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7.04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous (135) (October 17, 2006)

Title: 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous
Air Date: October 17, 2006
Written by: Gayle Abrams
Directed by: Victor Nelli

CW Episode Description
"GILMORE GIRLS" - (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
"'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous" (TV-PG) (HDTV)
RICHARD GOES TO YALE, EMILY GOES TO JAIL - Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Christopher (David Sutcliffe) have begun to date, and although Lorelai is finding it difficult to fully commit to the relationship, Christopher keeps coming up with romantic dates to win her over. Back at Yale, Rory (Alexis Bledel) meets some eccentric new girlfriends at an art exhibit, and Richard (Edward Herrmann) becomes a guest lecturer. April (guest star Vanessa Marano) comes to stay with Luke (Scott Patterson) for a few weeks while Ana (guest star Sherilyn Fenn) is out of town. Finally, Emily gets arrested and Lorelai has to bail her out of jail. Melissa McCarthy, Liza Weil and Matt Czuchry also star. Victor Nelli directed the episode written by Gayle Abrams (#2T7754).

TV Guide description for 7.04
Lorelai and Christopher start dating, and Christopher's romantic gestures are making it hard for Lorelai to take their relationship slowly; Rory covers an art show for the paper and makes some new friends; April arrives to stay with Luke for a few weeks while Anna is away; Richard takes a position as guest lecturer at Yale; and Lorelai is surprised by some unbelievable news regarding her mother. Joni: Rona Benson. Sheila: Amy Sloan. A.K.: Adam Hendershott.



  • Directors Cut for this ep at cwtv.com/video, it can also be download here, just save to your computer and use FLV software to view it. - transcript thanks to n.ro@FanForum

  • Promo in Canada, C&L on their date, Emily in jail - 2ggObsessed@FanForum

  • April stays with Luke while Anna is out of town - thefutoncritic.com

  • April and Anna are in this episode - Bootie@FanForum

  • Chris and Lorelai Laughing about picking up Emily and the poilce - Bootie@FanForum

  • "Emily is arrested because it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving" - SpoilerFix - denisetjuh1@FanFourm

  • Police Station says, "Hartford Police Department" - notoutforawalk@FanForum

  • Costume calls for 7.04 are for late summer in CT - Jet1945@FanForum

  • Tour info (thanks Katiegg108) Thanksgiving stuff at the DFI, Luke's boat in Lorelai garage and pic's for this ep from zevushlvr@FanForum

  • On the date Chris drives an old red Mustang convertible. When he takes her home, she asks him to stay the night and kisses him (Not a peck). Bootie@FanForum

  • Not Chris and Lorelai's first date - notoutforawalk@FanForum

  • Luke has new cap (a black one), Chris on phone - Ciaobella@FanForum

  • A "Barn Door" set ready and Halloween decorations on several sets - diamond_divaaa@FanForum Asian decorations are gone from Lorelai's house - diamond_divaaa@FanForum

  • A now confirmed spoiler posted by Danely@TWoP - Chris and Lorelai are on a date, Chris has set up a "drive-in" on the side of a barn, with snacks. They talk and are "cutesy" (not my words) then Chris wants to go back to his apartment, G.G. is away for the night. Lorelai doesn't want to go and gets a call from Emily about being pulled over by the police for talk on her cell while driving. It was from a script and it's real! Danely@TWoP

  • sides - Richard meet Rory and the girls and is asked to judge a "groove off" between the girls.

  • sides - Rory meets 2 "artsy" girls and becomes fast friends inviting them back to the apartment.

  • sides - Emily is pulled over for using her cell phone while driving.

  • Casting Notice Shooting schedual Aug 22 - Aug 31 Bootie@FanForum

  • Two casting notices - Lucy and Olivia, 2 artsy Yale students who meet Rory at an art show - they bring some much needed fun into her life. Both recurring roles. Looks like it's for 7.04, and the director is listed as Victor Nelli. - Bootie@FanForum.

sides - Sides, Summary and Timeline from Gen@FanForum

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Speculation (Below is spec based on the spoilers and what I think might happen)
Added August 14th, 2006 - It is weeks maybe months since the timeline for the last episode, so Yale is back. Richard has a tutor job there and Rory is at the paper. She quickly makes some friends at an art show on campus and they end up back at the apartment.

Emily is arrested for using her cell phone while driving and Lorelai is call, who is out on a "date" with Chris. He has set up a drive-in with the screen on the side of a barn, at the end of the evening he wants to go back to his apartment but Lorelai doesn't, she then get the call from Emily.

After taking Emily home Lorelai asks Chris back to her house to spend the night. Something she see (Luke at the diner with Anna) or something that Emily says about moving on or about Chris makee her change her mind from not wanting to go back to Chris' but to spend the night at her house.