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Season 6 (2005 - 2006)
Below I have been trying to describe how the season went for the main character, in my opinion, in my own words.

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This season was hard for Lorelai, starting with Rory leaving and wanting to stay with her grand parents. Proposing to Luke was her way of bringing back some control into her life. I have now doubt she loves Luke and means everything she said in the final episode of the season with the shrink.

While she was sad at the loss of Rory she found a nice rhythm with Luke and the re-construction of the house.

getting Paul Anka (the dog) was her way of replacing Rory or having someone to not only control but to love and look after. Now I don't know why she couldn't find this with Luke.

Mid season she got her life back when Rory came home, she moved on with plans for the wedding which she asked Luke to put on hold while having problems with Rory.

With the news of Luke's "long lost daughter" mid season we saw a change in Lorelai, she became passive to Luke and only really got mad at Luke in the minutes after meeting April for the first time, outside the diner. That is until the "melt down" in the final episode.

Lorelai became more miserable as the season dragged on, but still happy in front of Luke.

In the final 2 episodes she avoided Luke and lied even more, telling Emily it was over but unwilling to speak to Luke.

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