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7.13 - I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia (144) (February 6, 2007)

Title: I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia
Air Date: February 6, 2007
Written by: Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

The CW
“GILMORE GIRLS” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia” (Content Rating TBA) (HDTV)
RICHARD IS HOSPITALIZED — In the hospital waiting room, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Emily (Kelly Bishop) anxiously await word on Richard’s (Edward Herrmann) condition. When Logan (Matt Czuchry) hears what is happening, he borrows a helicopter to be by Rory’s side, but Lorelai is unable to reach Christopher (David Sutcliffe), who is still angry over their fight the night before. Upset by Emily’s attempt to remain calm by dealing with her social calendar, Lorelai is relieved when Luke (Scott Patterson) shows up unannounced and volunteers to run errands for Emily. Christopher finally arrives to be with Lorelai, but the scene at the hospital is more than he can take. Lee Shallat Chemel directed the episode written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner (#2T7763).

While Lorelai, Rory and Emily wait at the hospital for news of Richard's condition, Logan borrows a helicopter so that he can be there with Rory, and Luke arrives to help out and ends up running errands for Emily. Meanwhile, Lorelai cannot reach Christopher, to whom she hasn't talked since he stormed out of the house. - wej5541@FanForum

February 6, 2007 "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia"
Lorelai, Rory and Emily anxiously await word on Richard's condition. Will he pull through? When Logan hears what about Richard, he borrows a helicopter to be with Rory. Lorelai is stunned by Emily's attempt to remain calm by dealing with her social calendar. Luke shows up unannounced and volunteers to run errands for Emily, making Lorelai very happy....and a little shocked. Still reeling over their fight the night before, Christopher finally comes to the hospital, but the commotion is more than he can take. - withbatedbreath@FanForum


  • Ratings - "Gilmore Girls" continued to surge during the second half of the season, posting another season high in women 18-34 (4.1/10-tie). - gossipcom@TWoP

  • Ratings - pifeedback.com - 4,697,000 viewers - 3.2/5 HH - 2.5/7 A18-34 - 2.0/5 A18-49. - gossipcom@TWoP

  • Ratings - thefutoncritic.com - Overall, The CW ranked second on Tuesday night among women 18-34 (3.1/7), and beat ABC and NBC from 8:00-10:00 p.m. in adults 18-34 (2.0/5) and women 18-49 (2.3/5). - Mag13@FanForum

  • Ratings - pifeedback.com - the CW’s veteran Gilmore Girls (Viewers: #5, 4.62 million; A18-49: #4, 2.0/ 5). To the fans -- or non-fans -- of Gilmore Girls debating whether the show should return next season, note that it’s year-ago performance on the WB was a heftier 5.40 million viewers with a 2.4/ 6 among adults 18-49 (and that was also opposite American Idol). I vote to let Gilmore Girls exit while it still has some dignity left.

  • Ratings - TVGuide.com - " Gilmore Girls (4.62 million) was up 360K week-to-week, delivering its best numbers since Dec. 5. Lead-out Veronica Mars, however and alas, shed another 270,000 viewers, setting a new season low of 2.47 mil. - shinystar@FanForum

  • Review - TVGuide Podcast - Feb 09, 2007 - They liked it for the most part but hated Chris - Recap thanks to MickeyJr3000@FanForum - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Review - Matt Roush - TV Guide "What kind of person doesn’t at least return her calls with an “OMG, I’m so sorry, I’ll be there, this is awful, what can I do?” Answer: There is no such person, just a victim of bad soap-opera writing."

  • Review - EW.com - "This was hands down the best episode of the season. Give the writer, Rebecca Rand Kirshner, a raise, give Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop their Emmy nominations, give Sookie and Michel and Babette pies for their kind treatment of Lorelai, and let's all give Christopher hell."

  • Review - Robin Honig TV Guide - "This is the great stuff I’ve been waiting weeks for, two characters, two lost souls, bonding over something real. I’m sorry, but tonight the two Girls were Lorelai and Emily. Too bad if that disappoints you, but they’re still Gilmores. And right now, I’ll take them just as they are." - wej5541@FanForum

  • Review - "So this is what it takes to get a good episode this season? Richard Gilmore has to have open-heart surgery? Well, I guess if this is what they have to do, I can accept that. Maybe next week, they'll give Paul Anka worms." - tvsquad.com

  • Recap - Thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

  • Recap - Thanks to SarahLovesLogan@FanForum - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4


  • I was just told that Chris was originally supposed to walk off, but they changed it. I WAS told, however, that Chris walking off was never supposed to be all that significant. So no worries, people. - Saranoh@FanForum

  • It was never going to be an epiphany. Ever. I was told that from the beginning. - Saranoh@FanForum

  • TV Guide description (Hot List) Gilmore Girls - 8 pm/ET CW New "Anxiety and irony run through tonight's episode in which Rory, Lorelai and Emily wait at the hospital for news of Richard's condition. Lorelai is anxious about her father — and Christopher, who hasn't called since he walked out on her in anger. Among the reasons he left was Lorelai's acknowledgement in her letter that Luke has always been there for her. The irony is that, while Christopher is off pouting somewhere, Luke arrives at the hospital to be with Lorelai. In addition, Logan takes a helicopter in to be with Rory." - Bill Ecklund - gossipcom@TWoP

  • Robert Bianco - "Gilmore Girls (CW, 8 ET/PT) may only be a shade of what it once was, but it still has some wonderful (if no longer well-used) actors, including Edward Herrmann and Kelly Bishop as Lorelai's parents, Richard and Emily. So fans who have given up on the show may want to check back in tonight to find out whether Richard recovers from his heart attack, an event, apparently, that is designed to remind Lorelai that she's unhappily and unwisely married. And who didn't know that?" - gossipcom@TWoP

