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Long Range Thoughts
These are my long range thought for future episodes and seasons.
Season 6 (2005 - 2006) - updated May 2005

Luke & Lorelai
With a wedding proposal from Lorelai as a cliff hanger anything could happen this season. Luke will say yes or have his own proposal in the first episode of the season. They will be pre-pairing for the wedding and move in together. The Twickham house will play a part in this. They will marry after Christmas in the snow during the January sweeps. Emily and Richard will try to interfere but this will bring Luke and Lorelai closer together. I could also see the possibility that the wedding may become to much for Luke, Lorelai sees this and they elope, with Rory as witness. Leaving the town to wonder were they went, they return for the formal wedding with the town finding out later how they got married. The season will with is she or is she not pregnant cliffhanger.

Lorelai & Rory
With Rory staying in the pool house it will take time for the relationship to be fixed.
With the marriage proposal being another sticking point as Lorelai will want to tell her best friend who used to be Rory. I see them not really talking for the first few episodes at least. There is the possibility that something medical will bring them back together. I think Lorelai will find out she really is pregnant but will have complications early on and loose the baby.

Emily & Richard
I hope me get the old Emily and Richard back after what happened to them in season 5. After the engagement they will not be happy but may back off from trying to break them up, concentrating on Rory's life. I hope they have more to do then just hate Luke, they don't know Luke. I hope at some point it becomes clear to them how good he is for Lorelai and Rory.

Rory & Logan
Logan may go against his families wishes and stay with Rory
. Logan should be editor of the Yale paper as he will likely be working for his dad soon. Rory might find it had to work for her boy friend but if Paris and Doyle can make it work.

From the back stabbing in the final I only see Lorelai going to FND to keep up-to-date with what is happening with Rory. It may become a regular thing. It will be nice to see Luke at FND after she tells them about the engagement, but this is unlikely and FND are meant to be for them to catchup with Rory. But now she is living with the and likely to have most dinners with them it is less important. Won't it be fun to see how they behave towards Luke given this scenario

Okay he has 1/4 of a million dollars in the back, time for him to by a home. After Luke backed out of the Twickham House deal Kirk may have bought it. Luke signed the deal on Monday back out before Wednesday (3 day cooling off) Kirk may have snapped it up if Taylor had no kept quite for Luke to come to his senses. So Luke may have to beg Kirk for the house back.

Season 7 (2006 - 2007) - updated March 2005

Rory & Logan
Again it's too early to tell if he would be around in season 7 because if he is still with Rory they he may have finished Yale because he is likely a year ahead of Rory. She will be the editor of the paper and might even work part time for one of the papers Logan's family owns.

Lorelai & Rory
Again they will have there usual up and downs, Rory going more to her grandparents life and away from Stars Hollow and Lorelai.

Luke & Lorelai
This season should start with the same scene as season 3, but this time wakes up with Luke and she is having the babies, twins. They could use the same footage as before if it was shoot in wide screen or re-shoot it. This would provide a great link the past episodes and look great. Lorelai is about 3 months pregnant she could have food cravings for health food and may even go off coffee. She could go into labour at Rory's graduation from Yale, which could happen in the first of a 2 part series final, it would show Luke and Lorelai coming home with the new babies (twins). Would Lorelai take the dominate roll with the babies and over rider Luke, she did bring up Rory on her own and this would be a big change for her 21 years later. Sookie, Rory and others could help. Would Emily and Richard except the babies?

Emily & Richard
If Lorelai is married and is having Lukes babies then they may have come to except him.