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6.20 - Super Cool Party People (129) (April 25th, 2006)

Title: Super Cool Party People
Air Date: April 25th, 2006
Written by: David Rosenthal
Directed by: Ken Whittingham

Courtesy: Fraz and The WB
Tuesday, April 25, Gilmore Girls (8:00 - 9:00 pm ET)
"“Super Cool Party People”" ((TV-PG) (HDTV))
LORELAI BEGINS TO BOND WITH APRIL — Luke (Scott Patterson) decides to give April (Vanessa Marano) a birthday party at the diner. Lorelai (Lauren Graham) volunteers to help, and is hurt when Luke explains that he still thinks it’s too soon for April and Lorelai to meet. However, Luke changes his mind when the party is a disaster, giving Lorelai a chance to bond with April while turning the party into a huge success. Meanwhile, Rory (Alexis Bledel) rushes to be with Logan (Matt Czuchry) at the hospital after he is seriously injured during a stunt with the Life and Death Brigade. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star. The episode was written by David Rosenthal and directed by Ken Whittingham.

Courtesy: TVGuide
For Episode 6.20 - Super Cool Party People
Rory goes to the hospital to see Logan, but gets little information on his condition from the staff, who'll only discuss his injuries with family. No one from Logan's family shows up, which infuriates Rory, prompting her to call Mitchum. Meanwhile, Luke throws a party for April and her friends at the diner, but panics when the bash is a bomb, and he calls Lorelai to come to the rescue. Sue: Morgan Matzke. Laura: Cassidy Lehrman. Anna: Sherilyn Fenn.
Editor Note: What is significant here that we didn't know from the Casting Sides Summary is that Rory calls Mitchum to bitch him out.

  • NEW - The teaser is Sookie filling Lorelai in on her behavior at the reception. - Jinxy-FB
  • In 6.20 Honor calls Rory from Greece to talk about Logan. - ProfessorFabulous-FF
  • Luke and Anna get into a huge argument in the diner after the party about Lorelai. - Ciaobella-FF
  • Later Luke goes to Lorelai and tells her that Anna feels betrayed. - ProfessorFabulous-FF
  • Anna and Lorelai meet in at her shop near the end of the episode. - Gen-FF
  • Anna is not happy about Lorelai taking over the birthday party.
  • It's April's birthday, she is in the diner with some friends.
  • Luke has a bunch of rules.
  • Luke goes into the store room to call Lorelai and watches the girls through a "peep hole".
  • Lorelai is helping Luke with the present for her by switching it with one she likes, Luke finds out and is pleased.
  • Lorelai takes the girls to a beauty shop for makeovers.
  • Logan is seriously hurt in an LDB stunt and is in the hospital.

Updated April 12, 2006 - The sides are fun again! Lorelai meets April, finally and I just wonder how many pissed off people are going to be complaining over the fact they do not meet from ep 17-19 and Rory meets her first. Logan sounds like he's in a bad way, I hope his parents come to visit.

The sides for this episode are out and here is a link to a summary by Jet1945 at FF, detailed here.

Time line from Genevieve is here.