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The below promo clip link are posted on YouTube thanks to Canopus

General Gilmore Girls Promo For coming episodes
The links below are for the promo that aired, Jan 7th.

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[Lorelai and Rory on the streets of Stars Hollow] NEW Clip unknown

LORELAI: I’ve been around a long time okay, I wore leggings the last time they were trendy and I knew Tom Hanks when he was a Bosom Buddy, I have lived and I have learnt.

[Clip of Rory going on to the roof to watch the starts] 7.05 “The Great Stink”

Music unknown - Regina Spektor "On The Radio"

[Kitchen scene] 7.02 “That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee”

RORY: I’m trying to be a grown up.

LORELAI: You know the one thing that grown-ups don't call themselves?

RORY: What?

LORELAI: Grown-ups.

[Rory and Lorelai smiling] teaser for “Knit, People, Knit!!”

[Rory and Lorelai hug in a hospital scene] 7.13 “I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia”

LORELAI: It’s going to be okay

[Rory and Lorelai] End of 7.02 “That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee”

VOICE OVER: Gilmore Girls all new episodes return January 23 on the new CW