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Matt Czuchry

  • NEW - - Academy Events - "The Good Wife"- Matt Czuchry Discusses a Gilmore Girls Movie.

  • - Matt Czuchry in 'The 19th Wife' - The movie is about fundamentalist sect member BeckyLyn, a woman accused of killing her polygamist husband. Another wife, Queenie, doesn’t believe she’s capable of murder and tries desperately to prove her innocence. To do so, she reaches out to her excommunicated son Jordan for help to free his mother. The 19th Wife will premiere on Lifetime September 10, 2010.
    update - The premier date has been change to September 13th, 2010.

  • - Matt stars as Tucker Max in his new movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell coming out soon. "A guy tries to patch things up with his soon-to-be-married pal after botching things up at his bachelor party. Based on Tucker Max's best-seller "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"." Here is the movie poster with Matt. YouTube link

  • - Here is a three minute behind the scenes sneak peek for Matts new show The Good Wife.

  • - CBS has given the green light to The Good Wife featuring Matt Czuchry. Julianna Margulies stars as a woman who must return to work as a lawyer after her husband is sent to jail.

  • - Matt Czuchry has come aboard the CBS pilot "The Good Wife".
    added - - Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls' Logan) has signed on for The Good Wife, which is said to revolve around a politician's spouse (Julianna Margulies!) who works as a junior associate at a law firm. He will play a fellow newbie, a "handsome Harvard grad." I believe "handsome" is code for "they'll originally but heads but be contemplating an affair by Sweeps."

  • - Matt Czuchry staring in a new movie I hope they serve Beer in Hell

  • Ask Ausiello - December 5, 2007 - pimbolina@FanForum
    Question: What is Alexis Bledel up to these days? — Maria
    Ausiello: Beats me, but had Gilmore Girls been back this season, she would've been (wait for it) spending time with ex-leading man Matt Czuchry! No lie. Czuchry recently confirmed to me that despite Rory and Logan's series-ending split, he quietly inked a new deal with the show last spring that — if Gilmore was renewed for an abbreviated, 13-episode eighth season — would've called for Logan to return. "Contractually, there was an agreement that I would come back for a certain amount of episodes," reveals the upcoming Friday Night Lights guest star, who insists TPTB didn't clue him in on why Logan would've returned. "I don't know [what would've happened], because those episodes were never written. There were a lot of hypotheticals about what those 13 episodes would be." At the very least, the return engagement probably would've given Rory-Logan a better send-off than the forced breakup we got. Looking back, even Czuchry concedes the duo's split felt rushed. "I felt like that particular episode, where he asks her to marry him and then they break up and it's done, just felt like too much at once considering that this relationship was something that had evolved over three seasons." That said, he acknowledges that Gilmore producers were in a tough spot creatively because "when they shot the episode, it wasn't known whether it was a season finale or a series finale. I think that if everybody would've known that it was a series finale, things would have went differently."
  • Gilmore Comeback a Religious Experience - - Nobody can ever say that Matt Czuchry is a victim of typecasting. He's following up his memorable stint as hard-living bad boy Logan on Gilmore Girls with an arc on Friday Night Lights... - katiegg108@FanForum

  • - L.A. Cast Complete for Wasserstein's Third Starring Christine Lahti Matt Czuchry ("Gilmore Girls," "Veronica Mars") as Woodson Bull III (aka Third)

  • Ask Ausiello - July 11, 2007 - captnerin@FanForum
    Question: Is it true that Matt Czuchry will be guest-starring on Gossip Girl?— Karen
    Ausiello: Nope, not true. Not yet, anyway.

  • Kristin E!Online - Karen in the Netherlands: There's a rumor floating around that Matt Czuchry is doing a guest appearance on the CW's new drama Gossip Girl. Do you know if there's any truth to this?
    Afraid we're going to have to disappoint you on this one. According to his reps, "There have been no formal discussions for Matt to join Gossip Girl in any capacity." That said, you're a casting genius, and Logan Huntzberger would be a perfect addition to that show, which is wall-to-wall debauched, overindulged teens.
    - shinystar@FanForum

  • Okay I just learned that the thing about 'Gravity' right now (Possible Matt pilot) was put on hold, because of the showrunner leaving. It may be considered for the next pilot season, but that's not sure yet. So I think that pilot will remain on hold/in production as some sites put it, till that time. - shinystar@FanForum