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Kelly Bishop

  • NEW - - Kelly Bishop, who Gilmore Girls fans remember fondly as Lorelai’s mother Emily, has joined the cast of GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s upcoming ABC Family drama Bunheads.

  • - Kelly has joined the cast of the Tony Award-winning production "Anything Goes" taking over the role of Evangeline Harcourt, previously played by Jessica Walter. Read more on the link.

  • - Kelly Bishop is part of the cast of Steve Guttenberg’s “A Novel Romance”which is Closing NY Indie Fest. Guttenberg told Hollywood Today, “There’s something about romantic comedies that always draw me in. A Novel Romance was the perfect combination of witty repartee with Shannon Elizabeth and Milena Govich and heartfelt struggles we all can relate to.”

  • - Kelly Bishop & Emily Gergl at Broadway Show, they had a reunion this week at the Broadway opening night of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” at The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on October 13, 2010 in New York City.

  • - Kelly Biship will appear in several episodes of Mercy on NBC early next year. She’ll play a patient of Sonia’s (Jamie Lee Kirchner) named Elaine.

  • - Kelly will be guest staring on Army Wives (Lifetime in the US) in August. "She'll be playing the wife of a late, great state senator, in town to attend a building-naming ceremony. Charged with entertaining the special guest, Claudia Joy and Denise come to realize the not-so-weeping widow's secret — that she's a cougar!"

  • - Kelly Bishop, Maryann Plunkett, Jake Robards and Paxton Whitehead share the stage for a benefit reading of Noel Coward’s A Song at Twilight. This outstanding group of actors is being brought together by director James Glossman to raise funds for Luna Stage.

  • - KELLY BISHOP: ON A CHORUS LINE - EVERY LITTLE STEP, the long awaited documentary about the making of the Broadway hit A CHORUS LINE, will finally see the light of the silver screen on 4/9 and the official trailer has been released click here for the YouTube clip.

  • Happy Birthday to Kelly Bishops, February 28 -

  • Family reunion at the Premiere of Kelly Bishops new Broadway play, Becky Shaw. Pictures thanks for Nadine.

  • - Annie Parisse and Kelly Bishop star in this wickedly funny play. "A newlywed couple fixes up two romantically challenged friends: the wife’s best friend and the husband’s sexy but strange new co-worker. Crisis and comedy ensue when an evening arranged to bring the unlikely pair together takes a dark, unexpected turn, asking audiences what we really owe to the people we love and the strangers who land on our doorstep."

  • - Law & Order: SVU: She's back! As my buddies over at first gloated reported earlier this week, SVU has booked ex-Gilmore Girls matriarch Kelly Bishop to play a defense attorney representing Brenda Blethyn in and episode titled"Persona" to air Dec. 2 (in the US on NBC). Clea Duvall and Mike Farrell also appear in the must-see episode.

  • - Kelly Bishop, who played "Emily Gilmore" on Gilmore Girls, is starring in a production of "Steel Magnolias" at the Paper Mill Playhouse here in NJ (which was fantastic, by the way.) DH and I went to the show on Sunday evening and decided to wait by the stage door to see if we could meet her. When she came out, she stopped and talked with us for over 20 minutes! [...] She said she really misses GG and would LOVE to do a movie! [...] Apparently if Amy was still writing at the end of the show, she would not have had Lorelei and Chris marry and split in the middle of the season, but would have had them together in the end saying, "it's always been you...we belong together...this is the way it should be..." and have them marry at the end. I'd rather see Lorelei with Luke, though, so I'm glad it ended that way. I want to see what happens to everyone, too! - Riska@FanForum

  • Some pics of Steel Magnolias - - pimbolina@FanForum

  • - Interview with Kelly Bishop about Steeling Magnolias "There's no question that they're both grande dames," says the actress, who's portraying Clairee Belcher in "Steel Magnolias" at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, where previews begin Wednesday. "Both think highly of themselves." Bishop is referring to Belcher and to the matriarch she played for seven seasons on the WB's hit TV series "Gilmore Girls." The actress particularly enjoyed the episode in which Emily opened the door of her mansion, saw her grown, estranged daughter Lorelai, and icily asked, "Is it Christmas?" - Danke@FanForum

  • - Kelly Bishop will star in the Paper Mill Playhouse production of "Steel Magnolias" Riska@FanForum

  • Ausiello Exclusive Scooplets -Know what time it is? It's time for me to put on my Armchair Casting Director hat, that's what time it is. As all you Ausiello Scoop newsletter subscribers first learned yesterday, Gossip Girl is introducing Serena's "wealthy, manipulative and larger-than-life" grandmother — a role that sounds tailor-made for a certain acid-tongued Gilmore Girls matriarch named Kelly Bishop. No worries, I'm on the case. I've already contacted both exec producer Josh Schwartz and Bishop's agent. With any luck, I'll be able to announce something offical in next week's Ask Ausiello. - gjoni@FanForum

  • - BROADWAY: BEYOND THE GOLDEN AGE tells the stories of the legends that came to New York City and made history in the exciting era of the 50's, 60's & 70's, ending on August 25th, 1980, as director/choreographer Gower Champion dies on the opening night of his Broadway show "42nd Street." - Riska@FanForum

  • LG - Life's Good - Bishop remembers Walsh
    Kelly Bishop, who played the tough-talking Sheila in the original production of "A Chorus Line," came to Auburn Friday to celebrate the life of fellow Broadway cast member Thommie Walsh, who died there June 16. Bishop described herself, Walsh and Priscilla Lopez as a triad who worked and played hearty during their time in the landmark show. But for the last six years, she has been playing the starchy, patrician Emily Gilmore, mother of Lorelai on TV's "Gilmore Girls." In a brief offstage conversation, she said their off-screen bond was closer than the on-screen connection, where constant friction was the norm between Emily and Lorelai. "She (Lauren Graham) was truly my daughter," says Bishop. Bishop also says she has great respect for Graham, putting her in the same acting pantheon as Cate Blanchett. - gossipcomm