide didn't know what for. I forgot to say we found the dollhouse stuffed behind a wall near the crap shack too, with a bunch of other stuff, quilts and boxes. Rory's bedroom was full of moving boxes. We couldn't go into Stars Hollow, but we stood by Luke's and there was equipment and lights in front of it, and we could see bunches of balloons inside the church." - 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • "More on Rory's new job as a reporter: She'll be following Barack Obama on the campaign trail." - Nicolalala@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - LoopeyGiggles "...I went on a WB tour on Friday the 13th!!! Unlucky 13?! HA! I had so much fun! Hee! First of all Lauren Graham came up to the tour guide and thanked him for a beautiful blanket she had gotten from them. Wow!! Wasn't that so sweet? She is really nice and really pretty in person! She was going to be filming a scene where she was driving in circles around the town square in her Jeep. If that wasn't enough, when we toured the Gilmore mansion we ended up going through with a few people from the production team. They happened to be showing some family around at the same time we were there. We quickly asked them if they knew if the show was coming back for an 8th season. They said it was still completely up in the air, but they all were hoping it would come back. The mansion was also set up for filming. There were 4 table settings and they were set up all sorts of weird. There was a setting at each end, with another set on the corner of each end instead of in the middle of the sides. We also went into the Yale soundstage. It was almost completely torn down. The outside walkway was still there and we also saw the chalkboard that says Tucker Culbertson in the bookstore. AND there was a room with wedding dresses, one hanging in each corner, and a table with some sort of weird shaped wedding arrangement thingy. There was a sign hanging over the table that said somebody + somebody = love. We couldn't get into Stars Hollow because they were tearing down the party that was set up for Rory and then setting up a secret set. Intrigue! After that we continued into the Dragonfly soundstage. It's so cute and homey! There were so many pretty little decorations. Sadly, no key for room #7. From there we headed to the Crap Shack stage. There was frozen pizza in the freezer, Chinese food in the fridge, and no pop tarts to be found! There was also an ironing board in the living room, but no doll house. Christopher's TV was on the wall. BLECH!! We ran into some more WB employees in the house and we ended up having a Gilmore Face-Off to see who was the bigger fan. Our guide put his money on us. We won! ..." - Cappuccino@FanForum

  • The CW is not giving up on the show but "Some of the cast" don't want to come back. (I don't know if this means more than one or if AB and LG returning are tied together leading to the SOME part.) and Lorelai again sees what a wonderful man Luke has been for her and Rory, even after how she treated him over the last year when he plans the surprise party.

  • "Rory is going to Iowa. She gets a job with an online magazine." - Nicolalala@FanForum

  • "Lorelai cancels Rory's party, but Luke goes ahead and plans it as a surprise." - Nicolalala@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - April 13, 2007 - "MA knows what the last scene is and he will have more on that next week. And he will reveal whether or not it is those famous 4 words from ASP. Plus the things looking up? They are but for all he knows it could end this season. Talk about a vague answer." - Recap thanks to Wheredidtheanvilsgo?@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • www.thefutoncritic.com -
    GILMORE GIRLS - Season Finale (8:00-9:00 p.m.) Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) come to a new understanding, Stars Hollow throws a huge graduation party for Rory, and CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour guest stars in the episode titled "Bon Voyage." - SassyPaws@TWoP

  • Studio Tour "They had a house reserved in "Warner Village" (the same street that has Christopher's family house ) where they shoot outside shots. It was a nice traditional white clapboard style house-no info on who or what will be filmed there. I only got to see Stars Hollow from a distance because they were filming. Saw the huge multi-colored canopy over the town square-very colorful. We got as far as Sookie's house and the guard made the tour guide turn around. Weston's had tables and chairs outside with some women seated at them. I could not tell if they were extras or not. Our guide did say that the show was not returning-they were filming the finale. Sad." - cchurley@TWoP

