FLV Players & Saving Files

To download or save the promo clip from the CW site do the following

The best and easiest option is to use FireFox for either Mac or PC, with the extension downloadhelper installed this lets you to download and save lots of different media, including FLV.

The other option, which may no longer work and is only for PC's is

Using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to the CW page and view the clip.
  • When finished DO NOT CLOSE the window the video is in.
  • Open the Internet Options panel in the Tools menu.
  • In the General Tab go to the Temporary Internet Files section and click the Settings button.
  • Then the View Files button, a window will open in Windows Explorer.
  • Look for a file with .flv extension, it may also have Gilmore in the name, being a video file it will be large so sort the window by file size.
  • Once found copy and paste the file to another folder outside the temp folder.
  • Then use the FLV player software to view the file and check it's the right one.

This should work for all files of this type.

FLV players

FLV videos can be played by

Windows users - FLV player or Riva FLV player

Mac (OS X and Classic) or Windows Users - J-VHS FLV Player

Mac or Windows Users - Wimpy Standalone FLV Player

FLV to AVI converters

ffmpegX is a great piece of software which can be use to convert to and from many formats.

Download these instructions as a text file

Please don't post these details else where as the CW site may find out and change things so we don't have access, which could affect future clip downloads.