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6.09 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns (118) (11.15.2005)

Title: The Prodigal Daughter Returns
Air Date: November 15th, 2005
Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Directed by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Episode Description from TV Guide:
“The Prodigal Daughter Returns” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
LORELAI AND RORY FINALLY TURN A CORNER / LUKE GETS THE SHOCK OF A LIFETIME – A surprise phone call from Christopher (David Sutcliffe, who does not appear in the episode) brings up issues of trust between Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson). Later, when a person from Luke's past shows up in Stars Hollow, he has no idea how to tell Lorelai about it. After months of estrangement, Lorelai and Rory (Alexis Bledel) make their first move toward reconciliation, and Rory takes major steps to change the direction of her life.

Another TV Guide description.
A call from Christopher sparks a rift between Lorelai and Luke, who's recruited to be part of a science fair project. In other events, Rory moves in with Lane, and Luke's grandmother's bedroom furnishings fit into Lorelai's boudoir, but not with Lorelai.

  • A call from Christopher sparks a rift between Lorelai and Luke.
  • This light be in the next episode and not this one "The Stars Hollow Autumn Festival is pivotal to the Rory/Lorelai reconciliation, and has Christopher appearing."
  • Luke's grandmother's bedroom furnishings fit into Lorelai's boudoir, but not with Lorelai.
  • Rory moves in with Lane and the band.
  • Rory is wanting a job at a newspaper.
  • Rory has sent out 125 resumes and Lorelai is a referance.
  • Rory asks for a referance from the Stamford Eagle Gazette, the paper she had the intership at, Stuart likes her and think she is very good at her job but can't give her a job.
  • Luke has a kid, I never thought I would write that line here.
  • April comes into the diner and tells Luke he might be her dad, takes a hair sample for a DNA test, she's about 11 years old and very smart. Her mother is Anna Nardini.
  • April has a science fair and is testing Luke's DNA and 2 other men.
  • Small side with something about Rory in an office or something.
  • Casting Notice - Posted late 13 Oct 2005 Fanforum Link
    Producer: Amy Sherman-Palladino/Daniel Palladino/David Rosenthal
    This is the Casting Notice that Nadine and Gen were referring to. As to the Casting Side - The technique they are using is identical with the one they used to cast Matt Czuchry. For Matt they used several Tristan script excerpts from Season 1. We may get more info later but if the role is recurring then there won't be Casting Sides for that character in the episodes she is in. Our spies will just have to work harder.
  • Casting Notice updated - Posted 18 Oct 2005 Fanforum Link
    Producer: Amy Sherman-Palladino/Daniel Palladino/David Rosenthal
    Director: Amy Sherman-Palladino
    LITTLE GIRL - Recurring / FEMALE / 10 TO 10 / Caucasian
    New age 10yrs old Quirky and intelligent. requests DNA from LUKE (scott patterson) for a science fair. we later find out this is his daughter he never knew he had. THIS IS A RECURRING ROLE.
    Updated: 18 Oct 05.

Added November 6th, 2005 - Okay take a deep breath, Luke has a 11 year old kid. Now I think while Lorelai will be surprise and socked at first she will come to like the idea, if it doesn't take Luke away from her. This will bring on the talk for kids. Luke not being able to spend as much time with April as he would like. They decide to start a family.

Luke will tell Lorelai about April in the closing scene of the episode, a bit like what happened with Richard at the end of ep 6. Episode 9 will begin with Luke telling Lorelai all about April and Anna. Rory might be there also as they have made up.

Rory looks like she is getting back on track by moving out of the poolhouse and in with Lane, she's after a job at a newspaper, it might be local to Stars Hollow. This is good, but it is unknown if she is talking to Lorelai again.

The sides for this episode are out but I don't have a link to them. He is a summary at FanForum, timeline.

Early re-cap is here.

Below is a break down of the re-cap
- (thanks to Ms. Chicklet @ TwoP for the re-cap)

  • The house is finished and Luke shows Lorelai, she doesn’t like the bedroom furniture but doesn’t tell Luke.
  • Rory and Emily speak through the maid during breakfast, Richard is not there, Rory leaves in a bad mood.
  • Lorelai tells Sookie about the hideous bedroom furniture and agree to have dinner there to see it and the finished house on Saturday night.
  • Finn and Colin are moving Rory’s stuff out when Richard comes home, he is angry.
  • Next day in the diner Lane tells Lorelai that Rory is staying with her, Lorelai wonders what happened with E&R.
  • Later a little girl (April) comes into the diner and takes the hair for the DNA test. Luke is speechless that he might be a father.
  • Rory gets a call from the Stamford paper where she had the internship, he gives her a good reference but there are no jobs going.
  • Rory takes here resume to the paper and asks for a job.
  • Saturday night at the CS, Sookie hates the furniture also, they go downstairs and hear Chris on the answering machine. Luke walks in and Lorelai cuts the machine off. Luke thinks Lorelai is hiding something. Luke doesn’t want to fight with guest in the house so leaves to have dinner.
  • Luke sulks through dinner and tells Jackson his burgers are better and it’s better to be honest and that's important.
  • Lorelai is now furious, she tells Luke it was the first call from Chris since last year and she hates the furniture. Luke storms out.
  • Lorelai goes to Luke’s apartment, they talk about how Luke’s hates that Chris is a part of her life, they make up.
  • Rory returns to the paper and makes a helpful suggestion, but still no job.
  • Richard calls Lorelai at the DFI, worried that he can’t find Emily. Lorelai says she will help find her. She looks for Rory and Lanes and then Emily calls, they meet at an airport.
  • Emily is upset that she has lost Rory like se lost her, Lorelai tells her she has not lost either of them.
  • At the science fair Luke finds out he is the father and immediately preconises the name of Aprils mother.
  • Rory is back ant the paper and this time gets the job.
  • That night Rory calls Lorelai, while on the phone she drives up, they say ILY and hug, there both sorry for what happened.
  • Luke is still stunned when Lorelai runs in wanting food, she say Rory is back and they can set a date for the wedding. She leaves and Luke doesn’t know how to tell Lorelai.