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7.03 - Lorelai's First Cotillion (134) (October 10, 2006)

Title: Lorelai's First Cotillion
Air Date: October 10, 2006
Written by: Rina Mimoun
Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

CW Episode Description
“Lorelai’s First Cotillion” (TV- ) (HDTV)
SHALL WE DANCE? — When Richard (Edward Herrmann) and Emily (Kelly Bishop) have no real reaction to the news of her break up with Luke (Scott Patterson), Lorelai (Lauren Graham) suddenly realizes that most of her emotional life has been based on doing and feeling the opposite of whatever her parents want. Later, when Michel (Yanic Truesdale) forces Lorelai to attend Emily’s beautiful cotillion dance, Lorelai discovers that some things her parents wanted for her weren’t really that terrible. Rory (Alexis Bledel) has a tough time making her long-distance relationship with Logan (Matt Czuchry) work. After taking Rory out for a father/daughter dinner, Christopher (David Sutcliffe) makes a startling confession to Lorelai. Melissa McCarthy and Keiko Agena also star. Lee Shallat Chemel directed the episode written by Rina Mimoun.

TV Guide 7.03 description:
Lorelai expects the worst from her parents when she finally tells them that she and Luke ended their engagement, but she's more upset when they hardly react; Lane gets very little response from Zack when she shares her big news; Michel collects on an old IOU for a favor from Lorelai and forces her to take him to a cotillion that Emily organized; and Rory, missing Logan, finds an uncharacteristic way of expressing her feelings to him. Charlotte: Hannah Leigh Dworkin. Arthur: James Hornbeck.


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Speculation (Below is spec based on the spoilers and what I think might happen)
Added August 15th, 2006 - The diner will re open, April and Anna will be there IMO, this makes sense because she was at the original opening about 13 years ago, I think there will be a flash back scene to the day. Mean while at the Cotillion "dance" Lorelai will be helping, some of it is at the DFI. There may also be a flash back scene from Lorelai's past cotillion dances. Lorelai will not be at the diner opening but may watch from across the town square. Lorelai may then decide to move or (or try to) with Chris and go to him and start a romantic "relationship" again.

That's about all we have right now, we don't know if Chris or Logan are in the episode or if Luke and Lorelai have a scene.

Remember this is all SPECULATION.