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Not watched 'Year In The Life" yet?

I know I haven't been very active updating the site in recent months/years... okay since the show ended 9 years ago. But trust me I will try and find the time, I will be adding transcripts and other information in the fullness of time.

eMail me if you have any helpful ideas


Less and a week to go and here is a new trailer for the 'Gilmore Girls' revival on Netflix

Watch the first teaser for the 'Gilmore Girls' revival on Netflix

kbzk.com - Netflix's first official trailer for "Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life," which it released Wednesday, is here to remind you that some things never change, especially the Gilmore girls.

Netflix will release the 4 part revival one November 25.

Click the above link to read more.


9 Things We Know About The “Gilmore Girls” Revival So Far

buzzfeed.com - 5 Febuary 2016 - After months and month of speculation, it was announced on Jan. 29 that the Gilmore Girls continuation series was officially happening at Netflix.

Since then, a ton of additional information has come to light, but it’s often hard to hear facts over the nonstop hysterical screaming. So here’s a list that we’ll be updating regularly of everything we know about Lorelai and Rory’s return to Stars Hollow so far.

Click the above link to read more.


Amy Sherman-Palladino Interview

tvline.com - 1 Febuary 2016 - Amy Sherman-Palladino Reveals How the Improbable Netflix Revival Came to Be (Part 1).


Kelly Bishop Interview

tvline.com - 1 Febuary 2016 - Kelly Bishop Teases Widow Emily's 'Manic' State, Richard's Immense 'Presence'.


Scott Patterson Interview

ibtimes.com - 30 January 2016 - Scott Patterson Reveals Netflix Filming Details, What’s Next For Luke And Lorelai.


Lauren Graham Interview

tvline.com - 29 January 2016 - Lauren Graham's Emotional, Heartfelt Gilmore Girls Revival Reaction: 'It's What I Hoped It Would Be'.


Backlot Photos Posted Online

Photos are begining to be posted from the Warner Brothers backlot of activity on the Gilmore Girls set.


Netflix Orders New Series

tvline.com - 19 October 2015 - No this is no joke, it's not April 1st. TV Line is reporting that Netflix is interested in bringing back the show in a limited run. It's early days but reports are the main cast is interested, though they haven't signed yet. There will be 4x 90 min episodes or mini movies.

Some reports suggest they will time jump to the present so 8 years after the series final. Other reports suggest Rory past romances will return though it's not said in what capacity.

To be fair nothing much has been confirmed yet and a lot of questions a still unanswered. Will Luke and Lorelai be together, will they be married and have their own kids. Will April be apart of their lives. Will Sookie be back, no word was made of Melissa's involvement in the project because she is really busy and arguably the most successful of the cast since it ended.

We will of course keep our fingers crossed and I will try and keep the news page here updated.

News Archives Here...


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Joint statement from The CW and Warner Bros. Television regarding "Gilmore Girls."
"Announcing the final season of 'Gilmore Girls' is truly a sad moment for everyone at The CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television's most memorable, lovable characters. We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as well as the producers, writers and crew for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and 'Gilmore' fans for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send off it deserves." cwtv.com

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