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7.18 - Hay Bale Maze (149)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

A good return to Stars Hollow but at first I found it a little slow, maybe that had more to do with the expectation of a new episode for the first time in months.

Great Rory and logan stuff, nice to see Luke and Lorelai talking again and the April and Lorelai hug.
Great scenes between Lorelai and Logan and a great last scene with Luke and Lorelai.

If anyone else didn't pick up on the maze as a symbol for not onlu Luke and Lorelai but Rory and Logan then they are brain dead!

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
The only bits I don't like was no Emily and Richard, No Paul Anka and no Liz and TJ.

Best lines
BABETTE: What about Morey’s salty nuts?! How’s he supposed to have his salty nuts booth if we don't have a lemonade booth? If people start eating salty nuts and they don't have easy access to lemonade, their mouths will fall off.


GYPSY: Why not? The festival is tomorrow, and I have to start squeezing my lemons, and I don't have my equipment or my booth.


RORY: All right you guys figure out my future. I'm gonna go pick up these pies.


LOGAN: We can do a pro/con list about you doing a pro/con list, but I say we do it in the morning.


LOGAN: Yeah what if your mom’s out there? I don't want her thinking I'm David Hasselhoff or something.

RORY: She’s not gonna think you're David Hasselhoff. Socks? Logan, she’s not gonna think anything weird. I promise.

LOGAN: Socks without shoes looks ridiculous. I'll be right back, sweetie.

RORY: All right, good night, David Hasselhoff.

Best scenes
Luke and Lorelai - Hay Bale Maze

Rory and Logan
- Talking about what Rory wants before going into the maze, then the fork in the path.

Lorelai and Logan - Outside Weston's then the Kitchen

My Rating

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