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7.16 - Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore? (147)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

I liked this episode for a number of reasons, we got the townies as part of the story line which has been rare of late. Lorelai being a mediator, just needs to talk to Luke more though. they are currectly in this weird place where they are friends but they hardly talk any more and Lorelai has still not gone to the diner.

Logan is falling back to his old ways which is believable but getting alittle boring to watch, at least he spoke to Rory about what's going on.

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
Kirk was great butLuke selling his boat and buying a new one was out of the blue a bit, I guess it's all part of him changing and doing things he wouldn't normally. Maybe one day he'll take a chance on Lorelai again but not yet. I think the reason is they were both hurt by what happen and they are in an easy place now so don't want to mess with that or be hurt again, so neith wants to risk a rejection by opening up first.

The show was good and what better way to get Lane there that roll her down the street in bed, what is weird is how were they gonna fit all those people in Lorelai's house? I also guess Luke didn't want to go at first 'cause it was at Lorelai's house, to many feelings there right now.

So we have 2 set ups for the end of season/series. Luke and the boat trips with april. And Rory with her possiable New York Times job.

The final scenes were great, but I just wish they would take some more.

Best lines
RORY: I will do. Oh, my god. The New York Times called me -- and not the subscriptions department.

SOOKIE: Don't blame me. I'm not the one that got camera-happy for this Rory kid.

KIRK: It's a powerful feeling seeing yourself immortalized in print. Sure, it's only newsprint. It rips easily, it comes off on your fingers, and the next day, people use it to wrap fish, but, hey, it's how Dickens got started.

Best scenes
Sad - None really apart from the look on Lorelai face when Luke says "Yeah, well, things change." I don't know if Lorelai was sad in that moment and didn't know what to say?

Funny - Rolling Lane down the street!

My Rating

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