  • Studio Tour "...the gazebo was still covered by the tent and the signs were still up. Apparently They were getting ready to shoot a scene in/near the gazebo and they had Lorelai's Jeep parked outside the Gazebo. Erm, not much else really. The garage door was open Sookie's side of the house and you could see Luke's boat. Our tour guide was nice but he didnt seem to know much about the show as he kept calling Lane, Laynie LOL. He was impressed that I'd come all the way from the UK just to see the sets and said that if he could, he would have shown me more. He also said that they were shooting the "season finale" and I said "series or season?" and he replied "ah well that would be telling" whether that means anything or not. We werent even allowed to take pictures around stars hollow but he did let me take one of Lorelai's house." - alwaysbeenyou@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello April 11, 2007 - thanks to Jet1945@FanBolt
    Question: I heard that Lauren Graham sent the season-finale script back to David Rosenthal because she didn't like it. Is that true?— Craig Best
    Ausiello: "Didn't like" is a little harsh, but, yeah, she requested a few tweaks, which, per my Girls mole, "resulted in some nice changes." One crazy rumor making the rounds is that Lauren wanted fewer Luke-Lorelai scenes. As I mentioned in my latest vodcast, nothing could be further from the truth. The details about who does what changed, but the amount of time they're on screen together is just the same. And it's just as significant to their story line.
    Question: OMG, is the CW ever going to tell us if the Gilmore Girls is ending? What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going on over there?— Rebecca
    Ausiello: Turns out, there's no huge rush to make a decision. I'm told Episode 22 can serve as either a series or a season finale. So, theoretically, they can continue negotiating with Lauren and Alexis right up until the CW upfront on May 17. That said, I hear things are looking up.
    Question: Will Logan appear in the Gilmore Girls finale?— Kat
    Ausiello: Matt Czuchry is not appearing in the finale, but Logan is referenced during a conversation between Lorelai and Rory.

  • Studio Tour with pictures - no spoilers more of the same - dipp922@livejournal

  • Studio Tour - "They are filming on the Stars Hollow set today, and Lauren and Alexis were there. It's a party for Rory in the square, and there's a big patchwork tarp over the gazebo and most of the square, and it's raining on the show so the streets were all wet. There were pipe frames set up overhead to make the rain. There were lots of odd tables and chairs on the grass under the tarp, and all different kinds of funny lamps on the tables. Lorelai's jeep was parked near the high school across from the soda shoppe, and it had a fake Connecticut license plate on it. We went into the Dragonfly Inn and looked in Lorelai's house too. The front wall of Rory's room was taken out for filming, so we could see right inside. There were some boxes packed and marked with things like 'books'. I remember her bed on tv was brown wood, but this one had white slats for the headboard and footboard. Lorelai's living room has the flat panel tv on the wall, and photographs everywhere. It all looked like it does on tv. The tour guide said it was confirmed the show isn't coming back in the fall, because Alexis didn't want to do it." - malangue@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - pictures - " Went on a tour of the WB today. They were setting up a huge "Bon Voyage Rory" party in the town square, complete with dance floor, disco balls (they replaced the bell in the gazebo with a little disco ball, lol), and a big colorful tarp covering the gazebo and entire party area. I believe it is being filmed tomorrow. Also, the guide said that Christiane Amanpour was scheduled to shoot a scene today with Rory and Lorelai at the DFI. That was where all filming was taking place today, the DFI and Lorelai's house interior. We ran into Sally Struthers in the Gilmore Mansion. She was eating lunch with some friends at the FND table, lol. The guide didn't want to bother them, so we walked around quietly and were leaving when she said "Hey, where are you going? Don't you want to come say hello?" So we did, and she shook our hands and we introduced ourselves. She is so sweet and personable. Then she mentioned that they were filming the last episode of the season, and she hoped it wouldn't be the last one of the series, and crossed her fingers. It really didn't seem like she knew the outcome yet of a S8 decision. We said we are all crossing our fingers as well! " - angel312@TWoP

  • Studio Tour - "I keep remembering more things. The last room filmed in Emily and Richard's in ep. 21 or 22 was in the living room, and there were four chairs around the two couches. I thought those were usually there, but the guide said that that means that other people besides just the gilmores must be there." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "The season 8 stuff, honestly, nothing on my tour gave me any hope. They gave the usual lines about not knowing anything, but both guides turned very negative about it by the end, like, "Good thing you came out now," etc. Oh, he also mentioned that almost everyone on the show is in the finale, including ALL the townies." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Lorelai tells Luke that they have to cancel a party, but I don't know what the party is. There's a nighttime scene in Sookie's that was filmed on Thurs in which Sookie gives Lorelai a fannypack. Also, there's a scene with Luke, Lorelai and Rory and all the townies in the finale. The guide said that he swears he saw MC's name on one of the callsheets for the finale. They were filming in Luke's either Wed. night or Thursday, because it was set up for filming on Wed, but clear on Friday. The CS and the DFI remained hot sets though on Friday, and LG was filming in one of those on Wednesday." - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "All I know is that there is a potential different ending to the one you all are specing about." - AbbyRae@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Wednesday began eppy 22 and it started in Stage 18, either the DFI and/or the CS -- doors were closed and locked with no admittance. Saw LG and AB a couple of times, looking like they were in deep conversations with each other (both times). Neither had a script in their hands -- I can speculate that they were talking about "other" things -- if you know what I mean, I saw them preparing an evening scene at Sookie's house for filming on Thursday. On Thursday, they also were filming at Luke's Diner as well as Sookie's. As of Thursday nite late, they still had Sookie's house as a "hot" set, meaning resume filming on Monday. I was snake bitten all week with no SP sightings, but saw his car 2-3 times." - SPA@FanForum

