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7.21 - Unto The Breach - (152)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

I liked this ep even though it was a sad ending for Logan after 3 years on the show, "All or nothing" haven't we heard that somewhere before?

I did like that Lorelai only gave her opinion after Rory have made up her mind, and that she told others including Luke, speaking of. How much more time do they have to waste and why didn't Lorelai realise Luke was standing right there when she said the song menat nothing! And then she expects him to do something!

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
They how talk outside the diner could not have been clearer for those watching, they were thalking about each other, not Rory and Logan.

Kirk was his usual self int he clear Lucite box, the townies were upset 'cause they couldn't go to the Yale ceremony, the one time they bring reality into the show and it's now! I still think given all that was said about Luke. And Lorelai's reason for ending the marriage to chris he should have been there. Not for Lorelai but for Rory.

They Chris stuff was weird also, they did divorce but we never seen or heard it on screen, but at least it's officially
OVER! It was like they never married and it was back to how they were in season 5, just friends, until "Wedding Bell Blues".

Then there was Emily wanting to butt in and aksing why Lorelai has not, We get it, they are different, they have been telling us for 7 years Emily and Lorelai are different, did we really need to go over it yet again. Nice to hear Richard call Lorelai "Sweetheart", just a pity we have yet to see Lorelai and Emily hug.

Best lines
RICHARD: Actually, Kissinger would be duller than Kundera with that foghorn voice and that accent. Of the two, I'd vote for the Fonz.

EMILY: Do you even know who the Fonz is?


LORELAI: Well, they love each other. He’s been great. Maybe they got it together young. Some people do.

LUKE: Right and others need time.

LORELAI: Sure. Or they're never ready.

LUKE: I wouldn't say "never." Just they want to be a little more careful. They're a little slower, you know, just to make sure it’s right.

LORELAI: Well you can't always be 100% sure it’s right. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

LUKE: You got to know what you're leaping into.

LORELAI: After all this time, how could you not know?

LUKE: How could who not know?


LUKE: Right.


LUKE: Rory.


RORY: So I guess no avocado trees.

LORELAI: Well, no avocado tree.

RORY: You know, I think I'll get my own avocado tree.

LORELAI: See? You could get your own cherry tree, get your own peanut tree, just have peanut butter all day long.

RORY: Peanuts don't grown on trees. They grow under the ground.

LORELAI: Whatever. My point is you can have anything you want.

RORY: Oh, yes. It’s wide open.

Best scenes
Sad - Logan walking away with the engagement ring.

- Kirk in a box!

Doh! - Luke and Lorelai talking about the proposal but really abotu themselves.

My Rating

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