Season 6 (2005 - 2006)
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01 - New and Improved Lorelai (110)
"Pre-owned heart" by Grant Lee Phillips The Town Troubadour sings a song with these lyrics

Makin' you an offer still runs gray
Lookin' for a brand new start
A special one-time deal on a pre-owned car

"Freaking Out” by Graham Coxon
"Ant Music" by Adam and the Ants
At the Rory felon party

02 - Fight Face (111)
Kenny Chesney Metioned by Lorelai while looking at the Twickham House in the teaser.
"Begin the Beguine" by Cole Porter Richards new cell phone tune
Burt Bacharach Richard surggest Burt Bacharach muisc for Emily's cell phone.
Korn & Iggy Pop Mentioned by Lorelai while talking about keeping the house.
"Saddest Quo" by Pernice Brothers Song playing in the Jeep when Lorelai sees Rory picking up trash for her community service.

03 - The UnGraduate (112)
"Hanging On The Telephone" by Blondie Sung by the band Hep Alien,
Foo Fighters, Cold Play and Bono Bands and performers mentioned by Gil.
iPod Logan uses one to show Rory his holiday pictures
"A String of Pearls" by Glenn Miller The old people in Rory's dancing class are dancing to this song.

04 - Always a Godmother, Never a God (113)
Unknown Music Playing durning the party and the Gilmore house
"Twin Cinema" by the New Pornographers Playing when Rory enters the poolhouse and finds Logan with Colin and Finn
Unknown Music Starts playing when Rory offers her new cell number to Lorelai

05 - We've Got Magic To Do (114)
Unknown Music Theme or music on the TV Davey is watching
Unknown Music Dinner with Emily, Richard and Rory
- "We've Got Magic To Do" from the musical Pippin by Stephen Schwartz.
- Swan Lake, Op. 20, Suite 3 - Danse des petits cygnes by Herbert von Karajan with the Berliner Philharmoniker
- "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass, Kirk Interpretation dance.
Assorted music at Miss Patty recital
Swing Dolls "Bei Mir Bist du Schon", "Don't Go Sit Under The Apple Tree", "I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time", "Plus Unknown song" Assorted music at the 40s party

06 - Welcome To The Dollhouse (115)
no music

07 - Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number (116)
Unknown Music Music playing at dinner.
Unknown Music
"Seventh Son" by
Mose Allison
"l Ways True To You In My Own Fashion" by Blossom Dearie?
"Everything I've Got (Belongs to You)" by Blossom Dearie
Veriouse music at the birthday party.
Unknown Music Happy Birthday Song

08 - Let me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out (117)
"Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley" by Kingston Trio Folk music playing at the pub.
"All My Life" by The Point Music playing when Jess, Rory and Logan are at the bar.
Unknown Music from "Balalaikas" Music playing at DAR Russian tea.

09 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns (118)
Unknown Music Music playing when Lorelai goes to see Lane.

10 - He's Slippin’ ‘Em Bread... Dig? (119)
Fountains of Wayne, The Shins, Odyssey, Airazombies, Who? List of bands said by Gil
Gwen Stefani & Peter Gabriel When talking about Zach new wiredless head set.
"Blankest Year" by Nada Surf Playing before the band has the fight
Unknown Music Playing in the club when Zach and Lane are talking in the lane.
"Pennies from Heaven" by Louis Armstrong Playing at Thanksgiving dinner
"Eye of the Tiger" by Paul Anka Plays in the background when they start serving the Thanksgiving dinner.

11 - The Perfect Dress (120)
no music

12 - Just Like Gwen and Gavin (121)
no music

13 - Friday Night's Alright For Fighting (122)
Mozart Lorelai says this will be the music at FND
"Hurt So Good" by John Mellencamp Lorelai make reference to it when she bumps into Luke, not played.

14 - You've Been Gilmored (123)
Unknown Music Playing durning FND
Unknown Music Music playing at the pub.

15 - A Vineyard Valentine (124)
Boozoo Barns & the Cajun Stompers Plays for Lorelai at the DFI to audition for the wedding.
"Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes Plays in gym when the girls are checking the place out.
"Take My Breath Away" by Berlin Plays in the Gym when the boys come to find the girls.
"Hot Blooded" by Foreigner Lorel says the line "Well, Im hot blooded, check it and see" from the song.

16 - Bridesmaids Revisited (125)
"(Take Me) Riding In My Car" by Woody Guthrie Zach sings this in the Music shop with a banjo
"Kool Thing" by Sonic Youth Song when Rory is getting dressed
"Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani Gil (Gilbert) sings it at the Bat Mitzvah.
"Hava Nagila" a Jewish folk song Gil (Gilbert) sings this at the Bat Mitzvah.
Unknown Music at the wedding Plays in the back ground as the bridal party gets ready.
Unknown Music In the pub when Rory is drinking.

17 - I'm OK, You're OK (126)
"Side Streets" by Saint Etienne Playing in Anna's shop when Rory visits.
Unknown Music Zach's song
Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Dave Clark Five, Kinks, The Jam, Futureheads. Artists mentioned while working on Zach's song.

18 - The Real Paul Anka (127)
Spandau Ballet's "True" by Paul Anka Paul Anka (the dog) in Luke's apartment.
"The Elements ong" by Tom Lehrer Kids on the bus singing.
"Angst in My Pants" by Sparks Plays when lorelai is looking at Lane's Dress i the final scene.

19 - I Get A Sidekick Out of You (128)
"Around the World" by Daft Punk Michel dancing at the Dragonfly Inn)
Unknown Music When girls crash the boys part
Korean Music 1st Wedding
Mendelssohn's Wedding March 2nd Wedding
"Heart of Glass" by Blondie At the after wedding party
"I'm a Believer" by Hep Alien (original by The Monkees) The band plays it at the wedding
Avril lavigne No song but Kyon is a fan!
Joy Division Lane like them
Endless Love *Was sung by Lorelai but we don't see it onscreen

20 - Super Cool Party People (129)
House of Freak's "40 Years" sung by Grant Lee Phillips. Town square as people walk past
"Our Lips Are Sealed" by The Go-Go's Music playing when the girls enter the beauty shop.
"I Won't Grow Up" by Rickie Lee Jones
"Tropical Ice-Land" by The Fiery Furnaces
"Pretty In Pink" by The Psychedelic Furs
Music playing at the birthday party (mark 2)
Castle Of Spirits Slumber party song the girls sing
"Slung-Lo" by Erin McKeown Music playing in Anna's Store.

21 - Driving Miss Gilmore (130)
"Me And Julio Down By The School Yard" by Paul Simon Sung by the Troubadour (Grant)
"A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum In the bar with TJ and Luke

22 - Partings (131)
"Amazing Glow" by Joe Pernice The first troubadour is singing
"Perfume" by Sparks The singer and the guy with the keybord
"Lost Volvo" by Mary Lynn Rajskub The troubadour singing in front of the diner
"Beanbag Chair" by Yo La Tengo Band is playing during Taylor is talking to the postman
"What a Waste" by Sonic Youth Band playing in front of the Gazebo
"A Beaver Ate My Thumb" sung by Daniel Palladino When Taylor leaves for bed (Brian Zydiac as the "Thumbless Guitar Troubadour" and Dave Rygalski as the "Thumbless Bass Troubadour")
"Taking Pictures" by Sam Phillips Lorelai going away from Luke
"Don't Sleep on the Subway" by Petula Clark At Logan's farewell party