Bit Torrent and Peer-to-Peer info
Not that people should DL copyrighted files
Bit Torrent
I use Azureus, installing can take a little time if you don’t have java, so be patient.

Once installed

  • Go to one of the sites listed below.
  • Search for Gilmore Girls, has a feed back section when you click on the file you want.
  • Click on the Download Torrent link, a small file is DL to you computer.
  • Next It will ask you what you want to open it with, choose Azureus.
  • It will then start the program and ask you where you want to save the DL, remember you need enough space for the finished DL, normally about 350mb, the DL will be on a list and start Dling. It may take a little time to find the other copies out there but with 256 DSL it can be done in less than 5 hours.
  • Once finish it is moved off the DL list in Azureus but is in the same place you saved it to on you computer.

Versions - There are both Mac and PC versions of Azureus. I have a Mac and PC but have only used the PC version as it is my internet server.

I use Limewire for peer-to-peer downloads, again installing can take a little time if you don't have Java, so be patient.

Once installed it is easy to use
  • Use the built-in search to find the DL you want and start downloading.
  • check the settings for where you save the files and that you don't share anything you don't want to.

Versions - There are both Mac and PC versions of Limewire. I have used both.

Warning - I have had this program crash (well I think it was Limewire) the computer (PC only not Mac) with it resulting in a restart with no warning. Now it could have been a problem with my set-up or a program clash so just be careful.

The Mac version would crash also but did not take the computer with it.

Other info
Connection Speed - You can use dial-up for both, but this can take more than 24 hours to download one episode. The faster the connection the better DSL or cable is best but ISDN at 128kbs works if it is your only option.

TV Show Information - To find out more about different series and when they are on use, which used to be

Next Shows -
has list for more than 100 popular shows and when the next episode with air and what it is. Good to keep track of what is coming up. It is also linked to

P-to-P Software
BT Software
BT file Sites
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