  • "I know for a fact that they will shoot two different endings, a season or series, that's what I mean." - LLLovers@FanForum

  • "FWIW (for what it's worth), I was told that LG only asked for minor changes that had nothing to do with L/L. And that she never refused to film anything. Take this with a grain of salt of course." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • "We did see them painting something on the ground inside of the DFI stage. It was a curtain of some kind and they were using stencils to paint various fish and seahorses on it. Maybe somehow that ties into the whole Bon Voyage theme?" - Angel312@TWoP

  • "Would it make you all feel better if you knew Chris wasn't in 7.22? Cos - SPOILER ALERT - he isn't in 7.22." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • Studio Tour - "Went to the CS; Lorelai's new car (SUV) was missing. I presume we will be seeing her drive it sometime during 22. A huge crane was at the park where the gazebo is and they were installing a huge colorful plastic tarp over it. No explanation as to why. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked, what is the storyline for L/L? David said: "Well, everyone wants them to be together. But I believe [he - David] that eppys 21 and 22 are a two-parter for Rory's graduation. Nothing, not-one-thing, was mentioned about a L/L reunion." - lulu1960@TWoP

  • "I was also told that Logan would not be in 7.22. But I was told that the info about LG refusing to shoot the finale was wrong." - Saranoh@FanForum

  • Sides - sidesexpress.com "Bon Voyage" is the title one side for Charlie listed below - Katiegg108@FanForum

  • "Admittedly, some of this upset me so I contacted my source at GG. I do know that my source and therefore trust him/her to be honest with me. I sent a verbatim copy of mozzarella's post (see above for a copy of what I sent to My Friend). I know My Friend is very busy but took the time to respond to me the following message: ...the information you are getting is wrong. Now the response is rather cryptic and you may choose to interpret it anyway you want but I found it reassuring. - SassyPaws@TWoP

  • "I asked my source about whether Logan would be in 7.22, whether there would be any time-jump between 7.21 and 7.22, and what the current state of negotiations is. The reply I got is that Logan is not in 7.22, which would indicate that the break-up in 7.21 is final; the finale episode takes place about a week or two after Rory's graduation; and that Lauren and Alexis have both said that they are done with the show, but my source thinks that the CW's negotiations will continue up until the fall schedule is announced in May. My source also believes that given Lauren's feelings about Scott, there will "never ever in a million years" be a season in which Luke and Lorelai have a baby. My source also said that Lauren read the finale script just this past week and refused to do it, forcing David Rosenthal and the remaining two writers on staff to rewrite it in a couple of days." - mozzarella@TWoP

  • Logan is not in the season final.

  • Luke and Lorelai will be romantically involved before season/series end but just how much depends on season 8, but we will know where they stand. - email

  • Studio Tour - tv.com - "Directed by Lee Shallet Chemel" - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • Ausiello Report "According to a CW insider, the net "wanted more original Gilmore episodes in May." - gjoni@FanForum

  • New Air date "May 15, 7.22" - curlyhead@FanForum

  • Ausiello Report TV Guide - Rory meets her idol "Christiane Amanpour" May 8 (episode 7.22 and likely the series final) "Talks to bring the show back for an eighth season have stalled, and, according to several sources, there's little hope for a turnaround." - gjoni@FanForum

  • "DR has already stated previously there's no time jump at the end of this season (he answered it when talking about incorporating Melissa's pregnancy into the show)." - gossipcom@FanForum

  • "7.18 is scheduled to air on April 10 (according to TV Guide magazine -- and be warned, there are spoilers in the blurb). Assuming there are no reruns in the last group of episodes, that would put 7.22 on May 8." - juststandstill@TWoP

  • "They will be shooting non stop until on or about 4/13 (a Friday the 13th, BTW) when they wrap for the season" - Captain Hawkeye@FanForum

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