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7.12 - To Whom It May Concern (143)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

I liked this episode it was one of the best of the season, We still had very little of Emily and no Logan or much of the town, even though Lorelai and Sookie walked just about the length of the set in their baby talk scene.

I liked we finally got to see Richard at Yale and more Paris, Lucy and Rory made up and Luke won his case, unknowingly causing problems for Lorelai with Chris.

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
But one thing this did feel like was the episode was just 40 minutes of set up (maybe longer if you include last week) for the final scene and Chris walking out. But still great performances by all for a change.

As I said Luke was great in the court room and Scott Patterson's acting was outstanding as a father who just wanted to be a dad, something sourly missing between Chris and Rory. Why have we had no growth between them? It was nice to have Lorelai's voice over for the part of the letter we saw Chris read it, it hit home how much Lorelai has a connection with Luke. And it finally hit Chris what that is but he made it more about Luke than Rory, why didn't he pick up on the fact Luke as father like to Rory for many years and then both Luke and Chris' reactions to it was outstanding!

Also how can we forget the big ending with Richard collapsing and then the scene fading out, "Call 911".

I think the show is back to what it should have been all season.

Lauren Graham also now has a producer credit, what this mean for the series is anyones guess.

Best lines
SOOKIE: Don't speak. Don't breathe. Don't even look at me. I'm gonna go for a walk, and while I'm gone, you're gonna have that taken care of.


SOOKIE: No. No talking. Just do it, or when I get home, I will. Lorelai, let's go!


SOOKIE: I mean what am I supposed to do -- start watching him brush his teeth? Does he want me to start cutting his meat?

LORELAI: I don't think he wants his meat cut at all.

Best scenes
Sad - Last scene with Lorelai and Chris fight, she wanted to work it out even if it looked like her heart was not 100% in to it. Then Chris just walks out after dissing Luke and his coffee, blaspheme!

Funny - Sookie, Jackson and the baby news (also Davey was great and Lorelai was cute with him, just a pity we may never see her have another kid on the show), that walk though the town was classic Gilmore and the best scene the ladies have been in for a while.

My Rating

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