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7.15 - I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar - (146)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

I dont know if I liked the ep, yes it was great to have no Chris but his stink is still in the air and may be for the rest of the season. I do like that Rory thought it wasn't right but I dont know if she was just following her mothers lead and telling her what she wanted to here, no surprise there considering how she acted after the shock of them eloping wore off.

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
I hate the idea of filler eps but this comes pretty close to that, apart from Lorelai telling Rory and Lorelai, and the town finding out nothing really happened, yes Richard was miserable and Logan got some bad news but it would have been nice if Lorelai returned home and she saw the townies and realised they knew or if she had gotten a call from Luke saying he was sorry and he was there waiting at the diner if she needed to talk or just a coffee.

Rory's reaction to the news was a little weird in my opinion, later when Logan asked she sounded like she wasn't that okay with it so maybe if we get a scene with Rory and Chris then she might finally say something but I'm not holding my breath. I had a feeling like she was saying what Lorelai wanted to hear in the car. And since when does Lorelai or Rory leave home without a cell phone and why not go into the hall or for coffee/breakfast to talk. Again this was just a set up to make a point about Lorelai moving on and in control, then she runs out of gas, is that an anvil for a future Lorelai breakdown?

Best lines
FRANCETTE: Look, Mrs. Gilmore, I have to reiterate, I am here as a medical professional, not a carrier pigeon.

T.J.: Ah dude, they're everywhere -- flying around, popping out of the flour container, congregating around the light bulbs, all pasty and white. I swear moths are like the loser butterflies that couldn't get laid if they tied a $100 bill to their…

Best scenes
Sad - Logan after the call about the problems with the business. And the final scene with Lorelai and Emily

- Any thing with TJ plus the Kirk, Babette and Miss Patty one.

My Rating

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