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6.22 - Partings - (131)

work in progress

Question why if the timeline so stuffed. In the scene in the Jeep, Lorelai makes it clear the FND is that night, just the day after the last ep. First, Logan looks a lot better. Second, Emily & Richard must have great lawyers, getting a settlement less than 24 hours after Emily can't see. Third, if this is the next morning (Sat) then where is G.G. off to "school"?

Is it wrong but some of the best moments were the singers and the song. and they seamed to be about Luke and Lorelai.
Joe Pernice - Amazing Glow (The first troubadour is singing)
Sparks - Perfume (The singer and the guy with the keyboard)
Mary Lynn Rajskub - cars song (The troubadour singing in front of the diner)
Yo La Tengo - Tried So Hard (Band is playing during Taylor is talking to the
Sonic Youth - What a Waste (Band playing in front of the Gazebo)
Sam Phillips - Taking Pictures (Lorelai going away from Luke)

  • Dumb Lorelai, hiding like a 2yo, why is the town in on it?
  • Poor Luke franticly looking for his fiancé, he was right to need time to think.
  • I still don't see how the last 2 work with ep 20, it's like they had a time jump and we missed an episode.
  • She told Sookie nothing, which I don't get, what happened to BFOTB.
  • IMO the only reason she was thinking of Chris was, they had just had FND. I don't think she went over to sleep with him but the "I don't want to be alone" is not good.
  • Luke was lost at the end of their "talk", I too don't think he knows "they are on a break" or broken up. He looked a little made that Lorelai went to Anna and didn't say a thing for weeks, understandable IMO. He was given all this info in 3 minutes.
  • Lorelai might not think it's over either since she didn't give the ring back.
  • The lost look on her face, so empty in the first and last scenes. The single still camera shoot was well done in both focused on Lorelai with the action happening in the background.

Why must such a good episodes that could have been a great ending turn to crap in the last minute? Why not leave with Rory and have people wonder what happened with Lorelai, this way there is little doubt what happened and it will take a miracle on the order of "loafs and fishes" for David R. to fix Luke and Lorelai now.

Also I do think Amy was speaking to us with the shrink, damn you Amy.

The whole time line for the last 2 eps is messed up, what happened. episode 22 is the day after 21.

  • Emily and her eyes, settlement. She said she would be blind for 2 days.
  • Emily & Richard and the trip (June 3rd) She only found out about the wedding "not happening" the day before.
  • Logan getting better, One day his face is all cut up and he just got back from the hospital.
  • Troubadour(s), one day he's of the Neil Young, then next he's already back.

Best lines
TROUBADOUR: The big time? I made 700 bucks and got booed. And I never even met Neil Young. Heart of gold, my ass.


LORELAI: Well, come on, mom. What did you think? They were gonna throw down and consummate it right here in the foyer?

EMILY: No, I didn't think they were gonna throw down and consummate it in the foyer. I just thought they could go out for coffee.


RORY: [Looking at the camera] Oh-ho. I have outdone myself photographically. Every one of these is a keeper.

LOGAN: Okay that's a close-up of my naked butt. That's not a keeper.

RORY: You're right. That's a screen saver.

Best scenes
Sad - Luke and Lorelai "fight, break up" and the final scene.

Funny -
Troubadours and Taylor.

My Rating
8.0 out of 10

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