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7.08 - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium - (139)
Review by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

I'm keeping these shorter this time to about a page full but we'll see how it goes.

Sorry but I don't know who to hate more, Chris for his chest beating “Things are gonna change” or Lorelai for the “you’re the only one” attitude she has now and the 2 years with Luke were nothing, I almost prefer it if they had not meet this week. Or Rory for “I’m happy for you” while I was not sure if she meant it.

Why is DSR making me hate these characters?

Thanks to opposites-are-polar.net for the screen cap
Luke and April, now how long have they been living together, at this point it must be longer than with Lorelai, although he never officially moved in with Lorelai. It was great to see Luke playing daddy again, much better than Chris has been with Rory. He know they was something wrong and put his own feelings aside to call the one person he knew could help. But there conversation was weird, it was like they had been talking and it was not the first call in 6 moths. Back to April, good to see she is “normal” and having a fight with daddy. Where is her mother in all this, still in New Mexico, it would have been nice to at least have a phone call, but I guess that was done off screen.

Rory, Chris and Lorelai, This are going nice for them but I have the feeling Lorelai doesn’t want things to change while Chris does “we’re married things are gonna change” He also doesn’t see Rory’s reaction to the news which is short lived, what happened to her, she went from pro Luke and Lorelai in past seasons to “you’re meant to be” for her parents, I think she just wants her mother to be happy. In the end Lorelai changes her mind and decides to change Rory’s room in to Gigi’s with Rory’s blessing.

And why is Lorelai cooking, was it just the cover to get Rory over 'cause it's wrong on 2 fronts, first she can't or won't cook, second she hate to eat snails, remember The Reigning Lorelai?

Logan and Rory, Logan pays a surprise visit and is back to stay, in the US. Taking a new job in NYC he is going to move since it makes more sense to live in Manhattan than commute to his old place. Rory still being made at just finding out her parents eloped writes a mean article about Logan’s new business and didn’t even realise. She also realises that she has been living a double standard, rent free for months. It’s good to see someone light a fire under her butt and this time it’s Logan and not Jess. They make up which is good and again shows that in a lot of ways then are more grown up that her parents.

Luke and Lorelai, The hospital scene was why too short and heart breaking, Luke finally talking to Lorelai again, but it’s hard to tell if this was the first time since the supermarket in episode 7.02. Lorelai didn’t say anything about his new cap and they kinda left off like nothing had happened, again it felt weird. Lorelai came in with her coat over her arm/hand which was a nice way to hide the ring until the worst possible time. And funny how the doctor assumed they were married right at the time Luke sees the ring, I guess he assumes that she married Chris or at the least engaged to him. Shame they didn’t have time to talk before Luke when to go and see April. Also nice going DSR having Lorelai tell Chris about April before she left.

Over all a better episode than last week but I felt it was missing something, oh right, where are the townies, PA and Lane? Paris was also MIA, I guess to make room for Rory’s new friends. And since she is not at the paper does that mean less of Paris? Most of all I miss PA.

Best lines
RORY: Hey, you didn't take dad's name, did you?

LORELAI: No. No. "Hayden"? No. I don't want to be Mrs. Hayden planetarium for the rest of my life. I'm Lorelai Gilmore, okay? Lorelai Gilmore without the "Gilmore" is like... Gil, you know, less. Okay.

Best scenes
Sad - Luke seeing the ring on Lorelai's finger.

Funny - ?

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