  • TV Squad - Gilmore Girls (Tue., 8PM, The CW) It's started. Yep, the train to Luke-and-Lorelai-ville has left the station and going full speed ahead. First, she wrote a beautiful, heartfelt letter for his custody trial. Now, Luke's there for her and the entire Gilmore family after Richard's classroom collapse. He even runs errands for Emily! And Logan borrows a helicopter to lend Rory his support. And where's Christopher? Nowhere to be seen. Not even a phone call. Choo-choo, folks, choo-choo. - clmorrow@FanForum

  • Global 7:13 Promo - aired Sunday, February 4, 2007 - youtube - Transcript thanks to 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • Director's Cut clip - cwtv.com/video - clip - yousendit and youtube copies thanks to Cappuccino - transcripts thanks to lancer1993@FanForum

  • A longer promo on cwtv.com/video - ""I'm your wife. Seems like you should be here." "That's not okay Chris, you know, not okay."" and Luke brings food from the diner - yousendit and youtube copies thanks to Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Pictures - High Quality studio pictures from The CW, thanks to Fraz and Jet1945@FanBolt

  • Pictures - "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia"-- (R-L) Logan (Matt Czuchry) borrows a helicopter to get to the hospital, and he and Rory (Alexis Bledel) collect some of Richard's favorite personal items for his hospital stay in GILMORE GIRLS on The CW. - Rory and Logan picture - curlyhead@FanForum

  • Rebecca Rand Kirshner wrote this episode - gossipcom@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 11, 2007 - "Christopher is not aware of Richard's health crisis; what matters is that he is not there when Lorelai needs him."- massimin@TWoP - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • "i can confirm that it was planned from the beginning on" - little_earthquake@FanForum

  • "I wanted to confirm (because I was just told) that Loreali indeed initiates the End of Our National Nightmare. Otherwise known as her marriage to Christopher. It's not a mutual decision." - Ciaobella@FanForum - "...for all intent and purposes, in Lorelai's heart and mind, it's over in 713" - Ciaobella@FanForum - "It was never an AHA! moment, more like a culmination of what she's been beginning to understand during the last few episodes, or actually since she came home from France. In 713 she finally admits it to herself." - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • TVGuide Podcast - Jan 05, 2007 - "There’s other factors, yeah. Initially I thought it was gonna be, like, a major epiphany; it’s not. Really, she just uhm, I think, sees Luke maybe in a whole new light and Christopher when Richard gets sick, because Luke is the one who really steps up and is there for the family, Emily specifically. Christopher, however, is off sulking about a fight that he had with Lorelai, so she’s trying to get a hold of him all day, and he’s not around. So really, Luke was the one who was there when she needed him, so I think" - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

  • Studio tour - "Jeeps were still looking good as new" - "the guide said that they were filming a scene at the Gilmore Mansion right before Christmas" - JumpinJulie04@FanForum - more details here

  • Episode title "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia" - gossipcom@FanForum - meaning? peachypeep@FanForum - or Cappuccino@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Dec 20, 2006 - "...there will be a death around Episode 13, but not a serious one. In fact, it's kinda funny." - caf123@FanBolt

  • Location shoot at an "abandoned hospital" possibly for this episode - empressdrew@TWoP

  • 99% sure Logan is at the hospital supporting Rory - gossipcom - GGMinn@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - Question: In the last podcast, you said that the story line on Gilmore Girls with Chris sulking and Luke helping Emily while Richard is sick has been "tweaked." Does that also mean that Lorelai's resulting epiphany about the two men has also changed? - Katie
    Ausiello: Turns out it was just a minor "tweaking." The story plays out the same way, with Luke running errands for Emily and Chris throwing a pity party for himself. But it's my understanding that Lorelai's epiphany will be more gradual. The end result, of course, will be the same: Luke in, Christopher out. Speaking of Episode 13, in a Gilmore first, nearly the entire hour will take place in the hospital. I hear there's some great Lorelai/Emily stuff. It's about damn time.lancer1993@FanBolt

  • It's the episode. (The epiphany from Lorelai) - Sara2009@TWoP

  • I REALLY think we shouldn't worry too much about it being "gradual." - Sara2009@TWoP

  • TVGuide Podcast - Dec 01, 2006 - "The Richard being sick SL with Luke and Chris has been "tweaked" - transcript thanks to lorelaisgirl@FanForum

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  • Ask Ausiello - NO COMMENT when ask is Chris is out by ep 13, Luke, Luke and Christopher choose to deal with Richard's health crisis in very different ways: Luke chooses to run around helping Emily, while Christopher chooses to go off and sulk about a bad fight he had with Lorelai. - caf123@FanForum

  • Ask Ausiello - "I hear Episode 13 marks a turning point in the Luke/Lorelai/Christopher triangle. And Richard's health crisis plays a critical role."

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Speculation (Below is spec based on the spoilers and what I think might happen)
Added Dec 24, 2006 - Luke takes Lorelai to the hospital to see a sick Richard, he helps out Emily while there as he doesn't want to see any sick people. Lorelai is still to tell anyone that Chris has gone and they are asking where is he, Lorelai say away on business. Logan turns up to support Rory and be of any help he can. Lorelai tells Luke that Chris is gone and breaks down in Luke's arms, Rory finally gets hold of Chris who turns up late to see Luke and Lorelai hugging.